Good Web Hosting Guide

Good Web Hosting Guide – Starting your own website can be an exciting experience, but with that excitement comes many worrying questions. After ticking certain boxes for rich content, visual appeal, functional excellence, relevance, etc., now is the time to decide on web hosting. There are many platforms to choose from. In this post, I’ll share with you the best options that might appeal to you, and then I’ll look at how web hosting relates to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But before we begin, you may need to answer an initial question.

Simply put, web hosting is a service that stores your website files on a server. This is the physical place on the Internet where your pictures, videos, etc. are stored. When someone visits your website, the server receives the request and sends information about the person’s request through the browser. If you have a server, you can host your own files, but if you don’t, you’ll need to use a third-party service like most other website owners.

Good Web Hosting Guide

Good Web Hosting Guide

Firstly, the term SEO refers to the steps taken to improve the ranking of a website in search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc. SEO is a huge learning space and many factors affect the SEO performance of a website.

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The web hosting you choose is a factor in determining the experience you will share with your visitors. Choosing a good web host will help reduce bounce rates, such as bounce rate (where visitors leave your site after viewing a few pages) and average time a person visits. Visitors experiencing limited server errors and page timeouts are a plus.

All these factors are important for SEO ranking. If your website is loading slowly due to slow server response, your domain may be penalized by various search engines. In fact, your site may be removed from search engine page results because it is inaccessible. So, the answer lies with SEO friendly web hosting providers.

Accessing your website anytime and anywhere is the most important thing. Therefore, uptime refers to the time your website is accessible. 100% availability does not guarantee most services, so you must provide a service with at least 99.99% uptime, which is approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds of downtime in a 24-hour period.

It is necessary to reduce the response time of the server. This ensures that your site loads quickly. Choosing a web hosting service in the geographic area of ​​your audience is very important to increase the reach of your traffic. If a particular web hosting service is not available where you live, your next option is to choose a service that serves visitors outside of your area well.

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Many web hosting providers offer optional extras that set them apart from the market. Some may be right for your site and some may not. Here are a few that you should look out for.

Using a third-party hosting service means that if something goes wrong, you can’t fix it yourself. That’s why you need a reliable and efficient technical support team. Usually available 24/7 via live chat or email response.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of choosing the best SEO web hosting, let’s see how you can get started.

Good Web Hosting Guide

Static Website: If your website contains mainly information, then your website is static. This means that the source code on your website remains the same despite the actions of the visitor.

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Dynamic Website: If your visitors can interact with your content elements, then your website is a dynamic website. This means that visitors can put products in their shopping carts, even fill out forms, etc.

Choosing the best SEO web hosting is really about which one best suits your needs. Your budget is equally important in making the final decision. Here are the different types of hosting.

Web hosting services usually allow you to choose the operating system (OS) that suits you best: Windows or Linux. Both are secure, but Linux is more popular and therefore more familiar to developers and designers. Choosing a web server operating system is of course a matter of preference, but it is recommended that you choose an operating system that you are more familiar with.

After choosing your hosting package, you can now set your Domain Name Server (DNS) address. You can think of DNS as a website’s IP address (location on the Internet). When setting up your DNS address, you will need to go to your domain control panel on your web hosting site, select Domain Registration, and replace your existing DNS with the one provided by your web hosting service.

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Once you’ve chosen your hosting package and completed the steps above, it’s time to upload your website. Do this using an FTP client or file manager provided by your web host. The process is usually seamless if you follow all the steps provided by your web host. Always remember to enter the correct IP address in the appropriate field for the FTP address. There are some hosting services that will do this step for you.

Remember that with the right hosting service, your SEO performance will be improved, making your website visitors experience second to none.

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Good Web Hosting Guide

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Good Web Hosting Guide

We take security very seriously. Our servers have enhanced security features, firewalls and intrusion detection. All hosting is secured with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

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Use Solid State Drives (SSD) to store data. For hosting your website, this means faster loading times. If your server can render your website at lightning speed, it will help the user experience on your website. This includes spending more time on the site, interacting more, visiting more pages and ultimately allowing you to achieve your website goals, whether it’s selling or sharing your expertise, etc.

SSDs are three times faster than the traditional HDDs (hard disks) that have been used to store data. Some web hosting providers still rely on these, risking the loss of their customers’ data, as hard drives are not only slower, but also much less reliable. No compromises in quality when it comes to our customers’ data and hosting experience.

An SSL certificate is an absolute must if you want your website to be considered secure. Google shows no mercy to sites without SSL: not only will it affect your site’s search ranking, but visitors will also see a warning when they enter your site telling them that it is not secure.

SSL certificates are necessary because they encrypt the data exchange between your website and your visitor’s browser, making it inaccessible to hackers. This is especially important if you store your customers’ credit card information. For the perfect web hosting experience, we offer you a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate absolutely free!

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A content delivery network (CDN) is a geographically distributed network of servers. The purpose of a CDN is to deliver content on the Internet faster. If a user in Toronto tries to access your site, the server closest to them will do so. But people visiting your site from Sydney, Australia will be served by the server closest to them. The main hosting server holds the content of your website and all other servers have a cached version.

Not only can a CDN help keep your website stable by distributing traffic between different servers, but it can also help prevent cyber attacks. If hackers try to access a cached version of your website from the server closest to them, your original content will remain intact. We always strive to provide the best website hosting features to ensure that your visitors are always satisfied with your website.

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Good Web Hosting Guide

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