Hawkhost Shared Hosting

Hawkhost Shared Hosting – All Hawk Host web hosting accounts can use a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with a few clicks in your cPanel. Our sophisticated interface handles the issuance of your SSL certificate as well as its renewal at required intervals.

Whether you’re an experienced developer or a first-time website owner, you’ll enjoy added security and search engine ranking improvements without the cost of a time-consuming process.

Hawkhost Shared Hosting

Hawkhost Shared Hosting

I’ve built websites with many hosting companies over the years – since the internet was so new. I have been hosted by companies big and small. But I have never been as happy with a hosting company as I am with Hawk Host. In my opinion, Hawk Host is definitely the best hosting company out there. Their packages are very reasonably priced and I have never had any downtime issues. Hawk Host is a friendly, professional company offering first class service. Everyone at Hawk Host: Thanks for being so awesome!

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When I first started searching the internet for reliable hosting, I came across hundreds of them. Searching is tedious and I wanted a host that was affordable, but reliable and had good support in case something went wrong. I found a great team in Hawk Host. I monitor my website for downtime and see it slow down when people update their software, which only takes a few minutes. Most companies claim the world and offer bets. I have had it for over a year and will continue to use it.

Our website was able to join the World Wide Web immediately after signing up with Hawk Host. Customer support went to their aid, not only representing our website as it should be, but also giving us tips on how to set up our content management system. This is a great service for startups. Hawkhost offers some great features for shared hosting plans at a very low price. This is true even if their renewal rates haven’t skyrocketed after your tenure. Even though they don’t have dedicated servers, you can still sell with them because of their robust VPS and cloud hosting plans.

HawkHost has been in the web hosting industry for nearly 12 years and is a veteran, and is slowly changing their plans to reflect this. Following the trend, they now offer unlimited resources, except for the most basic shared plan which limits storage to 10GB. However, for the price you pay, you get good features.

Chief among these features is access to the Weebly website builder. This excellent drag-and-drop website builder is really good, and for the price you start at Hawkhost, it’s a steal. This means that even a beginner can get started on this host with minimal issues.

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On top of that, you also get free SSL, although including a free domain name is asking a lot for Hawkhost. Once there, users who manage to grow their sites also have a very clear upgrade path, with detailed plans to guide them along the way. Shared hosting plan users can continue using semi-dedicated hosting and then move up to VPS or even cloud plans. Unfortunately, Hawkhost does not offer dedicated servers.

A big plus in their favor is that they offer a very robust selection of data centers. HawkHost has servers in seven locations worldwide, including major locations such as New York, Amsterdam, and Singapore. This provides customers with great flexibility to target their visitors to specific regions.

Unfortunately, there is limited information on developer support, so one can assume that such an environment will only work on their VPS plan and above.

Hawkhost Shared Hosting

HawkHost’s shared hosting uptime is tracked from the United States with seven backup locations. The average uptime for the last 30 days is 100.00%.

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HawkHost’s average overall response time was 136.19 ms. Hawkhost shared hosting response times are checked every four hours from ten locations. Sometimes it’s easy to assume that every customer you visit knows something about the Internet. Actually, it’s not. The average person does not know what bandwidth is, why it is needed, what cPanel is or even how to create an email. We’ll take a step back here and approach our hosting plans as if you were a first-time user.

If you are starting your first website, shared hosting is for you. It’s cheap, easy to use, and offers everything you need and nothing you don’t. On a shared hosting plan, you are in a hosting environment with other people, hence the word “shared”. Each user has a certain amount of resources (bandwidth, disk space, CPU, etc., more on that later), and even if they exceed the limit, it won’t affect you. We also have software that allows you to actually live in your environment, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

All shared hosting accounts with us come with a web-based control panel called cPanel. cPanel is the most popular control panel in our industry. With a few clicks of a button, you can set up an email account, add more domains to your account, view your resource usage, and more. Here’s a screenshot of our custom cPanel theme and a preview of some of the many features available in the easy-to-use interface:

As you can see from this screenshot, the control of your hosting account is at your fingertips. On the left you can see your home directory, CPU usage, disk space, bandwidth and then if you expand the statistics you have more information available. Also, the options shown under “Hock Host Links” and “Preferences” are a small subset of what you can do. For anyone just starting out with web hosting, a shared hosting plan with cPanel is your best bet.

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Earlier, we mentioned things like bandwidth and disk space. Let’s explain what these are:

Now that we have covered the basic terms and understand what shared hosting is, we will introduce reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting is similar to shared hosting in many ways. You still get a web-based control panel (cPanel), you still set up email accounts and manage your resources the same way, and you still work with other people on the server. So what is the biggest difference?

Hawkhost Shared Hosting

For starters, apart from cPanel, you can also access WHM (Webhost Manager). Before we get started, here’s what Hawk Host’s WHM looks like:

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Compared to our cPanel interface, the first thing you’ll notice is that WHM is completely unbranded. We offer a true white label reseller service. This means that if you choose to sell your web hosting to friends, clients, colleagues, etc., they will not know that you use us as a provider. In addition to unbranded WHM, we also offer anonymous nameservers, so even DNS lookups won’t reveal that you’re hosting with us.

So what are the benefits of reseller hosting? For starters, you don’t need to use the “addon domain” option for shared hosting like you do in cPanel, you can create completely separate cPanel accounts for each website you want to host. A major advantage of separate cPanel accounts for each website is that they do not share certain resources such as email limits, CPU usage, concurrent processes, etc. This greatly reduces the risk of an additional domain being banned from the rest of the sites hosted on one control panel account. This means a unique domain, login details, content and complete isolation from your other websites. If you want to sell web hosting, or if you’re a designer who provides hosting to multiple clients, reseller hosting is for you. You can also create your own custom branded cPanel themes and configure your own disk space/bandwidth limits for the cPanel accounts you create. WHM allows you to have a centralized login for each cPanel account, making it easy to manage your website without having to store each individual cPanel login information.

Is your website too busy for shared hosting or are you starting to hit the limits of our shared hosting plans? Don’t worry, semi-dedicated hosting can be your answer. In short, our semi-dedicated plans are like shared hosting on steroids. Let’s take a moment to clear up the differences:

If you are a new user and want to jump straight to a semi-dedicated plan, I recommend reading the above section on shared hosting first. It covers all the basics so you know the lingo before you get the benefits of an SD plan. How do you know if you need semi-dedicated hosting? For starters, if you’re experiencing CPU limitations with shared hosting, it might be time to upgrade. Beyond that, if you’re running a PHP/MySQL based website (any forum, WordPress, Joomla, etc.), or if you can’t

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