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Hosting Beauty Customer Service

Hosting Beauty Customer Service

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If you sell skin and hair care creams, serums, soaps or other products online, having a skin care branding and marketing plan is one of the best ways to increase sales and publicize your products. products.

Successful marketing plans can include social media campaigns, working with influencers, and content creation, and we’ll get to that! But it starts at the foundation of your company. This means your brand, your product descriptions, and how you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Knowing your company’s unique voice and knowing who you’re selling to are the first steps in learning how to promote your brand. Every skincare brand is different in the way they choose their customers, their look, and their product selection.

That said, there are commonalities among skincare companies, and it’s worth looking at the most important similarities to ask: What should a product page look like? What details do customers want to stand out? How do customers discover their next favorite product?

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In this roundup, we’ll dive into all of that and more. But let’s start by understanding who you and your customers are.

Deciding exactly what your brand is and who will buy it is the first step in marketing. You can’t tell potential customers what to expect from your skin care line until you define exactly what you’re selling and why.

These things, but it also defines your value proposition. This means finding out what you can offer as a benefit to customers when they use your product. Your value proposition should be specific, differentiate yourself from the competition, and tell buyers what problem or “pain” you can solve for them.

Hosting Beauty Customer Service

You must be precise. Making their brand “the best skin care in the world!” it’s vague, too long, and doesn’t really tell customers anything about your products. But something like, “Pure skincare with the best ingredients” tells people that you’re committed to using high-quality, natural ingredients and that you’ll be transparent about what’s in your products.

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Take Glossier, for example. The brand calls itself “The New Beauty Essentials” and “Real-Life Inspired Skincare and Beauty Products.” This tells customers to expect something easy to use and that the brand offers a collection of skincare essentials like cleansers and moisturizers. The Ordinary calls itself “Clinical Formulations with Integrity,” which tells us to expect well-tested products with proven results that would have you imagining someone in a lab coat. It carries this brand on its packaging, which features a clean look that highlights the active ingredients in each product.

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The next item on your checklist is deciding who your customers are and what your competitors want. This is key to starting any marketing campaign because you don’t want to waste valuable time and money trying to sell to people who aren’t even interested in skincare. For example, you probably find it difficult to shop for anti-aging serums for teens.

Knowing your core audience will help you stay ahead of the curve as you add more products because you’ll already know what your customers want to see.

You can dig deeper by analyzing your own existing customer database, surveying your customers with a tool like SurveyMonkey, or looking for third-party industry data.

Hosting Beauty Customer Service

To get an idea of ​​your competitors’ market, look at their websites, ads, and social media posts to see how they sell. How are the models? In which environments do you place your products? Do they convey a feeling of luxury or something more affordable?

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A key component of effective marketing is your ability to understand and address your customers’ top objections—anything that makes them hesitate to complete a purchase. Showcasing a product image and a brightly colored Buy Now button won’t cut it, especially if you’re selling a luxury skincare product.

Customers’ fears play a decisive role in the decision to buy or not. For most types of skin care products, people’s biggest fear is “Will it work?” People want proof, but they’re at home, sitting in front of their screen, they can’t test the product. How can you reduce that fear and provide concrete evidence that they should add to the cart?

People don’t buy products, they buy results. Customers are looking for solutions that can help them; their products are simply a tool they use to get there.

For example, customer interest in acne treatments isn’t about being excited to fill their medicine cabinet with yet another product. They buy these products because they want to cure and eliminate their acne.

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Companies naturally think of their products as a collection of features. Features matter, but to really be successful, skin care marketers need to start thinking about what their customers ultimately want and what they are trying to achieve by using their products.

Nothing in this copy really tells the client what the mask will do. It promises “youthful moisture,” but does that mean it’s just a moisturizer, or does it fight fine lines and wrinkles? Does “Helps lock in moisture” mean it replaces a night cream? Words like “fresh” or “refreshed” sound nice, but they’re vague.

The description tells the buyer that the product works by removing oil and correcting discoloration, just what someone with acne might be looking for.

Hosting Beauty Customer Service

To make expectations even clearer, it is recommended that you include instructions on how to use the product along with the description.

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The ability to view the full ingredient list of the product is becoming more and more of a priority for consumers. Skincare companies must adapt to this new and growing demand from customers to be transparent with their products.

We often see skin care companies provide a partial list of ingredients, but choose not to disclose the rest. But this may not be the best option. Listing all the ingredients is a good way to build trust with potential customers: you show that you have nothing to hide and that you stick to your chosen compositions.

Take a look at this face oil sold by Net-A-Porter, for example. List each ingredient and use parentheses to explain what some of the more confusing words are. It is worth noting that you do not need to resort to excessive promotion. Simply listing the ingredients in a separate tab or section is enough to win the trust of customers.

If part of your brand uses natural ingredients, this is a great way to convey that. But if that’s not your style, that’s fine. Products that have ingredients that are not 100% natural, such as preservatives, do not necessarily sell for less than their all-natural alternatives; they just appeal to different customer segments. Once again, transparency is what counts here.

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Include. On Sephora’s website, for example, there is a section called out for ingredients in product descriptions. Use this to flag whether or not a product has controversial ingredients, such as phthalates (used in plastics), parabens (a preservative), and sulfates (often found in hair care products). This is useful information for anyone looking for products that avoid these ingredients. The store also has a Clean at Sephora designation for products that do not contain a controversial ingredient list.

There’s no better way to prove your products work than actual customer results. If your products are dermatologist tested, mention this on your product pages and maybe add a badge or graphic to highlight it even more.

We can take another example from Estée Lauder. On this product, there is special copy in the product description that highlights the positive benefits seen by women of all ethnicities.

Hosting Beauty Customer Service

Even though the sample size is low, and note that the brand is transparent about it, this still gives customers peace of mind.

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An easy way to get this type of feedback is to allow customers to leave feedback, which has been shown to help convince buyers to make a purchase.

It’s understandable if you’re concerned about negative reviews, but even less enthusiastic reviews build trust because they show you’re not editing or hiding the review.

Customers not only rate the products and write their reviews, but they can also include pictures of how the product has affected their skin or hair. Also, each user can share their skin and hair type to make customers feel more confident that the review applies to them. You can also order products

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