Güvenilir Hosting

Güvenilir Hosting – We have researched the best and most reliable hosting companies in Turkey. Our list of quality hosting companies with high performance is with you!

Which hosting provider should I choose? If even a small part of your project, business or idea covers the Internet, server and hosting services are of great importance to you. With your brand or project gaining a foothold on the internet and benefiting from a portion of it, comes the need for hosting and today hosting companies provide this need. So what are the best Turkish hosting companies and the cheapest Turkish hosting companies?

Güvenilir Hosting

Güvenilir Hosting

As a result of our testing, analysis and reviews, we have detailed for you the top 10 hosting companies in Turkey. We have listed these companies by evaluating them according to certain criteria and certain conditions. The list below shows the server companies that give the most positive results as a result of the criteria we have created and are reasonably priced. So what did we look for when choosing the best? You should listen. For this, you can get detailed information on how to be a good hosting company.

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This guide will show you how to choose hosting for your next website project, what details to look out for, how much you should spend, and which hosting provider will best suit your specific needs.

Finding the best hosting provider depends on which features are most important to you. Some great features include free SSL certificates, website builders, high speed, unlimited bandwidth, uptime reliability, and 24/7 customer support.

We’ve reviewed 12 of the best Turkish hosting companies to help you find the right web host for your needs. We have rated all hosting companies based on various factors such as features, uptime, speed, price and user reviews. If you are looking for a reliable hosting provider at an affordable price, here are the services of the best Turkish hosting companies of 2023.

Niobe Hosting provides its services to its staff with 20 years of experience and delivers web hosting, reseller hosting, email service and server products to its customers with its servers located in Izmir. It has domain name and SSL certificate products. At the top of our list of best hosting companies, Niobe Hosting, although its name is not well known, has started to make a name for itself in the market with a growing portfolio of clients.

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Web hosting prices starting at $0.89 per month include a total of 4 packages and the highest package is the Ultra package with unlimited disk space. It costs $7.49 per month. Considering these prices, their prices can be very high. But it is worth considering that the Ultra package has 4 CPU cores and 4 GB of RAM. When we do a general review, we can accept it as above average in terms of value for money.

Niobe Hosting, which manages spam and virus protection on a cloud platform, wants to satisfy its customers with its security-optimized servers. But apart from these features, there are no additional security measures. (Not tested.)

We tested the 24/7 support feature they mentioned in the product details and yes, your support request will be answered at any time. However, especially at night, this time can reach 1 hour. When we consider factors such as density and number of staff, it is worth 4 points, even if it is not full.

Güvenilir Hosting

Niobe Hosting has features similar to many hosting companies in this regard with redundant DNS servers, WordPress compatible infrastructure, free backup and free SSL and free transfer.

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The difference in RAM – CPU prices in web hosting packages is a positive situation for customers. In addition, you can easily use the server features assigned to you. Generally, they have optimized servers. But the PageSpeed​​​​Insights and GTMetrics values ​​are a notch below. It has an average initial response time of 190ms based on a total of 8 simultaneous tests for all hosting companies.

Operating since 2012, Bertinet has managed to reach thousands of customers in a short period of time and continues to work in many areas of internet services. While offering its products to its customers in personal and corporate hosting, reseller hosting, VDS server and dedicated server, it also operates in a wide range of areas such as domain name, SSL certificate (security), licensing services and WHMCS modules.

It has professional support because it is an official WHMCS module developer in Turkey and has a team of experts not only in the field of servers but also in software.

Linux shared hosting packages manage to get full marks in terms of price / performance. There are personal hosting and corporate hosting, starting at 512MB disk capacity and going up to UNLIMITED disk capacity. Hosting prices starting at 19.90 TL per year may vary depending on your needs, but when evaluated in terms of price / performance, the companies with the most suitable pricing policy are Niobe and BurtiNET.

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Considering the state of data centers in Turkey, unfortunately, there is no company with a full score in server security in general. However, Bertinet Internet Services received values ​​close to the full score. Bertinet, after Niobe, is the hosting company that offers the best performance in server security according to our overall reviews, server prices and protection from attacks like Ddos.

Bertinet, which achieved successful results in support system tests we conducted at 38 companies, takes about 5-10 minutes. In case of even the smallest problem that you may encounter, your request will be processed quickly and can take from a few minutes to several hours to resolve, depending on the size of the problem. However, the responsiveness they provide both over the phone and through the support system prevents customers from feeling uncomfortable. It is the second IT company among the best hosting companies to receive a full score in terms of support system.

There are many features, starting with free SSL certificate support and moving on to site migration support for new purchases. You can choose cPanel and DirectAdmin server management panel in personal or reseller hosting services, support is provided by multiple management panels in VDS products from CyberPanel to Plesk.

Güvenilir Hosting

In addition, Bertinet provides free ready-made scripts (Softaculus), exclusive IP selection, weekly or monthly backup and 24/7 support.

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When server uptime and RAM – CPU usage values ​​were checked with GTMetrix and PageSpeed ​​tests, BurtiNET was the second best performing company. The average is 114 ms. He got full marks on tests from Canada with his reaction time. We can say that the assigned CPU values ​​of 1 core and 2 GB RAM give better performance with proper server optimization.

Cenuta, a joint stock company established with 100 Turkish capital, is one of the best hosting companies in Turkey. The company, which first started operating in 2012 under the name Cenuta Telekomünikasyon Anonim Şirketi, was founded in Izmir in 2020 with 100. % Turkish capital, with its innovative, proven and specialized team. Keeping a close eye on the developments in hosting around the world, the company has a vision to provide services as per global standards to its valued users. A hosting company that provides seamless and high-performance solutions that integrate powerful next-generation hardware into its powerful hardware, will be in touch with you 24/7 at all times.

Megatr hosting company operating in our country is the largest and most reliable corporate company that started working in 2007 with 100% Turkish capital. The hosting company has innovated and improved since its early days until today, with the aim of continuously serving its customers. Purpose of establishment of the company. Hosting and promoting all corporate/individual participating or reviewing products and services smoothly in the rapidly growing online environment in Turkey and the world.

Veridian, which was founded in 2016 with all Turkish capital and has increased the variety and quality of its services over time, is ranked second among the most suitable hosting companies. Veridian, which excels in web hosting, WordPress and e-commerce hosting, reseller hosting, VPS – VDS, dedicated server and server hosting services, also sells SSL certificates.

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Although it does not get full marks for price / performance in terms of the products it offers, the hosting company that shows close values ​​offers these products to its customers at a higher price than its competitor BurtiNET, even though it produces more. – Quality solutions. Although it scores high on price-performance values, it misses the full mark.

Budget web hosting packages start at 19.99 TL per year (256 MB disk). There are also unlimited hosting packages and the products are available at 6.99 TL (1 Core CPU – 2GB RAM).

Veridian is one of the leading hosting companies with high server security. Bolstering its security with server plugins like CloudLinux, CageFS, ConfigServer and Exploit Scanner, the company has protections that prevent layer 3 and 7 attacks.

Güvenilir Hosting

Support system for hosting, server and other products. Customer satisfaction level. At Veridian, you can get a quick response at any time, sometimes problems take time to resolve, but usually, quick responses are made.

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Veridian gets 4 out of 5 points from us in this regard because it has all the standard features found in many hosting companies and offers its customers additional features such as free site migration, weekly and monthly backups.

As a result of our tests, Veridian is the hosting company that showed the best server performance after Niobe and Bertinet. It gets full marks from us for server performance as a 3MB page opens in about 1.5 seconds with an average initial response time of 160ms and 36 requests.

Guzel Hosting, operating since 2008 and with the understanding of “providing the best service at the most affordable prices”, hosts more than 50,000 active websites. Serving its customers with more than 700 active servers and expanding its portfolio day by day, the company offers its customers domain name, web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS – VDS server, leased server, server hosting, SSL certificate and licenses software.

We can define it as a full price / performance hosting company in web hosting and reseller hosting. as personal hosting, many packages are available from 29.90 TL (500MB disk) to 219.90 TL (UNLIMITED) per year. in addition, high-performance hosting packages are also sold on a monthly basis. However, their VPS / VDS and server rental prices are a few clicks higher than their competitors in the industry. This results in an overall rating of 4 out of 5 rather than a full score.

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Increasing the security of its servers with CageFS, Güzel hosting allows each user to operate separately from others. On the other hand, with the ConfigServer Exploit Scanner, it is attempted to prevent malicious software being installed on hosting services. with a professional spam filter

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