Harga Beli Domain Dan Hosting Sekitar

Harga Beli Domain Dan Hosting Sekitar – Cheap web hosting in 2022 This review covers 12 months of research from 2021. October, and the result of buying cheap web hosting packages from 16 of the most popular hosting providers in Indonesia. This overview can be useful for small and medium businesses and personal needs.

Stable uptime, fast speed and good support are the three main indicators when choosing a web hosting service.

Harga Beli Domain Dan Hosting Sekitar

Harga Beli Domain Dan Hosting Sekitar

I know many websites and blogs can do well with a cheap hosting package, but when you’re looking for cheap web hosting, of course you don’t want cheap web hosting, right?

Cara Beli Domain Di Namecheap Harga Murah

Unfortunately, of the 16 hosting providers I studied, none of them scored well on all evaluation factors.

So, to be honest, it’s hard to recommend any Indonesian hosting provider right now. However, I can explain which provider is better between the two.

If you are still interested, I have summarized the top 7 cheap shared hosting providers in Indonesia based on research data from the last 12 months and other factors such as guarantees provided, upgrades or upgrades made, and features offered from all hosting providers. . table and brief overview below:

1. DomaiNesia Starter 2. IdCloudHost Starter Pro 3. Dewabiz Starter Pro 4. Dracoola Dusk ID 5. Kenceng Solusindo Personal M 6. WarnaHost Cheap – Save (cPanel) 7. Jetorbit Mercury

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DomaiNesia is a balanced choice for those who want good quality hosting, relatively cheap prices and reliable support services.

It is included in the starter package, offered from IDR 12,250 per month (2-year contract) or from IDR 14,000 (1-year contract)

Harga Beli Domain Dan Hosting Sekitar

The upside of the cheapest DomaiNesia starter or hosting package is the amount of resources you get compared to the price you pay.

Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia 2023 (kecepatan Teruji!)

A great deal for those looking for a cheap web hosting package with more than enough resources to build a new website, right?

DomaiNesia is one of the few hosting providers that can keep their servers stable with an average uptime of 99.948%. Their servers are average

22 minutes and 36 seconds in one month. This is a good rating or 2nd best of the 16 providers I reviewed.

. I’m trying to send 10 virtual users (or visitors) to explore the DomaiNesia test site using the open source tool Locust.io. The goal is to see how well the DomaiNesia server handles fairly heavy traffic and compare it to other providers I’ve reviewed.

Jangan Salah Beli, Ini Tips Membeli Domain Murah Terbaik

The results are not very good. Average server response time is quite high (high means slow) at 3642.86ms or only #14 fastest out of 16 providers.

I once asked Mas Willih Angga, as the CTO of DomaiNesia, about their poor load test results. Here is the answer:

At DomaiNesia, we believe that in order to provide a good service to users, it is important not only to use the best and fastest hardware, but also to adapt and optimize, which is done by default during the first hosting installation, where most people get it (it works) so customers would get the best performance when the service is activated and simply focus on the content being displayed. In hosting 3.0, we also bring more customization than before, as well as optimizing nginx to be faster and more efficient, new scripting features that other hosting providers may not have. not all hosting providers can provide it. Willih Annga (CTO – DomaiNesia) DomaiNesia strengths and weaknesses

Harga Beli Domain Dan Hosting Sekitar

Vague explanation about daily backups (Hint: Your website is only backed up every 2-3 days, not daily/daily)

Rekomendasi Tempat Beli Domain Terbaik & Terpercaya

The latest DomaiNesia hosting price now (3.0 hosting) and monthly payment terms increase by 25% compared to the previous price (2.0 hosting)

And you can choose monthly, quarterly, six months to 3 years hosting payments with the fairest pricing structure compared to competitors.

What does this mean? They don’t play the price game to force users to choose a longer payout length to get a much cheaper hosting price.

Since 2019 August. I started monitoring IDCloudHost server uptime, I have always said (based on data of course) that IDCloudHost is one of the worst uptime providers.

Hosting Terbaik Indonesia (diuji 2022)

I am happy to see that IdCloudHost’s monitoring data for the last 12 months shows a stable average uptime with a score of 99.961%. Even compared to all the providers I reviewed, they are the most stable at #1.

Our main data center from 2020 located in Bogor https://youtu.be/95pcd6daZbg The main obstacle for data centers in Indonesia is fiber termination. At first, we were thinking of a backup of the network, but it happened that the primary and the backup were down, today the connection from our data center to Jakarta / Telkom / APJII / IIX / OPENIXP is a total of 6 different lines, we have also tested 4 down. links in one at a time, but since there are 2 other backups, they all support uptime on the user side. maintain. We currently use shared storage technology for our cloud VPS. when HV / server is down, you can enable VPS / Cloud on VPS server that is not dead, it also reduces downtime for VPS clients. Today, IDCloudHost has servers in the following locations: DCI IDC BaliFiber DC Atria DC Bogor DC Network Only Cyber ​​​​(APJII) Network Only Telkom DC Karet (connection from a single network without interruption) Telin 3 Singapore Epsilon DC Singapore Alfian Pamungkas Sakawiguna (CEO – IdCloudHost)s

But what about hosting server speed? Based on my load tests, the average server response time is pretty good at 1653.4ms. This value is the fastest up to 5 out of 16 providers. However, like other 14/16 providers, the server response time is unstable or gets slower as the number of virtual users increases, which is not a problem.

Harga Beli Domain Dan Hosting Sekitar

Indeed, 14 providers also had the same result. Dewabiz is the only provider whose average server response time remained stable during testing.

Perbedaan Domain Murah & Mahal Beserta Cara Daftarnya

The biggest drawback of IdCloudHost is its support service. In the last support test, they didn’t want to fix a bug on my WordPress site that I made on purpose.

Compared to the two previous tests in 2019 (errors corrected in 22.3 minutes.) and in 2020. (errors successfully corrected in 105 minutes.), a sharp decrease was observed every year.

Slow and unreliable support service (0/5 rating). I also found quite a few users reporting the same thing in the comment column of the IdCloudHost review.

I think their dashboard seems a bit slow or unresponsive just like DomaiNesia. Some users have also complained about the same.

Cara Membeli Domain & Hosting Murah Harga Rp 262.722

I don’t think you need the Advanced Pro hosting plan and all the enterprise plans. Get a VPS package if you are already at enterprise level.

The cheap hosting package which is Starter PRO has the same package name as IDcloudHost. Not only that, the host specifications are similar.

As for the price offer, which starts at IDR 9,900 / month, it seems that you can only get it if you want to subscribe directly for the next 2 years.

Harga Beli Domain Dan Hosting Sekitar

As you can see in the chart below, they only stabilized in 5 months while others did not. In my review, their servers crash frequently

Cari Tahu Yuk, Biaya Hosting Website Di Indonesia!

Based on the test I did in 2022 In September, Dewabiz has the fastest average server response time (speed) of up to 1 of the 16 providers I reviewed.

In the load testing test, their server response time was stable at 411.84ms. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Dewabiz uses server hardware with more power than its competitors.

On a WordPress website (which I created specifically for testing purposes). Compared to 16 providers, Dewabiz has the highest support speed at 6. Not great, but not bad.

It has a very complete product. Taste what you need, you will be sure to get it; From cheap shared hosting to dedicated servers and bare metal servers, they are available at Dewabiz

Perbedaan Hosting Dan Domain Yang Harus Diketahui

Dracoola is one of three providers (the others being IDCloudHost and Kenceng Solusindo) with the fairest pricing structure among all the cheap Indonesian hosting providers I reviewed.

You can subscribe for one month, 3 months and 6 months for the same price, or subscribe for 1 year and get a discount of 2 months.

The cheapest package is the DAWN-id package, but the storage provided is only 300 MB. In my opinion, the minimum storage required for a new website is 400MB.

Harga Beli Domain Dan Hosting Sekitar

Dracoola, like 14 of the other 16 Indonesian hosting providers I reviewed on Hosting Advisor, are still limited by the performance factor. Their average is 99.817%, which means their servers are down for an average of 1 hour 19 minutes and 33 seconds per month.

Cara Membeli Domain Di Blogger

In the load tests I did, their average server response time was very low at just 513.07ms. Only slower than Dewabiz or the fastest from up to 2 out of 16 hosts tested. And as you can see in the graph below, the average response time is stable (green line).

As for the support service, I think the quality has gone down. I have done three tests so far. One test every year since last 2020. So in this 2022 in the test it seems that Dracoola support service is not that good

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