Hostcluster Whmcs Server & Hosting WordPress Theme

Hostcluster Whmcs Server & Hosting WordPress Theme – When you give someone the opportunity to choose a machine on your platform, you often experience hesitation and hesitation because the client puts all the work in your hands and it is very difficult to gain confidence. But how can you make your customers feel confident in using your services?

5 reasons why HostCluster is the best solution for web hosting 1. Attractive prices, customer support and updates

Hostcluster Whmcs Server & Hosting WordPress Theme

Hostcluster Whmcs Server & Hosting WordPress Theme

Find the success of your business and provide high quality services. This is what we had in mind when we created HostCluster. A fast look that does not require a code from you with an interesting theme panel. We are confident that using HostCluster as your WordPress hosting theme will take no more than 60 seconds to get your business up and running.

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Nothing is confirmed here, but we want to see our customers happy and for pricing time for HostCluster now has a great offer. Six months of professional global customer support and access to all our future updates for just $ 44 (

Let’s start with the most requested main show. I mean, we do not want to be awkward on this site, but you can definitely build your whole site on This page. You can bring your customers into a circle of services and tools that can be useful and will lead them to use your platform and buy your hosting service, so here are some details. With a nice domain name specification, check out the search fields, choose a cloud host, website or hosting center, backup, firewall, data transfer.

All of these features will be available to your customers, but that is not all. HostCluster is a powerful WHMCS WordPress theme that already includes DDOS protection, GDPR data security services. HostCluster can even help you make the best decision for your domain name, whether you are an individual business or even a reseller.

Speaking of firewall services, your customers will be free to take the future of their website into their own hands, because with HostCluster you can display up to three custom firewall packages.

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But this is just one of six websites that HostCluster can offer. Home VPN is also a website that focuses on one of the most important services you can offer your customers, I think the name speaks for itself. Video Home, Crypto Hosting and WHMCS Home Demos come as well as all the home sites described earlier, but we will talk about the latest software later because Server WordPress Themes like HostCluster come with great WHMCS bridge plugins.

Like any good entrepreneur, your business is your child and you do not want it to grow out of control, but at the same time less work is better. HostCluster comes with the WHMCS Bridge plugin, which is compatible with most web hosting platforms.

The plugin itself can take care of billing, commissioning, support, so you can have more time to focus on key factors in your business. Your customers will be able to register their WHMCS domain or transfer it using any of the websites that HostCluster can provide. All of these services are built on the beautiful WHMCS Home Demo.

Hostcluster Whmcs Server & Hosting WordPress Theme

When you first look at HostCluster from the bigger picture, everything looks really nice, but when you dig deep into all the features and categories and methods you can use to provide information, that’s when HostCluster gets it. Spicy.

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We can not think of a better way to send the latest and professional information to our customers or readers. You are more than a blogger. Yes, HostCluster comes with this feature. In a subcategory, our WordPress hosting theme can give the impression that you are getting 2 themes in one.

The “Contacts” page is also a small but important detail that we have focused on. And we can go on to describe the features that HostCluster has to offer throughout the day.

We will add it to the end of the list, but it may fit just like the first time. After purchasing HostCluster, you will immediately benefit from our full 6-month support from our team. But we always wanted to give you more than you expected, so we added the option of paying an extra $ 12 for an additional 12 months. Tell me, this is not a good deal .HostCluster is a WordPress theme and business related to our most valuable server. We decided that HostCluster should represent your entire hosting business. It has more than 10 demos and each application is focused on a specific part of your server hosting business. HostCluster can be labeled as a complex platform capable of many activities happening in the hosting area. If you need a theme to keep your business secure and do the hard work for you, then HostCluster is the right tool for your corporate identity.

Stop thinking about the difficult process behind the hosting process or buying an entire domain. HostCluster is equipped with the WHMCS plugin so you can digitize the entire core processes of your business. We have integrated the WHMCS Bridge plugin into this theme to provide a consistent and unique user experience to any customer who comes to your site with a dedicated hosting server.

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Some of the core functions of this plugin will make things easier for you. WHMCS comes with cache functionality with permalinks, custom title SEO templates, visual integration, single sign-on, multilingual WHMCS support, shortcodes and more. Thanks to the supported version of the WHMCS Bridge Pro plugin, your customers can add comments to your blog posts, share information with friends, and order custom hosting plans. In addition, your customers can pay their bills using this plugin.

From the top of the main page you can activate the main features that HostCluster can offer. Domain name checker has complex functions. Your customers will be redirected to the “Domain Registration” page when they click search. This page is easy to use and your customers can add it to their cart directly from this page. They can also see the value of the domain they are looking for.

On the main website you can display a block of hosting solutions so customers can get a preview of the services you can offer and how much they cost. In this section we have designed services to package and your customers can choose to read more about them.

Hostcluster Whmcs Server & Hosting WordPress Theme

In the next section you can add more information about your specific hosting service. For example, data transfer, firewall, cloud backup, DDoS protection or data security. All this can be changed to fulfill your desires.

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As you dive deeper into the site, your customers can see an interactive map that can instantly display some pop-up information filled with information about your server location.

We mentioned earlier that HostCluster is a very sophisticated server that hosts topics similar to GoDaddy or Namecheap, and now you can have a section to showcase some of the firewall services you offer. You can customize the plan for any client and you can create a price plan for any budget from a simple or basic hosting package or business plan to convince the client.

It is mandatory to have a testimonial section because in the business environment hosting your brand can be easily introduced to other potential customers.

At the end of the main site you can add a section where you can show your partners or clients or previous projects.

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You will notice in the main menu a section called “DOMAINS”. We figured out that for greater productivity we need to add domain management to the main menu. However, we have created a separate page for this. After the main functions of the controller on this page you will see a section with frequently asked questions. In this area of ​​activity we have tried to keep everything as simple as possible. With HostCluster you have live chat for support, but we want to add as much information as possible to give your customers the best user experience possible.

As we said before, user experience is important when it comes to web hosting providers. The “HOSTING” menu section allows you to provide details about your service, but this time with a specific page for each. For example, we have added 4 hosting services: “Dedicated Server”, “Shared Hosting”, “VPS Hosting”, “WordPress Hosting”. Your customers can interact with these sections and get rich information about each hosting service. You can view pricing plans for each service, testimonials and more.

We want to give you more. With HostCluster Hosting WordPress Theme you can have your blog. You can always share your valuable experience or information with any customer. On the other hand, this is a straight and good road to increase traffic. With a little SEO optimization, your articles can attract a lot of customers.

Hostcluster Whmcs Server & Hosting WordPress Theme

Now we talk about the beautiful part about HostCluster and

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