Green WordPress Hosting

Green WordPress Hosting – Everyone is talking about climate protection. If you run a website or online store, you use a lot of resources. We want to take countermeasures – with our climate hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce. About the opportunities and limits of ecological web hosting proposals.

“If the Internet were a country, it would have the sixth largest energy consumption on our planet” – this is how a ZDF documentary describes it. There are several studies on how high the energy demand actually is. One thing is clear: networking eats up energy and causes significant CO2 emissions.

Green WordPress Hosting

Green WordPress Hosting

This not only affects the servers your WordPress or WooCommerce project is on. The data center infrastructure is also resource intensive, from air conditioning and management to the emergency power generator. As a WordPress hosting provider, we need electricity for, among other things,:

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Not to mention that the journey of your information over the Internet also costs energy. And if, of course, you want to offer your customers a particularly fast portal, you use high-performance WordPress hosting, which, however, consumes more energy. Services like show you how sustainable web design but also hosting your website is.

It is all the more important to optimize your website and shop well. This is your personal contribution to climate protection. You can learn more about this in our Page Speed ​​and Performance e-book.

Green hosting cannot make the required energy expenditure obsolete. But it can provide balance. There are basically three options for doing this:

Use all three variants for your green hosting because we want to do more for the common good step by step. Check out our workshops on the topic. With our reusable programs, we not only work in a climate-neutral way, but also in a climate-positive way. We’ll talk about that in a moment.

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We did a lot of research to find a partner that offsets CO2 emissions with added value. For every WordPress site or WooCommerce store you host with us, we’ll plant a tree for you. We collaborate with Eden Reforestation Projects (short: Eden). The non-profit organization works in regions particularly affected by climate change and global deforestation.

According to its own information, Eden has already planted more than 300 million trees since 2004, in 5 countries with a total of 82 projects. In 2021 alone we added more than 175,000 trees, thanks to our customers.

Our goal for 2022 is ambitious, but together with our customers we can achieve it: 170,000 trees for the climate. You can help us with that.

Green WordPress Hosting

Eden relies on local residents and workers for its projects, which are paid for through donations. This is also why we chose Eden Reforestation Projects. The organization actively contributes to the fight against poverty.

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In addition to reforestation, we support the Greenspark (formerly GetMads) initiative. It invests in climate-friendly projects selected according to strict criteria, including the United Nations Convention to Combat CO2 Emissions. The projects that Greenspark supports focus on developing countries. This also favors their social and economic growth.

Through the partnership alone, we currently offset 40.48 tons of CO2 each month by funding certified carbon and plastic offset projects through Greenspark. Here are some examples of what Greenspark says this means in terms of monthly CO2 savings:

Uses 100% hydroelectric energy. We are aware that green electricity is not always green electricity. That is why we pay attention to the following framework conditions with our partners:

In addition to compensating for green hosting, we are gradually implementing a business philosophy that focuses on sustainability in all areas. This includes the following points, among others:

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We are constantly working to fulfill our social responsibility. And hope that the aforementioned models find many imitators.

Do you have questions about sustainability? Please use the comment function. Want to be notified of new posts on the topic of Green Hosting? Then follow us on Twitter, Facebook or through our newsletter.

Michael runs the magazine and content marketing. He has been active in the blogging and WordPress community since 2007. Among other things, he is a co-organizer of WordPress events, a book author and a company blog trainer. She loves to write, both professionally and privately. Michael works far from Hamburg and Freiburg. Become a green entrepreneur by using a green web host today. Take advantage of the special discount below to save!

Green WordPress Hosting

The best green web host we know of is GreenGeeks. Take advantage of their ongoing special discount now!

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GreenGeeks is offering a special discount on all green hosting services for a limited time only. Take advantage of it today!

GreenGeeks uses 300% renewable energy to host your site and plants a tree for every person who signs up.

GreenGeeks buys wind energy credits to replace the energy they consume. They buy three times the amount of renewable energy their servers use and put it back on the grid.

Using GreenGeeks automatically makes your website carbon neutral or carbon negative, plus they plant a tree for every customer who signs up for their web hosting service.

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They make the switch easy and will build or host your website for free with no hidden fees!

GreenGeeks claims to be the “#1 Green Web Hosting Provider in the World”. This is a big claim, but they back it up!

GreenGeeks’ green story is truly inspiring and it’s one of the reasons why we admire them. They offer a lot of value and have an amazing track record.

Green WordPress Hosting

Kualo is a close second. They are also powered by 100% renewable energy and are an EPA Green Power Partner.

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For example, they are a completely paperless company and their employees are encouraged to work remotely to avoid unnecessary travel and commuting.

Everything you need to know about Kuala Green Hosting can be found here. We love their transparency and their commitment to the environment.

They also offer free site migration and have a solid track record. They have been in business for over 15 years and host over 100,000 websites for clients in over 90 countries!

The reason we ranked them second is that they are slightly more expensive than GreenGeeks and don’t offer as many unlimited features.

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For example, the $5.99 plan only offers one domain and 10 email accounts while GreenGeeks costs half as much and offers unlimited domains and unlimited email accounts.

However, they have a reputation for offering extremely responsive support and have a robust customer service ticket system, which is an important aspect of hosting.

One of the most amazing things about Kuala is that they have a free charity hosting program. They offer a free web hosting plan for US registered charities!

Green WordPress Hosting

If your site is registered non-profit, it may make sense to contact Kualo to discuss the program.

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Overall Kuala could be a great choice for a green web host. Although they are a bit more expensive, they offer a lot of great features (free site migration, WordPress hosting, 99.9% uptime guarantee) and are committed to hosting your site in an environmentally friendly way!

We like DreamHost because they take a very holistic approach to providing a green web hosting service. DreamHost analyzed and measured their impact on the environment, taking into account the energy needed to run and cool their servers and the energy efficiency of their offices. They even reviewed the commuting impact of their staff and adjusted company policies accordingly.

DreamHost’s website claims that their servers are “powered by grids that obtain energy from renewable sources,” although we couldn’t find any further information on this point.

While DreamHost is reasonably priced, the reason they are third is that they don’t offer many free features.

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It seems they charge the customer extra money for additional features. For example, for their plan that costs $2.59/month, you have to pay $1.67/month to add email while the others listed above offer it for free. Also they offer to migrate your website for you but it costs $99 while the other providers provide it for free.

However, Dreamhost seems environmentally conscious, which is why they rank third on our list of the best green web hosting companies.

According to Hostpapa’s website, it was one of the first web hosting companies to commit to going green. They buy green energy certificates to offset the power of their servers and office use. Hostpapa also has green credentials and banners that you can put on your site to let others know that you are committed to going green.

Green WordPress Hosting

The reason why Hostpapa comes in fourth is that although it runs on green energy, it is slightly more expensive and offers less unlimited features.

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For example, the plan that starts at $3.95 per month offers only two websites while other hosts, such as GreenGeeks, offer unlimited websites. Also, their green credentials and banners don’t seem to be as clean and professional as GreenGeeks. They offer value and are unique, but they don’t seem to reach GreenGeeks’ high level of design and professionalism.

In our opinion, the GreenGeeks credentials on the right seem to have more sophistication and style than HostPapa, but each site owner will have to decide for themselves. Some people might like the homey feel of HostPapa.

However, Hostpapa offers valuable features similar to other green web hosts such as free site migration, one site

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