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Guarantor Hosting

Guarantor Hosting

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Please note that this policy may change as we manage to ensure that the website operates efficiently and remains available to all users. Hosting is the service that enables an individual or organization to publish a website on the Internet. Good hosting must be powerful, fully meet the technical and system requirements, provide comfortable management and stable operation of the website.

So, this article is relevant to webmasters who want to start their own WordPress website. You will get ideas about different types of hosting and how to choose WordPress hosting for your business.

We need to determine types of hosts and the main differences to understand which host is suitable for running a WordPress website. We will talk about the 3 most popular hosting options in the industry. The information presented in this section is (mostly) relevant to beginners looking to host their first website.

Guarantor Hosting

Virtual hosting is a technology that hosts multiple websites from different owners on one physical server. Users share common server resources. This is also known as shared hosting and is suitable for beginners as well as for webmasters with a little more experience. It offers a functional control panel where you can:

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Virtual web hosting is actively used for lightweight websites – small online shops, information websites, blogs. It withstands the flow of visitors up to 5000 per day.

VPS/VDS is hosting where the provider gives the customer full access to the server. A virtual server fully replicates the work of a physical one – you have full access to the core of the operating system. In general, it is a virtual server, but its peculiarity is that it works on a physical one. It offers benefits such as:

This option is ideal for WordPress sites with up to 10000 unique visitors per day. It is also used by webmasters who work on many projects at the same time, since the number of websites and databases supported is not limited by anything except the physical resource of the server.

In this case, the client rents the capacity of a full physical server located in the host’s data center, and then uses its resources remotely. The client gets the rights of the main administrator and full control over everything that happens on the server.

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This option is good for websites with a presence of up to 50,000 visitors per day (for example, an online store with a wide range of products and a large number of customers).

Additional requirements, which not all hosts provide, but which are very desirable for the comfortable and efficient work of a WordPress website, are:

The reputation of the hosting company should be positive, and you should look at reviews on independent resources or thematic forums, where the probability of fraud is minimal.

Guarantor Hosting

There are two basic things you need to do to choose a comfortable hosting option for yourself correctly. The first is to ask website owners you know who have had good project management results to share their experiences.

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For the test, you can use expensive and cheap price plans. To evaluate performance, install the latest version of WordPress and some popular plugins (Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, etc.) on your host. Also, choose a fast WordPress theme.

You may have heard of the FTP protocol. Using it, you can copy files to a server and upload them. SSH is another protocol that can be useful, but is mainly a solution for more experienced users.

With it you can make changes on the server with special commands, without downloading files. What do you need this feature for? For example, for a fast and safe backup, restore. SSH makes it easier to clean website files from viruses, but you need to gain some knowledge in this area first.

SSH is not something that everyone needs, but if this protocol is available in any hosting offering, you should consider it. Even if you don’t need it now, it might come in handy in the future.

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Unfortunately, WordPress websites are often hacked. But good hosting can prevent such unpleasant situations and protect against malware attacks. To do this, the company must provide a wide range of security measures – internal and optional, which the user himself implements.

In order to make the management of the website, its promotion and its filling more effective, it is desirable to include additional tools in the prices, for example:

The set listed is enough to speed up and protect the website, as well as make it more convenient for the owner and the user.

Guarantor Hosting

An SSL certificate provides a secure connection between the website and the user, so it is necessary for many reasons.

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Lack of SSL can effectively prevent visitors from using your website. What can you do? Buy an SSL certificate, or better yet, get one for free.

There are different types of certificates that vary, including company and user authentication, but usually there is no need to use a paid solution. Hosting companies now offer the ability to easily generate and export a free SSL certificate that automatically renews. Do all hosting providers offer free SSL certificates? Unfortunately no.

Price is not the main criterion when choosing a web hosting service for WordPress websites. Don’t always look for cheaper options: there is a risk that the company will install the website on a slow server. This will not have a positive impact on the speed and satisfaction of visitors.

Free hosting is also worth mentioning. As a rule, they are extremely problematic, full of ads, slow, and they also impose many restrictions – up to the inability to make a backup. It is better to take the cheapest rate, but from a reliable company than to be tempted by free options.

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The latest version of PHP must be used on the server. This is important due to improvements, bug fixes and performance. So, before choosing a particular WordPress hosting service, check if it offers the latest version of PHP available and allows you to select it in the control panel. If the hosting provider still provides the old default version of PHP, do not consider such an offer.

Each successive version of PHP is faster than the previous one. Between PHP 5.6 and 7.0 there is a big performance difference. So, before choosing the host:

Another important host parameter is the supported HTTP version. The HTTP/2 version has been available on the market since 2015, which works much more efficiently than the previous version 1.1.

Guarantor Hosting

With HTTP/2, the same image loads at twice the speed. The benefits of using HTTP/2 are undeniable.

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What version of HTTP should the server have? It is better to have the latest one. You may still come across hosts that do not support HTTP/2, but some even use HTTP/3.

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