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Hhvm Hosting – There’s a lot going on about HHVM (aka Hip Hop Virtual Machine) these days. Facebook developed this new PHP engine for its own needs, but released it to the public as an open source project. And recently its use for Magento has become quite popular due to its unmatched performance. In other words, HHVM with Magento is the bomb. How about MageBridge? Dutch hosting provider HostingXS did a great test for us.

The HHVM project is gradually moving towards support for major applications such as Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal and Magento. Version 3 seemed to mark the moment for many to actually produce Magento with HHVM. The results are excellent. in some cases the performance of Magento under HHVM tripled compared to Magento with PHP-FPM with APC or Zend OPC. This means your pages load 3x faster or 3x more concurrent users. And since Magento is often accused of being slow, this really could be the holy grail you’ve been looking for.

Hhvm Hosting

Hhvm Hosting

Since the launch of Joomla! and Magento on HHVM cause less and less problems as the HHVM project progresses, running MageBridge on HHVM is the next logical step. With HostingXS, one of our customers did some testing on a production site, while we tested some settings on local test sites and encountered no issues. This leads to different conclusions: Magento and Joomla! good job, and since MageBridge bridges them, you will benefit greatly from HHVM with MageBridge as well. Also, MageBridge’s codebase is pretty clean and doesn’t do weird things that HHVM wouldn’t understand. In short, MageBridge supports HHVM and we have added it to the list of supported platforms. Thanks to our friends at HostingXS.

Hhvm: A Virtual Machine For Executing Programs Written In Hack

Although HHVM is rapidly being adopted by serious Magento hosting providers, the entire project has yet to be marked as experimental. HHVM does not officially support Joomla either. or Magento, and there may still be bugs in HHVM’s PHP development when it comes to third-party solutions. However, considering the performance boost, we definitely recommend hosting providers who want to achieve optimal Magento speed for gaming with HHVM.

Installing HHVM yourself can be quite complicated. Installing things from source is only for those who are really familiar with ./configure && make. Be prepared for many addiction problems. HHVM offers some pre-built packages for common Linux distributions, which definitely makes installing HHVM easier, but dependencies can still be a headache. A robust way to use HHVM is to use it as a CGI handler for PHP files, which also means you can run HHVM and a regular PHP handler like PHP-FPM at the same time, allowing you to switch to HHVM:

We don’t write a lot of commercial stuff, we focus on technology (which we love) and regularly come up with innovative solutions. You can keep up to date with all these interesting things with our newsletter. Signing up takes just a few seconds. SiteGround recently made PHP 7 with OpCache available on all of their shared hosting servers. As PHP 7 enters the mainstream (albeit in beta), we thought it would be useful to take a look at some of the benchmarks implemented by Zend. Early reports indicate that PHP 7 will be much faster than HHVM.

However, before you get excited, it should be noted that PHP 7 is still in beta. As a result, you might find compatibility issues, so you should thoroughly test it before using it on a production (live) site.

Speed Up Wp Admin With Redis And Hhvm

On the other hand, HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine) is more stable compatible with existing PHP functions. It was originally developed by Facebook to increase PHP performance using a just-in-time collection approach.

The folks at Zend ran some benchmark tests on some popular applications like WordPress, Magento, and Drupal to compare PHP 5.6, PHP 7, and HHVM 3.7. The results are impressive.

From the chart below you can see that you can make up to 3x more Magento catalog server requests on the same hardware, and interestingly, PHP 7 also uses 30 percent less memory.

Hhvm Hosting

The images below show a comparison of Drupal using caching and no caching. For uncached pages, Drupal 8 runs a massive 72 percent faster with PHP 7 than with PHP 5.6. It also runs significantly faster than HVVM.

Slowing Down To Speed Up

The results show that there is not much difference between HHVM and PHP 3.7. However, one interesting fact is that PHP 7 requires only 25 percent of the server performance to do the same job as PHP 5.6. This would mean that far fewer servers would be needed to serve the same number of users.

The battle between PHP 7 and HHVM has just begun. These tests use HHVM 3.7, and there are reports that the latest developer version (HHVM 3.8) is 13.9 percent faster than HHVM 3.7.

WordPress benchmark LiteSpeed ​​​​​​found the new HHVM 3.8 to be slightly faster than PHP 7, although they admit that PHP 7 is 140 percent faster than a simple “hello world” PHP page number.

Also, Kazanir ran some benchmarks for Drupal with HHVM 3.7.1 and they also showed that HHVM is superior. Here are his results.

WordPress Hosting On Google Cloud

As you can see, the benchmark results are not 100 percent accurate and will depend on the server configuration, application, and HHVM version number to see which is better.

In any case, it is likely that PHP 7 will be supported longer in a shared hosting environment with HHVM moving to Cloud or Dedicated solutions. The fact that there are significant performance improvements with both solutions is very positive, and of course a little competition is extremely healthy.

We have now satisfied your appetite for growing website work. you can try either HVVM or PHP 7. HHVM is currently a more stable solution because PHP 7 is still in beta and some PHP features are deprecated.

Hhvm Hosting

For HVVM we recommend SiteGround Cloud, and for PHP 7 SiteGround Shared Hosting. HVVM 3.7 (as of the date of this post) is only available on their Cloud and currently PHP 7 is only available on their shared hosting. Right now you can get 60 percent off SiteGround Shared Hosting and 10 percent off their Cloud.

Top Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

Additionally, these solutions work well with their SuperCacher, which also includes Memcached and NGINX dynamic caching. SiteGround has also implemented HTTP/2 for HTTPS (SSL). Test the implementation on our premium application hosting. For a limited time, your first $20 will be honored!

RIP HHVM. It’s time to say goodbye to HHVM when it comes to powering your WordPress sites. We no longer support or recommend HHVM. It was never officially supported and the WordPress team stopped testing it over a year ago. HHVM v3.30 will also be the last release series to support PHP.

Due to increasing compatibility issues, performance degradation, and no longer supporting PHP, it is no longer a viable option for production WordPress sites. Therefore, as of August 20, 2018, we have phased out HHVM for all users.

If you’re currently using HHVM on your sites, check below for more details on how this change affects you and what you need to do. We also discuss why this is not a negative change.

Facebook’s Open Source Virtual Machine Hhvm Stabilized

Before we dig into why HHVM is being pulled, let’s take a quick look at why it started offering it in the first place.

It all started with a small (or used to be small) website called Facebook. 😉 It was originally written in PHP, and when the site started consuming the computing power needed to process all the requests, it went out of bounds. This was mainly due to the inefficiency of the PHP execution engines available at the time. So Facebook engineers and developers came up with a brilliant idea. Instead of just buying more servers, why not solve the problem at the software level?

So they created a PHP to C++ compiler called HPHPc. PHP source code is compiled into executable binary files (sometimes up to one gigabyte in file size) and run instead of being compiled and interpreted into operational codes.

Hhvm Hosting

This resulted in about six times the performance, which is huge. Six times faster might not sound like much

Php 7: The Way Of The Future

But if you look at it this way, it might help you visualize it. Instead of buying 600 servers to run a web service, you only need 100. That’s a pretty incredible savings simply because you’ve just changed the way you run code.

However, as you can imagine, running and maintaining separate developer and debugger versions of HipHop (called HPHPi and HPHPd respectively), deploying gigabytes of executables on each machine after just a few code changes (bug fixes) is a snap . became tiring and difficult.

But at least recycle the code and the experience they gained in producing it

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