Hosting Adalah Beban

Hosting Adalah Beban – Starting with the basic question, what is web hosting? A debated and unfinished topic among web developers. Hosting is where website files are stored, where we see them when we access the website.

The definition of hosting is often confused with domain. Although hosting and domains are two completely different things, they are related. If you are planning to build a website, the first step is to understand the meaning of hosting.

Hosting Adalah Beban

Hosting Adalah Beban

Web hosting is a place to store website files such as scripts, images, videos, emails, and more. This form takes the form of computers located in a large data center with thousands of computers and you rent one of the computers there.

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So when you visit a website, you are actually accessing the files of another computer remotely. These files are then processed by the web browser and displayed according to the instructions of the programmer in the web page code script.

You can imagine hosting as a huge apartment building with thousands of rooms. It’s like having thousands of computers in a data center.

You rent one of the rooms in the apartment and store your things there. It’s like renting a computer in a data center and putting your files on that computer.

If others want to meet you, they will go to the address of your apartment, for example “Kusuma Apartment no. 125, Jl. Citranaya, cake. Wuyung, Solo.” When other people want to visit your web address, they access the address as a URL.

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This URL is called a domain and its function is a unique address for a website that is easy for users to remember and access. This is the concept of hosting, domain and website.

In the definition section, you already understood that hosting is a place to store website files. But files aren’t the only ones being saved. Hosting has the ability to organize files in an orderly and structured way and serves users who want to access those files. This is why a PC web hosting server is called an alternate server.

When you visit a link (eg: ), your web browser accesses the IP address associated with that domain. The web browser asks the hosting to provide the information you want to receive. This request mechanism is called a request.

Hosting Adalah Beban

When hosting receives a request from a web browser, hosting looks for files stored on it. Each file has a unique address and they are all located in the same directory. Except for files accessed from other websites via hyperlinks.

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If you don’t believe it, try visiting the website. Look at the image there, right click and copy the image address. Paste it into a text editor and you’ll get the image URL. It is the unique address where the images are stored on the web hosting.

All files you access on the website, not just images, are stored on the hosting computer with a separate URL. As we discussed earlier, hosting is where the website files live.

After the hosting receives all the requested files, the hosting sends them to the web browser. All these files are properly arranged and displayed as a neat and structured web page. When compiling elements, the browser refers to the instructions provided by the developer in the web page code script.

In the context of the previous image, for example, the browser reads the instructions in the script to know where and at what size the image should be displayed.

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Web hosting is divided into several categories. Each type has its own specifications, so it should be adapted to the needs of the website. Two key factors in determining the right type of hosting are storage capacity and the hosting’s ability to handle traffic. For more details, see the explanation below.

This type of hosting is one of the cheapest. Shared hosting is a single server used by multiple websites at the same time. As an apartment, you share a room with several friends.

Since it is shared, the hosting rental costs are also shared. This is why shared hosting rental prices are cheaper than other types. As a result, hosting resources are shared across multiple websites.

Hosting Adalah Beban

This type of hosting is ideal for personal blogs or small businesses that don’t need a lot of resources. Daily traffic is relatively low and can be managed by separate resources.

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Similar to shared hosting, VPS hosting uses server resource sharing techniques. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As the name suggests, VPS creates multiple virtual server environments under one main server.

If you have worked with virtualization such as VMWare or VirtualBox, you will understand the VPS concept more easily. With virtualization, you can have multiple virtual machines on a single host computer.

For example, you have a computer with the Windows 10 operating system. By virtualizing, you create another computer with a different operating system, for example Debian and FreeBSD. It’s like having multiple computers, only 1 main computer is actually there, the rest are just virtual with no real physical form.

Resources belonging to virtual machines are obtained from the host computer. In the illustration above, for example, your computer has a capacity of 10 GB of RAM. Of that total capacity, allocate 2 GB each to virtual machines running Debian and FreeBSD. If you start both virtual machines at the same time, the partition will look like this:

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VPS hosting uses the same technique. Server resources are shared across multiple virtual machines. When you rent VPS hosting, what you get is one of those virtual servers. As with shared hosting, you share it with other tenants.

The difference is that VPS hosting seems to provide a separate space for each website. This virtual space is rented for public use with minimal funding.

For websites with high traffic, dedicated hosting is the best choice. Dedicated hosting is a fully equipped premium hosting rental service. Unlike shared or VPS, dedicated hosting provides only one server per client. You will not share resources with other users.

Hosting Adalah Beban

Since you are acting as a user, of course you can be more flexible. From the operating system, for example, you can choose whether to use Windows or Linux. FYI, Linux is the dominant OS on web servers around the world.

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The main advantage of dedicated hosting lies in security. Because you have full control, you can ensure that all server components are in a secure state. Unlike shared hosting, there is a possibility that viruses can be caused by the carelessness of other users.

Along with the comprehensive service, the price of dedicated hosting is definitely more expensive compared to other hostings.

With the growing popularity of cloud (cloud) computing, hosting providers have also been quick to adopt it. Cloud hosting services offer advanced features in terms of speed, stability and the latest security.

One of the most sophisticated aspects of cloud hosting is the way it anticipates problems. If there is a problem with one of the servers, the hosting will move the service to another server at a later stage. This way, your website can continue to function without being affected by technical problems on the server.

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Cloud hosting is a collection of servers distributed in different locations. Problems on one server will not affect other servers so that the performance of the client’s website is maintained.

Cloud hosting services are very popular in Indonesia. Typically, cloud hosting providers combine cloud technology with SSD speed to serve large, busy websites.

The cost of cloud hosting is definitely more expensive than other types, but the convenience you get is definitely worth the cost.

Hosting Adalah Beban

WordPress accounts for 40% of the global hosting market. Along with a dominant market share, hosting providers also offer specialized hosting services to WordPress users. This type of hosting is ideal for a WordPress environment to achieve fast and reliable performance.

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Managed WordPress hosting offers additional services in the form of WordPress configuration settings. Hosting providers know how to optimize WordPress so that it can compete with competing websites. By hiring managed WordPress hosting, you get 2 advantages at once: quality hosting and technical support for WordPress setup.

You should focus on SEO content and advertising. No need to worry about complicated WordPress settings. Especially if you haven’t mastered technical SEO.

Try searching Google with the keyword ‘web hosting Indonesia’ and the search results will show dozens of service providers. Of course, it is not easy to choose one of the many options. To avoid choosing the wrong one, follow some hosting selection tips below.

The first and most important step is to determine the server specifications. Renting hosting is similar to buying a computer. You definitely put the specs in the main consideration.

Definisi, Manfaat Dan Rekomendasi Cloud Hosting

·       Type of storage (HDD/SSD) and its capacity. For maximum transfer speed, it is recommended to use an SSD

·      Bandwidth, i.e. data transfer rate in units of bits per second (bps). Choose the bandwidth according to the amount of daily traffic on your website

·     POP3 / IMAP4 emails. Especially for business websites, you need an email address with the same domain as the web address

Hosting Adalah Beban

In addition to the basic specifications listed above, there are a few other specifications to consider. But other points only affect giant websites. For personal websites or small and medium businesses, just consider the five key points above.

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Choose standard web hosting. Performance hosting has a direct impact on your website’s performance. If your hosting has frequent problems, your website will also go down frequently. Quality hosting is an essential prerequisite for building a good website.

For a simple review, visit There you can see performance comparison statistics between hosting providers in Indonesia. Here you can decide which web hosting is best and you will choose it.

If you are satisfied with the general statistics, you can read each hosting provider in depth. They provide these features, how many users do they use, and how do users respond to the hosting services they provide?

If necessary, ask for suggestions from other members of the relevant groups. User reviews are relatively more accurate because they are neutral and based on direct experience.

Faktor Menentukan Hosting Terbaik

The safety factor should be discussed separately, because

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