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Harga Hosting Org – WordPress is one of the most popular CMS today because it makes it easier for us to create custom blogs/sites using plugins/site builders.

Although the development of technology has led to another CMS, most blogging/website users still use WordPress.

Harga Hosting Org

Harga Hosting Org

This is often confusing for those of us who are beginners. So what is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? Let’s see the following explanation.

Perbedaan WordPress.com Dan WordPress.org

WordPress.com makes it easy for new users as they don’t have to worry about hosting setups etc. Everything is done automatically by WordPress.com.

If we are new users and don’t want to worry about hosting and domain setup, we can choose WordPress.com. However, this option is not recommended for those of us who want to learn more about the blogging world. Because basically, by hosting our blog on WordPress.com, we have limited access to our blog afterwards.

Unlike WordPress.org. This option is perfect for those of us who want to learn more about the blogging world. Because with WordPress.org, we own our entire blog. We can make orders according to our wishes, without any restrictions on access rights like WordPress.com.

Although it requires us to configure the hosting first, this method is highly recommended for those who want to learn more about the blogging world.

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Apart from the basic differences above, another difference to consider is the price you have to pay to be able to use both platforms.

Of course, our blog is not spared from the advertisements that will be put online later by WordPress.com. So we will find the WordPress.com brand on our blog which will be seen by every blog visitor.

Easily in the country, we will get many very cheap hosting services, even at the price of Rp. 10,000 – per month. Pretty cheap, right? Aldwin Nayoan Follow Aldwin is a content writer at . Specializing in web hosting and WordPress, he is eager to help people improve their online business. Besides being a tech junkie, Aldwin loves fiction and photography.

Harga Hosting Org

When you hear comments about the difference between domains and subdomains, you know how useful subdomains can be. For example, you can create blogs, forums, or other types of websites without buying another domain. However, how do you point a subdomain to another host? Because you probably don’t want to load your main domain hosting.

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Don’t worry, there’s a simple guide on how to set up a subdomain on another host. Well, this article will explain it completely. So follow it to the end, okay!

3. Click the Manage button to the right of the domain whose subdomain you want to point to another host to access the list of DNS records. If you don’t have a subdomain, please see how to create a subdomain.

4. On the DNS records list page, enter the subdomain you created in the provided field and click A in the filter type to display the A records of the subdomain.

5. Change the IP address in your subdomain’s A record, with or without the www prefix. To do this, click the Edit button to the right of the list of DNS records.

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7. So you have successfully redirected the subdomain to another host. Now you just have to wait 2×24 hours for the DNS propagation process.

How to set up a subdomain on another host is very simple. You simply change the IP address in the subdomain A record to the IP address of another host on the internet which is the destination.

Later, the blog or forum may use a subdomain of your main domain, but with resources from other hosts. Advantage, you can save money to buy a new domain.

Harga Hosting Org

Even so, there are currently many cheap domain offers from web hosts. is one of them.

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Offers domains at great prices, starting at IDR 14,000! There are also plenty of domain choices, from popular extensions like .com to unique extensions like .xyz.

Receive a variety of informative articles, interesting facts and tips about the online world straight to your email. Subscribe now and succeed with us! When we want to create a website, there is definitely something we need to know first. When creating a website, consideration must be given to the hosting of the domain and the servers connected to each other. Especially if we are new to creating a website, we still wonder about its functions and how it works. So, before creating a website and running it as soon as possible, it is good to know the requirements of website, domain, hosting to server as below.

The difference between domain and hosting actually lies in their function. If the domain is the address and the host where to store. Because not everyone has a website, of course many don’t. So basically without this domain and website hosting you will not find on the internet.

When we look for a search in a search engine, many search results appear and we can see at a glance the website address and so on. In short, the domain is the address of the website. If there is no domain, we will not be able to access any website on the Internet. Therefore, this domain is very important for us to see and access the content of a website.

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Originally, the domain had a different form than today, namely a combination of numbers and letters to enter the host server of a website, moreover it was very difficult to remember. For example and so on. It must be very difficult to access, especially if you type a wrong number or letter, you will certainly not be able to access it.

However, along with its development came domain terms that would make it easier to name website addresses. For example, we will enter the browser which will automatically recognize the address in which () is the domain.

For the price of a free domain, a domain with a .xyz extension costs Rp. 11,000/year, an additional .com domain, Rp. 129,900/year. Also, don’t forget to get free domain promotions at .

Harga Hosting Org

Hosting or what can be called web hosting is a place to store the needs of the website. The host can be compared to a house while the domain is the address of the house. Hosting here can be used to store image, audio, video, etc. for website content purposes. Because it is a place to store various files and data, the hosting service provider must of course offer the best round-the-clock performance and also security. Hosting itself has its own types, of course it has its own advantages and disadvantages as well as the needs of our website.

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Of some types of best hosting, the prices are in line with the facilities offered by the hosting service provider. Currently, there are hosting types among shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting. For more details as below:

The first is shared hosting, which is a hosting service where the server is used by multiple users at the same time (share/share). This shared web host has a shared server, which means that your website files are placed together with other people’s website files on a single server. Additionally, facilities that are being used concurrently in terms of disk capacity, speed, etc.

If the host you choose offers the best performance guarantee, then do not hesitate to choose it. But also consider if the hosting provider often experiences outages and fluctuating performance will certainly be very detrimental to us. So choose a trusted shared hosting provider.

Shared hosting is perfect for those of you who are just starting to build a personal website or blog that doesn’t really need high specs.

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VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, i.e. virtual servers entirely managed by individuals, so there will be no influence from other users. If shared hosting is used together, while VPS is used by a single user. Then in terms of managing and running everything here, you need to have the knowledge or skills to run this vps hosting. Generally, the use of VPS hosting is used by medium to high traffic website owners such as online stores etc.

After familiarizing ourselves with the earliest types of hosting i.e. shared hosting and vps hosting, there is the latest technology i.e. cloud hosting. Cloud hosting itself allows you to store various files or website data in one or more clouds. In fact, this cloud is just a term or a metaphor of the Internet, which means that all data files and website needs are stored in a virtual environment on the Internet. This type of hosting service no longer uses physical storage like the previous hosting. Cloud hosting is perfect for high traffic websites.

A server is a computer service that operates to store complex data documents. The server works to organize the sending or receiving of data or information faster. In its physical form, the server comes in the form of components such as RAM, processor, etc. Server operation is too complex to handle data and information traffic. Currently, there are several types of servers, namely web, file, proxy, database, DHCP, FTP, game, and mail servers.

Harga Hosting Org

After knowing about domain hosting and servers, it is good that we know how it works. The domain as a website address can then direct the user to access information on a website from the host while the server handles traffic from domain access and hosting more early. In more detail, website files are stored on the hosting provider, visitors access the domain address, the browser requests the server to send data or files to the browser, the server sends data and information browser, visitors can access a website.

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From the process that takes place above, it seems very complicated and time-consuming, but it’s all actually a very quick process, depending on the performance of the domain hosting provider and the server. For this, choose the best service among which will surely provide the best service and performance for your website. Choose your cheapest hosting package and remember to always check for the cheapest promotions. Thus, we hope this information will be useful to bring added value to readers. Ilham Mubarok Follow Ilham enjoys writing, trying to help people understand websites, web hosting and internet marketing in the most appropriate way .

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