Hosting 1 Tahun Jogja

Hosting 1 Tahun Jogja – Recently, Linux web hosting has dominated the various hosting provider markets. Whether you want shared web hosting with simple features or a dedicated server with powerful features, Linux web hosting is still the preferred option over the others.

In most cases, if your hosting is simple hosting (shared hosting), you will probably choose shared hosting based on space allocation, bandwidth and similar features. Note that it turns out that the operating system is often not mentioned as a factor in why you choose a server heater.

Hosting 1 Tahun Jogja

Hosting 1 Tahun Jogja

However, if you are an advanced user, understand more about Linux stuff, or need a website with more complex technology where you need full control over your application, that’s a different story. Compared to Windows Server, you definitely choose Linux Server.

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The first Linux web hosting we will discuss is Jogjahost. Jogjahost is the best Linux web hosting in Indonesia. Jogjahost has more features compared to other Linux web hosts. Among them, Jogjahost has the highest quality servers. Intel Xeon processor technology is the backbone of the Linux server used by Jogjahost. Also, a data system using an SSD disk ensures fast data access and greater security.

In addition, managed websites and applications can also benefit from using hosting at Jogjahost. Because we minimize network or server downtime. In this way, there will be no difficulties in the business you are running.

Using the world’s most popular control panel naturally makes managing your web hosting easier, and the softaculous feature also makes it easy to install apps with just a right click.

Jogjahost Linux web hosting uses the best hardware and server speed using Litespeed web server, which ensures that your website is 600 times faster than Apache.

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Finally, Jogjahos offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you don’t have to worry if you want to cancel (cancel). If certain conditions apply.

Second, we have NusantaraHost. NusantaraHost is an Indonesian web hosting service that offers multiple IIX hosting (Unlimited hosting | SSD hosting), Indonesia dedicated servers, Indonesia VPS, domain name registration and other support services to meet your business needs.

What is Niagahoster? For those of you who have never heard of Niagahoster before, Niagahoster is a Linux web hosting service that was created in 2014. So, Niagahoster is a Linux web hosting service that is still quite new in the hosting world.

Hosting 1 Tahun Jogja

However, Niagahoster has managed to gather over 40,000 registered users in the last 5 years, which is definitely a fantastic number considering the age of the company.

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Artamedia is a cheap Indonesian unlimited hosting provider with 24/7 technical support and over 8 years of experience. Ardetamedia has a number of key features including:

5. is Id-Cloud. Id-Cloud or Cloud Hosting Indonesia is one of the Linux web hosting providers in Indonesia. ID-Cloud offers services like domain registration, cloud hosting, servers (VPS and dedicated server), domain reseller and hosting and several other services.

Another thing about ID-Cloud is that they have data centers spread all over the world including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia. Of course, with this feature, ID-Cloud has advantages over other Linux web hosting providers in accessing data from around the world.

Choosing a Linux web hosting provider is of course very important, in addition to choosing other service level options. You need to be careful in choosing and sorting the type of Linux web hosting service as it will definitely affect your business in the future. Congratulations The need for unlimited hosting is very important these days as this hosting service does not have a limit on disk space usage for hosting.

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Indeed, initially the need for hosting was enough for Hosting Limited, but as the use of the site became intensive, many switched to Hosting Unlimited.

1. Unlimited Exa, a package suitable for beginners and those still learning about websites. The price of this package is very cheap or low cost hosting, only Rp. 8250 per month

2. Unlimited Medium, this package is a higher level than Unlimited Medium and is suitable for those who want to start a serious career in the world of websites, such as making UKM sites and more. The price of this package is still relatively cheap, only Rp. 30,000 per month

Hosting 1 Tahun Jogja

3. Unlimited High, the best Unlimited Hosting package and suitable for large corporate websites, agencies and organizations. Customers can also load many additional domains with this package. This package is priced at Rp. 60,000 per month

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The Unlimited Medium and Unlimited High packages are also equipped with Litespeed technology, which can speed up server access compared to other servers.

Apart from very affordable package prices, Citrahost also has its own data center and always provides the best services as it has a responsive support team.

In addition to offering cheap unlimited hosting services, Citrahost, a brand of PT.Citraweb Digital Multisolus, also offers many offers.

In October 2021, Citrahost Unlimited Hosting offers a promotion of only Rp 99,000 for one year, with a normal price of Rp 250,000 per year. Powered by Litespeed, this ad is perfect for customers looking to create a personal website or blog.

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Customers who want to buy an unlimited hosting package from Citrahost can visit or call 087783388686. Meanwhile, you can visit GUARANTEE to purchase a package promotional! Yogyakarta Jogja PRO Website Development Services, Professional, Cheap and GUARANTEED Forever Maintenance – Free 24/7 Domain and Hosting Support – WA 082120000228

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