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Hosting Bandung – The Bandung City Government invited Pulse Lab Jakarta to collaborate in organizing the Bandung Innovation Jam. Below we share some impressions from the event and thoughts on the future of public sector innovation in local government.

“In my 20 years of public service, I have never come across such an innovation process,” said Ibu Iis, an employee of the Bandung Social Security Office. “To solve the problems we have been facing for centuries, we need to move away from a top-down approach and adopt a more bottom-up approach, and this workshop is a step forward in that,” he adds.

Hosting Bandung

Hosting Bandung

Ibu Iis is one of twelve civil servants who participated in the Bandung Innovation Jam, a human-centered design workshop that travels to urban communities to test and develop ideas to improve public services.

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The ubiquitous presence of public feedback platforms where citizens express their views on programs and projects implemented by public institutions can sometimes contribute to the creation of a standard perception that public institutions do not meet the needs of citizens.

But this is not the case, and through working with public officials we have met many intelligent, passionate and caring civil servants who genuinely want to improve the service. Many struggle with what they see as structural barriers and a lack of resources to improve services.

Our experience during the Bandung Innovation Jam confirms the value of working with citizens to think differently about problems, generate ideas for change, and test public service reform concepts quickly and cheaply.

The ideas tested and iterated during the innovation jam came from, an idea crowdsourcing platform developed by the Bandung city government. The shortlist included 16 ideas, and during the workshop, participants built prototypes and tested them with service users.

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During the seminar, we invited the participants, who included civil servants, creative people, students, engineers and public activists, to confirm their assumptions by talking to the people of Bandung. They used the prototypes they created to understand people’s behavior when using services.

One of the teams was working on a motorcycle ambulance concept for medical emergencies. By testing this idea on human observers, they found that people rarely go to emergency services because they are considered too complicated. The team also spoke with emergency medical providers; they found that the emergency number was rarely called, and when it was called, the service provider had no way of confirming the message. The team changed direction from focusing on motorcycle ambulance design to developing a medical emergency system that is affordable and that users can trust.

Another group tested the idea of ​​the Bandung Information Center, originally conceived as a physical space for tourists to obtain information. But based on user feedback, in addition to knowing where to go, travelers want experiences that match their interests. The team moved to a service network model, connecting volunteer residents with travelers with similar interests. Focusing on real needs, the team created a new service delivery model.

Hosting Bandung

When testing their ideas, participants were trained to focus on usability and user experience rather than the innovation of the concept. They have learned to find solutions to address the root causes of problems rather than relying on their own assumptions. In other words, participants learned to connect public services with what citizens really need.

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“I will share my experience with my boss, and I really hope that we will use human-centered approaches,” Ibu Iis said at the end of the exchange session.

The experience of the visionary and creative approach of the Bandung city government authorities was inspiring not only in terms of their strategic vision for a more humane and livable city, but also their openness to new approaches and cooperation with various stakeholders.

This reflects a broader paradigm shift in local governance in Indonesia: government agencies and officials actively engage with citizens and find new solutions to issues of public concern. What is important now is how public authorities can support this citizen-centric approach and extend new models of public service delivery to other areas.

This workshop was the beginning; helped the government of Bandung city to benefit from its valuable resources: creativity, goodwill and trust of citizens. The city government has selected three prototypes for adoption, and Pulse Lab Jakarta will guide the teams as they continue to refine the ideas. Some dynas (local authorities) also showed interest in organizing such seminars for their collectives.

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Hosting Bandung

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Hosting Bandung

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