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Hosting Bagus Buat Phising – Some people don’t even know what phishing is. Phishing, for those who don’t know, is the fraudulent practice of obtaining information from a specific account. For example, fake websites or pop-ups that look like legitimate websites such as PayPal eBay. Criminals use many different methods to lie to their victims these days. He has two techniques that are most commonly used. Phishing emails and websites. In this article, we will discuss dangerous phishing and how to avoid it.

Malicious phishing cases are very common worldwide today. Data collected by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) shows an increase in the number of scams in 2016. To be precise, between October 2015 and March 2016, 123,000 frauds were reported in March 2016 as well. That number also increased in the following months. Modes get bigger and harder to tell what’s convincing and what’s not. Online shopping is also on the rise. It’s like a wetland for irresponsible people.

Hosting Bagus Buat Phising

Hosting Bagus Buat Phising

The financial industry is a prime target for phishing actors. Financial companies and electronic payment services were found to be phishing targets at over 21% and 20%. Third and fourth place are social networking at 19% and email at 17%.

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Not long ago, in 2001, there was a phishing scandal that rocked the national banking industry. Someone with the initials SH bought a play domain that is almost identical to the official domain owned by BCA. Among the domains he purchased was Including, and As a result, many people are trapped in this false space. The site is exactly the same as the original site. Instead of logging into the criminal’s BCA her account, the user ID and PIN must be entered into a database owned by the criminal. If so, criminals are free to use the information provided “without your knowledge” to access the victim’s account.

In this case, Indonesians can learn a lot without doing banking. The reason is that the same thing has been repeated for many years. Phishing actors use more sophisticated techniques. In addition to fake accounts, it uses another method called account synchronization. In this method, the pop-up provided by the criminal asks the customer to enter the original token number. This allows criminals to withdraw victims’ balances very freely. The incident was reported after a BCA bank user reported he had lost $13 million in cash.

In addition, phishing websites have also affected Danamon Online and Tokopedia. As was the case with BCA, the perpetrator created a fake her website with a very similar name to the original her website. that’s a problem.

That’s definitely one of the questions that comes to your mind. “How was my account stolen?” Before getting into the prevention steps. Let’s understand how these fishers work.

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The trick is to trick the victim into getting the information in the first place. They get your account information from the internet. and misuse the information. They shred credit cards. Even if you have a deposit in your e-commerce account, you can transfer it to another bank to clear it.

To combat this dangerous phishing, you need to be extremely careful when taking action on the Internet. In this tempting world, there are two most common places where phishing activity takes place. email and website. Know the signs of fake emails and websites used by scammers.

Fake emails or bogus emails are the most common way to deceive many people. Criminals send emails with addresses similar to hers, which are corporate official emails. For example, Bank Mandiri sent an email with the name, but the default email he should be The second email address can be confirmed to be incorrect. Now that it’s easy to get such an email address, it seems more trustworthy. Buying email for such a domain requires very little capital. You have to be very careful and don’t trust easily.Always check and double check.

Hosting Bagus Buat Phising

The email usually contains a link to a fake her website that these scammers are trying to access with your account. The information they get is what they use to withdraw money from your account. The link above is usually similar to the original her website link. So if you don’t know, you could be exposed to one of these cheat modes.

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Then there is the email containing the threat. These phishing emails typically contain a threat to provide the required information. Perpetrators take advantage of victims’ fears and follow the instructions in the email. For example, the perpetrator may threaten to close your account.

There are also very convincing phishing emails with attachments. That’s right, the goal is to click on the attachment and download it. The attachment contains highly dangerous malware. Always be careful.

As mentioned above, not only do criminals use fake emails, they also use fake her websites. This website is more trustworthy, especially for the general public.Most people might think it’s not a scam unless it’s That’s right, these days it’s very easy to get her website with a specific domain name. You can easily get a URL similar to the original company name. For example, Danamon Bank has a website similar to the website address. It should be inspected very carefully and carefully.

Focus on SSL certificates. Legitimate banking websites always use valid SSL certificates to ensure the security of their users. Fake websites don’t have it. This her SSL certificate is always displayed in the top view in the URL section. So whether a valid SSL certificate is being used. It’s easy to find. If not, please close the page immediately. If you’re already logged in, contact your bank immediately to temporarily disable access to your account until you go to the bank in person to address it.

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So what should be done to avoid such scams? The rise of Phisin is a major concern for Internet users. If you’re not careful, you could become the next victim. So what should you do? This is how you avoid phishing. In this post, she will show you 4 ways to create a phishing website. Explore each medium and choose the one that you find most useful.

Phishing is a hacking technique that can be used to hack ff accounts. Additionally, you can hack mobile legend accounts.

Familiarize yourself with this phishing guide. if you know how to do it. Automatically find ways to prevent phishing crimes.

Hosting Bagus Buat Phising

Web phishing is a type of Internet crime aimed at obtaining someone else’s personal information through phishing.

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A referral is when you list your rewards/services on a page of your website and induce web visitors to complete a login page to receive your rewards/services.

At the same time, according to the meaning of each word, web stands for website, and phishing is an approach to fishing, which means fishing.

So when combined, web phishing is a “fishing site”. Or a website used to solicit someone’s personal information.

You are a free fire gamer. Then someone posted a link name related to free fire games. sent to

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Out of curiosity; the link will take you to the website page showing the Free Fire Free Character Rewards. This is an example of shape.

Because phishing webs are programmed to do just that. If there is data entered on the login page, it will be forwarded to the phisher’s email.

Therefore, the trick of web phishing is to grab the user’s attention by piqued their interest and direct them to a login page where they write down their personal information. The phishing website then sends the incoming login page data to the email of the phishing website owner.

Hosting Bagus Buat Phising

But don’t worry. Today, there are many media that can be phished with just a few clicks. Everything is done instantly.

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To get cpanel you have to pay. There is also free you can check my article on web phishing ff. That article also uses cpanel, a free version of 000webhost.

Here we use c-panel purchased from You can read how to buy here (must read if you want to be successful).

The appearance of the phishing website you create with cpanel depends on the script you upload. For uploading Instagram scripts. Appearances are associated with Instagram.

This method utilizes an online form building site to create a phishing. An example is Google Forms. Zoho contact123 etc. But the most famous is Google Forms.

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With media formats you don’t have to pay or it’s free. That’s all, this phishing look is just one page and you can’t edit it.

In the process of making it; just fill in the title of the form and write the description and login fields. The approximate result looks like this.

In the past, there were many online phishing sites offering phishing services. But now these sites are probably because many people are busy. Of course, online crime is clearly phishing.

Hosting Bagus Buat Phising

I have written extensively about phishing with z-shadow and anomore. But two sites are gone, so I redraw them.

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New phishing sites appear,

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