Hosting And Cloud Transformation Summit

Hosting And Cloud Transformation Summit – A new blueprint for success in the digital age is emerging. The same technical fundamentals that have propelled technology companies to become the most valuable companies in the world are also applied to other organizations – even those that previously did not consider themselves technology centers. As previously physical assets become digital and prices shift from one-time transactions to subscriptions, major changes will occur not only to these assets, but also to the business models of their providers. Economies that were once dominated by manufacturing have shifted to services.

Of course, these changes affect each organization at a different pace, and as a result, each company’s digital transformation “journey” is unique; largely depends on, among other things, the size, age, competence, heritage and target market of the individual company. The constraints, expectations and opportunities open to a start-up or high-end cloud service provider are very different from those of a 40-year-old ISV, infrastructure specialist or IT services company.

Hosting And Cloud Transformation Summit

Hosting And Cloud Transformation Summit

Regardless of where they come from or how long they’ve been around, all organizations will succeed or fail based on how they can embrace change in an era of unprecedented IT innovation, and service providers play a critical role in facilitating this transition. Today, this innovation activity is dominated by technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML); Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing; and DevOps and containers, but will continue to evolve over time.

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For digital transformation to truly realize its potential, the infrastructure must be invisible, and service providers inside and outside the IT organization are competing for the ability to deliver “invisible experiences” that drive results and service levels in different directions. external and internal resources. The 2019 Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit (HCTS) focuses on how service providers can provide more of this seamless experience and power the digital revolution. Many companies are investing in digital transformation as part of their strategy to exceed customer expectations and cope with a complex business environment. When making these investments, companies see cloud adoption as an important initiative that allows them to provide exceptional customer experiences and accelerate their growth and change paths.

Cloud transformation is the process of moving data from an on-premises system to the cloud, which includes the applications, data, and even the entire infrastructure to be migrated. It offers a wide range of benefits and added value to businesses to increase efficiency, flexibility and scalability. Every step of the transformation is important to facilitate your cloud journey and therefore achieve maximum business results.

Enterprise cloud transformation has five stages: plan, review, optimize, modernize and measure. Each step separately guides agility and innovation to promote successful cloud adoption.

For most traditional companies planning to move to a cloud environment, planning is the first step in cloud adoption. At this stage, companies must first plan and create the foundation for implementing a successful cloud strategy, and then evaluate its benefits with a cloud pilot.

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Once you’ve planned your cloud migration strategy and set everything up, it’s important to identify and resolve potential issues before and during the migration. Companies should also validate the change by measuring the program’s performance and asking customers for feedback. The main goal of this phase is to speed up the migration and reduce risks.

In the cloud optimization phase, the allocation of cloud resources is analyzed and measured correctly to optimize the costs of your environment. This process ensures that you get the most value from the cloud migration process and reduce cloud costs.

Many legacy companies today must evolve rapidly to meet changing business needs and remain competitive. Successful digital transformation depends on application efficiency and productivity. Software modernization enables organizations to make smarter, data-driven decisions and respond quickly to market changes using modern technologies and processes.

Hosting And Cloud Transformation Summit

The ultimate goal of cloud adoption is to accelerate innovation by providing excellent customer experiences. This requires continuous optimization of operations and infrastructure as well as real-time analytics. Measuring business effects with KPI metrics is also an essential part of digital business success.

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New Relic is an advanced technology partner with AWS, and its cloud monitoring framework helps companies succeed in every phase of AWS cloud deployment. Cloud Interactive (CI) is a preferred partner of New Relic and AWS. CI has extensive experience in cloud transformation and provides customized solutions for every phase of cloud transformation, including cloud piloting, instrumentation, troubleshooting, cloud cost optimization, data-driven DevOps solutions, digital experience optimization, management health checks and analytics. CI also offers consulting, migration and even full monitoring services for your company. All of these solutions are important to simplify your AWS cloud journey and ensure your team is agile and innovative. The Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit (HCTS) 2017 is one of the largest events for web hosts and cloud professionals.

This year the event was held on the 18th-20th. September at the Bellagio Resort & Hotel in Las Vegas. The event was a great gathering of business leaders, industry visionaries, IT professionals and financial experts who discussed the various technologies that enable tomorrow’s digital future.

The main objective of the event was to explore emerging market opportunities and strategies for cloud and managed service providers, data center owners and disruptive technologies such as IoT and data analytics.

Melanie Posey, Director of Research, Voice of 451 Research, kicked off the Day 2 session keynote. He discussed the cloud-based digital revolution and emphasized the importance of partners in this journey.

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Managed service providers must focus on professional services, hybrid and multi/cloud implementations, and building effective partnerships, he said. He cites the example of New York light bulb retailer Just Bulbs and illustrates the importance of change to make sense in this business.

Melanie Posey opens #451HCTS this morning — 451 Research (@451Research) September 19, 2017

The panel includes experts such as Eric Hanselman – Principal Analyst, 451 Research and Miles Ward – Director of Solution Architecture, Google Cloud. Instead of competing with each other, service providers have explored the possibility of collaborating with these hyperscalers.

Hosting And Cloud Transformation Summit

Andy Lawrence, Research Director, Data Centers and Critical Infrastructure, discussed the evolution and evolution of the physical data center and what service providers need to know to keep up with this changing data center scenario.

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Christian Renaud – Research Director, IoT, 451 Research spoke about the role of the data center and convergence in IoT. He said that the demand for edge computing is increasing due to high demand from various industries such as manufacturing, energy and transportation. This is a good opportunity for data center service providers who can offer local services to meet application requirements.

The management team included Gerry Fassig, Director of Sales, Cloud and Hosting; Karen Farmer, Director of Global Initiatives, Red Hat; and Mark Hurley, Data Center Solutions Architect, Schneider Electric.

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Hosting And Cloud Transformation Summit

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CISO Zero Trust ASEAN 2022 | The top questions the government is asking and how you can prepare for them 451 Research Hosting & Cloud Transform Summit 2017, a forum for leaders in the cloud, hosting, Internet infrastructure and data center industries, was held at the Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. 18-20 September.

Like every year, this year too the event was a great success and gathered

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