Hosting A Corporate Event

Hosting A Corporate Event – Are you ready to transform outdated corporate events? Organizing a corporate event doesn’t have to be boring. Employees expect an exciting change of pace. If you’re planning a company-wide reunion, corporate seminar, or employee appreciation event, it’s time to start a creative corporate event. Staff, patrons and clients will feel valued and energized in one unique, well-curated and fun event! When you organize your next business event at the FIVE Event Center, break out of all your business routines and give them something to look forward to.

The first and most important way to make your next corporate event memorable is a special venue. When you decide to host an event at FIVE Event Center, you’ll entertain your guests and staff on two bright floors of our beautifully appointed event space. At FIVE Events Center, we’ve retained all of the unique historic charm of the original building, with amenities to make hosting a corporate event hassle-free. Our classic brick exterior has all the elements that Minneapolis residents have admired for years. The same charm permeates the interior. We have exposed brick floors and antique wood floors on both floors.

Hosting A Corporate Event

Hosting A Corporate Event

Depending on the size of your event, your guests’ special requests, or your company’s travel plans, you need a space that can be customized to suit your needs. The two floors of the FIVE Event Center are infinitely customizable. Our hotel is the perfect blend of history and modernity, with a charming ambience and modern amenities.

Tips On How To Host A Successful Corporate Event

In addition to its beautiful architecture, FIVE Events Center offers an incredible array of services and facilities to help you organize your corporate event with ease.

Once you’ve identified your spot, it’s time to get creative. Your staff and guests will enjoy a freshly themed party! You could throw a traditional ’70s disco night or an ’80s dance party, but we’ve rounded up some more fun suggestions.

Our beautiful interiors are the perfect backdrop for wine tasting! You can choose a bottle of wine from our bar service for tasting. Our experienced bartenders will take care of the rest of the elegant evening. Arrange stations around the interior or use our outdoor patios to enjoy a winery experience without the hefty price tag.

Turn one or two of our floors into your own private concert venue! You can invite outside performers to liven up the evening. When you enter, give your staff wristbands and set up lounges throughout the venue for an authentic experience. Take advantage of FIVE Event Center’s list of preferred vendors, book a photo booth or create a custom photo wall.

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Take a miniature tropical vacation and make the most of your time! Prepare tropical drinks for the evening and even buy flowers for an authentic atmosphere.

Do you want a relaxing and memorable evening? Be the champion of your company’s very own carnival themed party!

You can set up classic carnival games like ring toss, ask a fortune teller or even hire an acrobat. Your employees will love this opportunity to relax and celebrate.

Hosting A Corporate Event

FIVE Events Center has partnered with leading Minneapolis catering companies. We recommend working with them to create the distro of your dreams. Whether it’s a slider, taco stand, or donut storage rack, the combinations are endless.

Common Corporate Event Hosting Mistakes (and How To Avoid Them)

An easy way to build camaraderie and foster conversation among employees is to include innovative and unexpected team-building activities.

Some of the more unique options include building-wide scavenger hunts or building obstacle courses. You can even schedule an event at the end of a team-building project cycle, when employees come together to celebrate their contributions to philanthropic causes.

In addition to a great event atmosphere, you and your staff will experience FIVE Event Center’s commitment to customer service. We are committed to ensuring event coordination is a hassle-free process. Backed by FIVE Event Center’s years of experience, excellent vendor list and attentive staff, you can enjoy your event as much as your guests.

Planning a corporate event at FIVE Event Center is a guaranteed way to keep your next event exciting and streamlined. Our staff helps Minnesota clients host the event of their dreams. Our captivating spaces combine with an array of amenities and services to allow you to be creative at your corporate event. Contact us today to work with our experienced event planners to get you started today! We’ll show you seven steps to create a benefits and perks plan that supports your remote team.

Corporate Event Planning Checklist Used By Top Event Pros

We all know that feeling when attending a great corporate event. You’ll walk away knowing you’ve learned something new, discovered a must-have product, or found a partner on a project.

However, big business events don’t happen by accident. Planning a corporate event requires a detailed process and a lot of creativity.

In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of planning your business and show you how the process works. We also share our best tips to make your event a success and increase attendee engagement.

Hosting A Corporate Event

Corporate event planning is about organizing, monitoring and evaluating corporate events. It’s like personal event planning, but with more stakes – if your event is successful, it can help you get new business inquiries, recruit future employees and attract investors.

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While many event managers plan meetings, corporate event planning goes beyond that. There are many events such as

Each campaign has its own unique goals, requirements, audience and KPIs. To get there, you’ll need to master the five steps of event planning.

Successful event planners know their role very well. You need to understand logistics, planning, marketing, venue sourcing, communication and success metrics. It’s a versatile role.

Fortunately, event planners past have come up with five steps when planning a corporate event. This will help you break down all your “tasks” into meaningful planning processes.

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Before you even decide to organize an event, you must first research whether you need it and what your audience wants to see from you. If you don’t, you risk wasting your budget on the wrong events.

First, determine your campaign goals. If it’s an external event, you may want to attract new customers or promote a new product. For internal events, you might want to strengthen relationships between teams or celebrate successful projects. If you can, try to make your goals smart so you have measurable KPIs at the end of the events you measure.

SMART goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. An example of a SMART goal would be “our goal is to get 20 people to sign up for a free trial at this event,” while “our goal is to increase signups” is far less effective.

Hosting A Corporate Event

Apart from setting your goals at this stage, you also need to thoroughly research all the requirements you need before proceeding. This might include insurance and liability coverage, sponsors to fund the event, or resources you need from the team around you. You’ll also need to determine your budget, narrow down your target audience, and gather all the information that will help you plan the perfect event.

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The next step in the process is to create a corporate event that meets your goals and creates a great experience for your target audience.

Your job is to come up with a potentially approved idea for your corporate event. The type, venue, date, time and general theme and purpose of the event are considered here. You begin with a proposal for your corporate event, which includes a rough agenda, possible locations, and a list of resources needed to make the event a reality.

Once you’ve given the green light for your corporate event, it’s time to start planning. That means traveling to tourist locations, meeting suppliers, and arranging speakers or VIPs to attend your event. It’s also time to figure out your event production and decide what kind of event technology you need to invest in – this could include audiovisual support, WiFi and contactless payments.

One of the most time-consuming parts of event planning is organizing the catering. You often need to make arrangements with caterers before you know how many people will be attending, which can lead to waste if you’re not careful. To avoid this, consider giving attendees a digital card that they can use to order drinks, snacks or meals from various vendors at your venue.

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Once your event is planned, you can move on to the next step – event branding and marketing. Here you can focus on how your event will look, feel and spread your message

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