Harga Dedicated Hosting

Harga Dedicated Hosting – Data center server rental is now sought by companies for Corporate IT needs such as servers for databases, email servers, web servers and business applications or for other needs. Servers are very important for companies that have large businesses. The business will definitely need a dedicated server for secure server storage and is supported by a fast Internet connection.

The use of data centers for companies is a very important function in business processes. It is considered important because every time there is a server or data center outage, the company’s business can experience a significant reduction, especially if the company does not have a good backup or backup server.

Harga Dedicated Hosting

Harga Dedicated Hosting

Currently, companies in Indonesia do not need to worry about how to build a data center or a room to store the company’s server, because now many of the best data centers in Indonesia are provided by companies that provide special data centers. are made and of course these data. The data center companies are very experienced in the operation of data centers.

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If the company is concerned about saving the company’s IT infrastructure costs, then renting a Data Center Server is a smart solution. Because if a company builds its own data center, even on a small scale, the necessary investment is huge and not necessarily the best, because the company needs an experienced IT team, Purchasing Data Center Components, Electricity , Cooling, Prepare 24 Hour Server. Monitoring and protection plans. However, if a company uses the services of a data center company, especially with the support of managed server services, the company no longer has to pay IT infrastructure costs, and the company can focus more on the business at hand. Currently, data center server rental in Jakarta is still a preferred option for companies and IT workers.

Data center server rental, also known as dedicated server service by Indonesian hosting providers, is a server hosting rental service where server units are provided by hosting providers and placed in the best data centers in Indonesia. The advantage of using a dedicated server is data security because it uses its server resources fully without being shared with other customers like shared hosting. Customers do not need to worry about server hardware damage, because if there are problems with the Server software, the Support Team from the Hosting Provider will immediately replace the spare parts or server equipment quickly. The dedicated server is suitable for all web security and data protection needs, applications, databases and corporate emails. Using a dedicated server can reduce your company’s infrastructure and IT management costs.

For business backup and disaster recovery server needs, hosting providers usually offer a choice of data centers such as Jakarta Data Center, Surabaya Data Center, Medan Data Center and even overseas data centers such as Singapore Data Center.

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Harga Dedicated Hosting

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Harga Dedicated Hosting

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Dedicated server is a service where you rent our server. We also provide power and bandwidth to keep the server up/running online. Server management is completely left to you (dedicated non-admin), unless the service is managed separately, we help with a number of server administrations.

Cara Order Layanan Dedicated Server

Managed dedicated servers are designed to maximize performance when handling heavy workloads. You can customize our dedicated servers according to your needs.

You don’t need to share resources with others. The best high performance servers just for you. Dedicated servers provide excellent reliability and high availability.

The control panel allows you to have full control and functionality of your website, domain, email, files and other important assets.

Harga Dedicated Hosting

We are ready to help with your problems such as technical errors and problems that may occur during the creation of a website. We also monitor suspicious activity to ensure the site remains secure.

Perbedaan Shared Hosting Dan Dedicated Server

Will help you to fully manage your dedicated server services with the direct assistance of our reliable and experienced support team, such as installation, migration, security, 24/7 monitoring and other activities, as well as free consultations to maintain stability and manage your server quality. .

Dedicated server services are fully managed and are the user’s responsibility in terms of setup, server management and more. You get root access to be able to reboot the server, upgrade/downgrade CPU, RAM and storage according to your needs and perform various server configuration actions.

Dedicated server is a service where you use our server or rent our server. We also provide power and bandwidth to keep the server up/running online. Server management is completely left to you (dedicated non-admin), unless the service is managed separately, we help with a number of server administrations. For managed services, an additional fee will be charged.

Yes, we are ready to help with registration as long as it is just a standard OS installation (no additional or third-party applications included). And you must bring your original Windows CD.

Vps Nvme Indonesia Super Cepat Dengan Harga Murah

First installation of the operating system and control panel, according to your order. (Note: some OS and control panels are charged as specified in your order/invoice) – Free 24/7 restart facility – For domestic dedicated: IIX band-unlimited bandwidth – International bandwidth at can be changed as needed – reinstall the OS (reboot)

Because it uses a server of ours, we are responsible for any damages. We try to replace damaged hardware in less than 1×24 hours.

Some promotional packages / exclusive offers are sent to you by the server after a certain period of time. Note: This promotion is not currently valid

Harga Dedicated Hosting

If you do not order managed services, the server management is left entirely to you / manage the server itself (via remote login such as SSH / remote desktop or directly to us). We only offer server restarts if your server crashes.

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