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Goede Hosting – As an entrepreneur, it is almost impossible to imagine without a website or web store. You want to sell or offer your services online and for that you need a website or a web store. A website or webshop is not only “online”, but it needs hosting, good hosting.

Good hosting for your website is important because you want your website to be available to potential visitors and customers at all times. When they try to visit your website, it will surely succeed. If your hosting is not working properly for any reason, visitors will not be able to access and open your website. You’ll lose new customers, and that’s a shame.

Goede Hosting

Goede Hosting

Not only is your hosting fully functional, it’s important that your hosting is able to load your website quickly. Loading speed is also related to the technology of the website, but certainly also the hosting. If there are many visitors, the hosting must be able to handle all the requests of these visitors and quickly.

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If the visitor has to wait too long for the page to fully load, they will leave very quickly. People get impatient and if they have to wait too long, they will leave before long and move on to your established competitor.

Good and fast hosting is also important for your search engine optimization. Search engines like Google will show your website roughly the same, but in most cases faster in the results. If you can avoid that with good hosting, it’s definitely worth it.

In addition to good hosting, the technology of your website must also be good and there are many other factors that are important for a good position in the search results of search engines. Good technique also has a big impact on speed, so make sure this combination is good. Let an internet agency develop your website to make sure the technology is up to par as well.

Good and fast hosting is important if your company’s turnover depends in part on your website or webshop. Investing in good hosting is not an unnecessary luxury if you want to convert visitors to new buyers or long-term customers through your website.

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We use cookies to optimize the usability of our website and services. We use these cookies for functionality, analytical data and marketing purposes. You can find more information in our privacy statement. A bad review means that you are not sure what the hosting company is doing for you and you may not have enough technical knowledge to check if they are providing enough for your website. You spend hours trying to figure out which is the best web host, but all that information won’t make you smart.

I now have 10 years of experience with various hosting providers. At that time it took me several days to find a good company (spoiler alert: I have now found a reliable hosting company). That’s why I know very well what is important when choosing a hosting company. Since I only work with WordPress (the most useful program for creating websites), this article is only about websites built with WordPress.

No matter how good your hosting company is, it is guaranteed that at some point you will need help or run into problems. I’m always looking for hassle-free hosting companies, but let me help you: they don’t exist.

Goede Hosting

Therefore, one of the most important features of a hosting company is that they are easy to reach and happy to help you with any issues, preferably via live chat, email, ticket system,

Qualities Of A Good Web Designer

Friendliness and accessibility have become difficult for many hosting companies: I spent years at BlueHost (a great, cheap host for many of my websites) where I regularly pulled my hair out for 30 minutes when I had to answer a staff member. He did everything in his power not to answer my question simple question.

I sent many of my clients to Strato.nl because they had good prices and great packages for simple websites, but that company became too big when I saw that they were becoming more and more accessible. As they are mainly based in Germany, the articles on their website are not yet fully in Dutch or it is difficult to find the correct information. They don’t even have a WordPress package.

Nowadays, you can get a website for 50 cents a month (version.nl), but hosting is often expensive when it’s cheap. You also pay for better customer service, shorter downtime and useful features. For a simple website you don’t need that much: for most sites of 5-20 pages 500MB is enough space, and if you don’t expect a lot of visitors, bandwidth is fine anywhere. You will find better packages from €10 per month.

A domain name costs between 5 and 12 euros per year on average (depending on the .com or .nl extension). These are not huge expenses and it doesn’t matter much which company you register your domain name with for the proper functioning of the website. But you prefer to have your domain name from the same provider as your hosting package, so don’t focus too much on domain name costs.

Multi Cloud Strategy Vs. Multi Service: A Smarter Cloud Approach

For a WordPress website, it helps if your hosting provider understands WordPress and offers support if your website isn’t working properly or you’re getting weird error messages.

Automatic updates, daily backups, security and caching and CDN (Content Delivery Network) for fast websites are great for WordPress site. You won’t find this with all cheap shared hosting providers, but it can save you a lot of time and effort.

Managed WordPress hosting is a great solution for this. You’ll pay a little more per month, but you won’t have to worry that everything went smoothly, or that you’ll always have to update yourself to prevent your website from being hacked.

Goede Hosting

I’ve spent many evenings fixing technical issues with low-cost packages, but the support team for my WordPress managed hosting package always had a solution within minutes.

WordPress Hosting, Waar Moet Ik Op Letten?

Which one is best, you ask? I can’t give you a 100% straight answer to that, after all I haven’t tried every company and I’m not sure what you’re looking for or what your budget is. Hopefully, I’ll save you some time and tell you my story:

In 2015, I fell in love with SiteGround. I met them at a WordPress conference where all the WordPress experts gather to talk about this beautiful open source system. And from the first moment I was excited about this young company. Today they are well-known in the WordPress world and offer the best customer service in the hosting business. SiteGround is now recommended as a good WordPress hosting company.

I was mad with Bluehost frustration after talking to support for a minute, but it’s nice to be able to ask for advice or help via the site’s live chat support. Very helpful people who are polite help me in 30 seconds and always come up with a solution.

SiteGround also has all the technical gadgets that will make you very happy as a website builder. After migrating all my websites (dozens) to GrowBig, GoGeek and their VPS plans for you completely free, my websites are twice as fast. The websites also work well (very good uptime) and easy to maintain, and the server is located in Amsterdam. They will do everything they can to make your website faster and more secure. You get one-button SSL certificate (green lock with HTTPS), caching for a faster site, one-button WordPress installation, automatic updates, free email, and really good support. Creating a new website is easy, even for non-techies!

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My tip for a good hosting company that knows their business well but isn’t too expensive: SiteGround. From €12.99 per month you already have a great package for a basic website (€5.99 for the first year only).

Think of website costs as an investment, you get what you put in! Which package is best?

If you have a personal website with 5-10 pages and you do not use your website to make money, the Startup plan (€12.99 per month without VAT) is sufficient. Whether you have a lot of visitors or just need a fast website and your website is really an investment, then a bigger package is better. With the GrowBig (€17.95 per month) and GoGeek (€29.95 per month) packages, you have more features for a super fast website with minimal caching and daily backups of your website.

Goede Hosting

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