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Navigation is a key aspect of a good WordPress website with a great design. That’s why it’s worth taking some time to think about how your website visitors interact with your pages through navigation. One way you can do this is by using a sticky header.

Header Web Hosting

Header Web Hosting

This is the header section of your site that stays at the top of the screen when the user scrolls. This offers many benefits, but one of the main benefits is that your navigation elements stay in the user’s line of sight, no matter where they are on the page. For this reason alone, the sticky header is a welcome user interface (UI) element.

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a sticky header in WordPress. It will cover many aspects such as web examples, WordPress plugins that can help you, and a guide on how to develop your own sticky header. First, let’s discuss what a sticky header is in more detail.

Your website header is like your site’s dashboard. This will be the first thing most users discover, and it will always be the one place they check to find some key information and take some action:

In general, your headline is the touch point for users. You’ll often find it’s the “bar” of F-shaped reading patterns, so it grabs your users’ attention at a comfortable level.

You probably already know what a sticky header is, even in an intuitive sense. This is where the header section of your site “sticks” at the top of the screen as you scroll. Unlike a static header, which stays in place and disappears on scrolling, a sticky header is an element that is always visible.

How To Create The Perfect Sticky Header For Your Site With WordPress

While the traditional approach to a sticky header is to place a static version of it at the top of your screen, there are a number of ways to make it more useful, more effective, and more dynamic. Below, we’ll look at some real-world examples.

Navigation is a key aspect of a good WordPress website… and one way to do this is by using “sticky headers”. ✅ Learn more here ⬇️ Click to tweet examples of sticky headlines online.

You’ll find sticky headers all over the web, and it’s worth checking out a few to see the range of what you can get. One of the most basic examples around is Hammerhead. This site uses a ‘flyout menu’ and a sticky header, and rightly so: it’s committed to sticking to its static layout at the top of the page:

Header Web Hosting

Another simple implementation is that of Kin. It uses a typical sticky header, but this time with nice design elements.

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You’ll notice that the contrast changes depending on the part of the website you’re browsing, and there are some nice transition effects too:

We can’t end this section without mentioning the sticky header. It keeps things simple when it comes to header elements, but includes a clean usability touch that adds value to the visitor:

This time, you’ll see the header disappear as you scroll down the page. However, it will reappear when you scroll back up – you can call this a “partially persistent header”.

Scrolling down here means you’re investing your time on the page itself, so there’s probably no need to go to navigation, login pages, or anywhere else. However, the moment you scroll down, you want to go to the next page on the website. Here comes the sticky header to save the day.

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It’s these little user experience (UX) touches that keep site visitors coming back. For your sticky header designs, you’ll want to consider what you can do to create a UX and UI focused on the visitor’s needs.

Many sites use sticky headers, and there are very good reasons why. They can be an important part of your overall site experience and can have a huge impact on your UX and UI.

Considering that the elements you include in the header are the ones the user always wants to access, it makes sense to always have them visible. This is especially true for small screen devices and formats.

Header Web Hosting

While the viewport is at a good level, having an “always on” header may seem like a compromise, but it’s only a small sacrifice. The real advantage is giving the mobile user less reason to move, essential on smaller devices. You can provide navigation on your site without having to scroll, users can easily move around your site.

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However, sticky headers are not a panacea for improved UX, and there are downsides to using them:

However, if you think about your design choices, user needs, and site goals, you can minimize or eliminate all of these drawbacks while still maintaining the good points. One way you can do this is through WordPress plugins.

In the following sections, we will showcase some of the top sticky header plugins for WordPress. Later, we’ll talk about whether this type of solution is right for you. After all, a plugin can help you implement functionality without the need for code, which is valuable if your theme doesn’t include it.

What’s more, you can benefit from expert design and development expertise through the plugin. The developers will make some important technical choices for you, and wrap them up in an intuitive and easy-to-use UI.

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Webfactory’s Sticky Menu and Sticky Header plugin is a good first choice because of its many features, useful flexibility and budget-friendly price.

The draw here is that you can paste any element from your site to the screen. It can be useful in many ways, but applying sticky headers means it’s pointless.

Sticky Menu and Sticky Header also have a debug mode to help fix “non-sticky” elements. Dynamic mode will help them deal with responsive design issues.

Header Web Hosting

The best news is that Sticky Menu and Sticky Header are free to download and use. There is also a premium version that covers all the technical knowledge you need.

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With the free version of the plugin, you need to know the item selector to specify in the options. However, the premium version ($49-199/year) offers a visual element selector to avoid this.

While we don’t recommend a default WordPress theme for most consumer-facing sites, they are good enough for blogs and similar sites.

Twenty Twenty-One is one of the outstanding default themes in our opinion, but it lacks sticky header functionality. If you want to add this feature, the Twenty Twenty-One plugin options can get you what you need.

This version of the plugin is one of many. There is a version of all the latest default themes, but not yet for twenty two. However, the main functionality of the plugin offers many extras:

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There are many other options for your navigation, content, footer and header. For the latter, you can hide it from view, make it full width, add a background image and color, and make many other changes.

While the basic plugin is free, you’ll need a new premium version ($25-$50) to access the header options. Allows you to adjust settings for mobile and desktop headers from the WordPress customizer:

Once registered, you shouldn’t expect this plugin to work with any theme other than TwentyTwenty-One (or whatever “flavor” you’ve chosen). However, if you use this default theme and don’t want to code it, it will stick to your site. Adding a header would be great to help.

Header Web Hosting

Here’s a plugin that puts its cards on the table. Premio’s myStickymenu plugin offers almost everything you could want to include in your sticky header and packs a ton of functionality.

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The WordPress plugin directory has an amazing number of positive reviews – 799 five-star reviews with an average of 4.9. Part of that is below in the specific feature available to you:

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You also have plenty of customization options to make your sticky header just what you want. For example, you can choose to make a partially continuous header, change simple aspects like background colors, typography options, etc.

Also, because of the different ways to present sticky headers (such as menu and welcome bar options), you can choose how and where to display them on your site.

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While the free version of myStickymenu may be more than enough for your needs, there is also a premium version ($25-$99 per year).

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