Heru Purwito Insert Data Hosting

Heru Purwito Insert Data Hosting – To create HTML5-based Android apps using Phonegap that contain informational content, it’s best to use the SQLite database engine. Although we can write data/text/information directly inline, it will be more structured if we use a database.

In this tutorial, the author will create a simple application that uses a SQLite database. This application is an example of using SQLite on Phonegap where we will send the information from it using Jquery Mobile. We know that Jquery Mobile is a library that can be used to manipulate the layout of mobile web-based applications.

Heru Purwito Insert Data Hosting

Heru Purwito Insert Data Hosting

Using MDS Applaud, we will be able to create projects precisely and easily. Follow the tutorial on how to install and install MDS Applaud in Eclipse if the reader does not know how to install it. This plugin makes it very easy for us to create projects based on Phonegap.

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After the project is successfully created, edit the AndroidManifest.xml to remove the xLargeScreen syntax so that the error in the code disappears and the application can be run. Then upload the necessary library files to the assets/www/[your_folder] folder you can create, for example, I created a folder called JQM. Look at the following picture:

In the image above, you can see that I have placed all the elements of the Jquery Mobile library consisting of javascript and css files. Additionally, I also put the Jquery 1.8.3 library in that folder to make it easier to structure the existing library as well.

We then proceed to code the main Sqlite programming by placing it in the index.html file. After including all the library files in index.html, you can create a script like this:

In the code above, we have created 5 main functions wrapped in the init() function, where the functions are:

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Ok, I have created the main script function to query the sqlite database. Next we will create an html script inside the tag where the classes and their definitions follow the Jquery Mobile documentation. Please insert this code in the tag:

Try running it on your emulator or Android device. Good luck. I have also included the source code of this tutorial that you can use and apply for learning and real projects.

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