Hosting A Fondue Party

Hosting A Fondue Party – Fondue parties were hugely popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and now they’re making a comeback! After all, who doesn’t love to socialize over a tub of bubbly cheese? Exactly. So now that winter is in full swing, it’s time to dust off the fondue set and throw your own old-school fondue party.

The Team If you have a fondue kit ready, great! However, you can get by with a thick-bottomed pot. Our advice is to use a double boiler, so the cheese is heated with boiling water rather than a direct flame. An electric burner must still be used for the table to keep the cheese warm; you don’t want to stand over the stove all night. Make sure everyone has their own fondue fork or set of skewers for dipping.

Hosting A Fondue Party

Hosting A Fondue Party

The recipe and sides There are so many delicious recipes for fondue, and it can really be as simple as melting a few cheeses with a splash of white wine. We like this classic cheese recipe, which was featured on SBS Food. Serves 4 people and is deliciously creamy.

How To Host A Fondue Party — One Gal Explorer

Choosing sides for your fondue is the fun part. Slicing a crispy baguette and boiled potato wedges are obvious choices, but anything from pickles to apples and even bacon works great too. Be as imaginative as you want! We also recommend preparing potatoes stacked with olives, cucumbers and other bits that people can add to their fondue plate.

The Decorations Since the perfect fondue party requires your group to sit at a table to dip their forks into a tub of bubbling cheese, things can get messy! Be sure to put down a tablecloth or tablecloth if you are concerned. Set the scene with a warm fireplace (optional) and background music from the 60s, 70s or even the Swiss Alps!

The accompanying wine is an obvious choice, but beer and cider also pair perfectly with cheese fondue. If you’re not sure which wine, beer or cider is best for your recipe, talk to your local deli or wine shop and they’ll be able to advise based on your cheese preference.

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Tips For Hosting A Cheese Fondue Party

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Put the fun into fondue with one of the easiest and most fun hosts! Here are some tips to dive (literally and figuratively!) into how to throw a fondue party. This publication is presented in collaboration with Emmi USA.…

Put the fun into fondue with one of the easiest and most fun hosts! Here are some tips to dive (literally and figuratively!) into how to throw a fondue party. This publication is published in collaboration with Emmi USA.

Hosting A Fondue Party

This is how most of our meetings are shaped these days: a bit last minute, mostly impromptu and not exactly planned. But you know what? They are so much more fun and now you know that for me all I need is a cheese plate and all the snacks that go with it, a glass of wine and friends. Instant party!

Galentine’s Day Guide: Tips For Hosting A Fondue Party At Home

We offer cheese and sausage boards, but you know what’s better than a selection of delicious cheeses? Melted cheese!

And since today is National Cheese Fondue Day, oh yeah, it’s such a heavenly day that I couldn’t resist diving into a pot of melted cheese and sharing with you how much fun it is to throw a fondue party. Whether you’re melting cheese on the grill and enjoying fondue outdoors or enjoying a cozy evening with friends by the fireplace on a chilly evening, it doesn’t get simpler or more fun than fondue!

To make things even easier, I turned to Emmi USA fondue – they have a range of ready-made fondues that are sure to please everyone! From their original, classic fondue (which I used here), to their all-in-one fondue, you can be dipping in no time!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in association with Emmi USA. Thanks for supporting a brand I care about; Paid posts like this help behind the scenes at Kitchen Confidante. All opinions in this post are, as always, my own. My husband turned 39 this year and I really wanted to make the last birthday of his 30th birthday special. One thing I know he loves to eat is fondue. She often suggests fondue for special dates together, so I knew she would love it for her birthday party. Gathering around a pot of fondue is always a great way to spend a little more time with the people you love. Also, I think cheese and chocolate are always great for a celebration!

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I made 3 different cheese fondues for our Borden® Cheese Chocolate Fondue Party. I found my Borden® cheese at Super Save, but check out this store location to find Borden® cheese near you. The rest of the menu was all about what we could dip the cheese into and all the delicious dessert ideas. The good thing about fondue recipes is that you can also make them in a bain-marie if you don’t have a fondue pot.

I kept the party decor simple by using pretty wrapping paper and tissue paper for DIY party decorations. I just folded wrapping paper in half for the table runner, made tissue paper flowers and used battery operated rice lights around the flowers in a small glass container for the center table. One thing to keep in mind about any table used for fondue is that it gets dirty! Also, people will pour over and around the decorations.

We also had a dessert table with white chocolate fondue and dark chocolate! I used various cake stands and bowls for display and used the same wrapping paper from the table for a fun backdrop. To make this wrapping paper curtain backdrop, simply cut enough to cover the wall, then cut the paper into long, thin strips up to about 3 inches from the top. Hang the paper with tape behind your table and you have a simple but amazing dessert.

Hosting A Fondue Party

Making fondue is part of the fun of a fondue party! We like to do it at the table while everyone is together. The first cheese fondue I made was the Fiesta cheese fondue. I used Borden® Cheese Finely Shredded Four Cheese Mexican Shreds.

Girls Night: Fondue Party

We loved the Fiesta Cheese Fondue served with fresh vegetables, wheat tortilla chips and corn tortilla chips! When the cheese fondue is melted, I pour the cheese into a ceramic mold to make the next one.

Everyone is invited to enjoy each cheese fondue as it is made, so I like to use plates with handles so I can deliver them!

The next cheese fondue I made was Swiss cheddar fondue! This was my personal favorite and tasted great with the crispy baguette slices and green apples and it was delicious! I used Borden® Cheese Sharp Cheddar Shreds, Borden® Cheese Swiss Slices and fresh garlic for this fondue.

The last cheese fondue recipe I made was Creamy Mozzarella Fondue! I made it using Borden® cheese mozzarella shreds mixed with cream cheese and cream for extra softness. It was perfect for dipping ravioli and fresh vegetables!

Creative Hospitality: How To Host A Chocolate Fondue Party

When we finished eating the cheese fondue, we indulged in a delicious chocolate fondue. I made a simple dark and white chocolate fondue with all kinds of dipping desserts. Fresh fruits like strawberries are perfect with chocolate. We also had fresh pretzel bites, brownie bites, pound cake, cheesecake bites, and cookie bites for dipping. My husband loves chocolate and he loved the brownie bites with the chocolate fondue! Since it was her birthday, of course I added sprinkles to the table!

Have you ever planned a fondue party? A chocolate cheese fondue party is a great place to start!

How to make cheese fondue and chocolate fondue at the same time? Thank you! I only have one fondue pot (Cuisniart) Enjoy easy setup and a memorable gathering with this fondue party planner. You can do it! (May we suggest it for the Oscars?!)

Hosting A Fondue Party

Looking for a dinner party theme that seems a lot more complicated than it really is? An all-inclusive fondue party does the hosting duty without an over-the-top table or elaborate recipes. Whether in the form of a happy hour, a Sunday watch party (hello, Oscars!) or a cozy evening in

Fondue Is Back

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