Harga Hosting Niaga

Harga Hosting Niaga – It could be trillions of rupiah. Or even tens of millions of rupiah. Using Niagahoster you can start having your own website for less than twenty thousand rupiahs per month.

Certainly can. Niagahoster is one of the few hosting companies that has managed to provide hosting services at low prices but with high-quality services. Let’s take a look at the services offered by Niagahoster.

Harga Hosting Niaga

Harga Hosting Niaga

First of all, shared hosting. There are four packages available here: Baby, Student, Personal and Business. As you can see, the cheapest plan is the baby plan for only IDR 19,800 per month. Seriously, it’s so cheap. You get 500MB of space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited databases. This package is suitable for beginners who want to have a simple website.

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If you want something more adequate, you can choose the Personal package with a subscription price of IDR 67,800 per month. The features are absolutely flawless: unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited POP3 email, unlimited databases, unlimited additional domains, and unlimited free SSL. Why not a cheaper student plan instead? The student package is actually enough, it’s just that it doesn’t have SpamAssassin Mail Protection yet. Safer is certainly better right? Twenty thousand more expensive, but you won’t regret paying it.

Apart from the three packages above, Niagahoster also offers the most advanced package called the business package. The facilities are super complete, you will even get SpamExpert Mail Protection, Magic Auto Backup, and priority services. The price is not up to one hundred thousand rupiah per month, only Rp. 91,800. This means that in one year you only have to pay a million less for an annual subscription.

Later, your website can be developed according to your wishes. The series of packages above includes the Softaculous Auto-installer with more than 320 applications that you can install yourself. WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop are all included. You just need to choose, install and your website is ready to go. If this method is not suitable, you can also take advantage of the website builder features in it, you know.

You don’t have to worry about your domain. All Niagahoster plans, except the kids plan, come with a free domain name that you can choose yourself. That’s right, you don’t have to pay extra for this domain. Just choose whatever you like.

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Creating a website in an instant is the dream of many people. At Niagahoster, even without technical knowledge you can have your own website. Niagahoster’s WordPress hosting plans allow you to do this. Its flagship feature is auto-deployment. That is, your website is immediately active as soon as you activate it. Sounds interesting, right?

You only need to pay, choose a template, and have your WordPress website ready in minutes. The price you have to pay is also not expensive, only Rp. 67,800 for personal packages and Rp. 91,800 for business packages. This service also has features that are no less great than shared hosting packages, such as automatic data backup, SSD for MySQL and Cache, Apache+LiteSpeed ​​​​API, CloudLinux and CageFS Security. You can see all the details on the official WordPress Hosting Niagahoster page.

The two types of hosting above are enough to help you have your own website. However, if you want complete control over your website setup and performance, you can choose a Niagahoster Virtual Private Server (VPS) package. This service can realize the full website without downtime because it already uses cloud computing technology. You will have full control over website resources, flexibility to install 350+ website scripts on cloud server with one click, and of course, very affordable price for a reliable VPS.

Harga Hosting Niaga

Niagahoster VPS is different from traditional VPS services. Niagahoster uses CloudFlare technology so that it can improve the performance of your website. You can optimize for speed, security and SEO with this feature. DNS pointing process will be faster without experiencing downtime when the DNS propagation process is carried out. Then NGINX Proxy technology, Cloudflare CDN and caching features can save your bandwidth usage. This caching process allows visitors to immediately see how the website looks without having to load scripts directly from the website. Apart from that, you can also use a combination of Http/2 and SPDY to save on the server resources you use.

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Cloudflare also improves the security aspect of your website. The website will be protected from spam and botnets so that only traffic from human visitors can enter the website. DDoS attacks and hackers can also be prevented by using this Cloudflare.

You can choose a VPS package that suits your needs based on CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth. You can customize the control panel, whether you use Webuzo, cPanel or even no panel. The cheapest Niagahoster VPS package is called Nano and its Webuzo control panel is available for IDR 134,000 per month. This package has specifications of 2.4GHz CPU, 1024MB RAM, 20GB disk space, and 1000GB bandwidth. If this is still not enough, you can choose another, more powerful plan: Micro, Starter, Business, Bizextra or Enterprise. You can see more detailed information about prices, features and benefits of the Niagahoster VPS service directly on the Niagahoster website.

Whatever Niagahoster service you choose, be it the cheapest to the most expensive package, the Niagahoster technical support team is always ready to help whenever you need help. Their extra responsive support team is on standby 24/7 non-stop. You can contact them via live chat, support ticket, email or phone.

If you change your mind, Niagahoster also has a 30 day money back policy. Yes, you can claim and get 100% of your money back in full within the first 30 days since your hosting is active. Later, your money will be transferred directly to your account number.

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Sometimes I can’t stop thinking how this company, which was founded in 2013, can get more than 38 thousand active customers and become one of the leading hosting providers in Indonesia. In fact, based on the website webhosting.info report, Niagahoster now has the most customers in Indonesia! They managed to beat other long-established companies such as Qwords, Rumahweb and Masterweb. And they accomplished this feat in less than four years.

After seeing and also trying their services, the curiosity gradually disappeared. Niagahoster has a solid line of customer service, a support team that is ready and available at very affordable prices. I can only draw one conclusion: they deserve the best. Any shared domain hosting provider or provider is still needed by many parties. Not enough from a professional point of view, but from the point of view of large companies also need a lot of support from hosting services or domains. Now, Niagahoster is one of the best hosting options because all plans can serve multiple customers. Therefore, until now Niagahoster has become an attractive choice by comparing various cheap packages.

If we see that every type of service, from student package products, baby packages, personal to business, always provides attractive solutions for all groups. So for anyone who wants to get the best and cheapest hosting, they can immediately choose a hosting provider with this one domain. However, for beginners who don’t know the details of Niagahoster services, they have to look at the advantages and disadvantages.

Harga Hosting Niaga

Niagahoster is one of Indonesia’s web hosting providers that is able to introduce advanced technology in it. Not only does it offer various free and cheap packages, but there are many new systems, one of which is the IIX server which is claimed to be able to optimize WordPress, Joomla and Drupal along with other PHP websites. So you can imagine Niagahoster, which has been involved in domain hosting services for a long time, can fulfill all website access.

Niagahoster Review 2022

Now, Niagahoster is able to compete with other hosting and domain service providers that have been able to really provide benefits for its users. So we see that all access from this one domain service provider can be optimized to eventually become a profitable opportunity. So what does Niagahoster do?

We are always shown many of the best packages from domain services to hosting. Multiple benefits are not enough, but in terms of website after service facilities, website owners can also rely on them. So it’s not necessarily because of cheap product package services and guaranteed services, but website owners usually have presented many of the best solutions that have been very profitable so that in the end they always show customer satisfaction.

Niagahoster’s advanced technology base can actually provide the most attractive website optimization so that its superior technology and features can make the website development process from scratch more accessible. So what are the advantages of this Niagahoster technology?

As one of the most complete domain access hosting providers, every customer can now see the advantages offered by Niagahoster, as in the following review.

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We can see that the best solutions in various advantages are presented to users of domain hosting services. More advanced cPanel access now allows users to be able to send soft emails along with website creation. There are even some other advanced features viz. automatic backups, auto responses, SEO tools and many others. However, the basic features of cPanel are still considered sufficient because the needs of website users themselves are still focused on development for easy access.

Warranty issues are still an option offered by Niagahoster. However, if you are keen to determine and compare the best services from all hosting and domain providers, then of course you already have this one service. The 30 day warranty period is still lacking, especially for beginners. Even after 30 days, there are usually some website issues that require resolution by the domain and hosting provider.

Regarding server security at Niagahoster, you could say more

Harga Hosting Niaga

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