Godaddy Hosting Price

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Godaddy Hosting Price

Godaddy Hosting Price

A tip: GoDaddy’s website builder has a lot of great features, but it comes with a ton of hidden costs. Advertised prices increase significantly after the first year, and neither plan includes a custom domain.

Does Godaddy Give Free Email?

If you’re looking for a builder that offers everything good about GoDaddy – and one where you know what you’re paying for – I recommend Squarespace.

Like GoDaddy, Squarespace offers an intuitive and elegant editor. But unlike GoDaddy, the prices remain as advertised, and you get a free domain for the first year. If you’re unsure about switching, you can use Squarespace’s 14-day free trial to decide if it’s a good alternative.

On the surface, GoDaddy’s pricing structure seems like it couldn’t be simpler or simpler: just four paid plans, each aimed at a well-defined target group.

However, this limited choice means that you may not find a plan that is exactly what you need – you may choose what looks good only to realize later that it is too restrictive for your needs, or, conversely, that you are paying. for more features than you really want.

Plans And Pricing For Website Builder

You should consider that there are many hidden costs that you should be aware of. In the end, GoDaddy’s pricing is neither simple nor straightforward as you might expect.

So… what’s the real deal here? To save you time and frustration, I’ve dug deep to bring you the most transparent GoDaddy pricing guide. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money and whether this website builder is right for you.

But honestly? You may be better off with a builder who is clear about his prices from the start. If you’re looking for a great builder with no hidden costs, check out our review of the best website builders of 2023.

Godaddy Hosting Price

GoDaddy Pricing Plans and Options: Less is More? Let’s get into the big question: How much do the plans cost? Fortunately, this part is quite simple.

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Disclaimer: As with most website builders, GoDaddy’s pricing varies by country. For this comparison, I will talk about the plans and prices offered in US dollars for customers in the United States.

GoDaddy has a free plan and four paid plans to choose from, ranging from $6.99 to $29.99 per month (when billed annually – more on that later). The price increases are simple: You pay just $5 more per month each time you upgrade.

By default, you start with a free plan to build your website (scroll down to learn more about the free plan). At any point, you can choose to upgrade if you want more features.

However, it is worth noting that there is no way to return to the free plan once you upgrade. Unless you want to start over with a completely new website, you will be locked into paying a monthly fee for your website.

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GoDaddy Pricing: Overview GoDaddy clearly states what type of website each plan is intended for, but in reality things are rarely that simple. Let’s dig under these slogans to find out which plan is really right for you.

For example, your “personal website” may require some features that only come with the Premium plan. Or you may find that your small online business doesn’t need everything that comes with an eCommerce plan.

The most important thing to know is that the top two plans each unlock an additional package of features designed for specific types of websites.

Godaddy Hosting Price

The Premium plan gives you access to online appointment tools – let website visitors book appointments and pay for appointments directly on your website. And the eCommerce plan allows you to accept payments and complete orders. So if you need any of these features, you need to buy one of these plans.

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Dive deep into GoDaddy’s pricing structure OK, time to dig into GoDaddy’s pricing details. This section tells you what’s included in the plans and who should (and shouldn’t) use each one.

GoDaddy’s free plan is good enough. In addition to a website and hosting, you get access to all GoDaddy templates, site analytics, and 24/7 customer support.

However,  your website will display the GoDaddy branding at the top, and you will not be able to create or connect a custom domain.

The free plan is advertised as coming with “limited social and email marketing,” a term that’s as clear as dishwater. After trying GoDaddy customer support for clarification, I discovered that the free plan allows you to connect a social media platform to your website.

Reliable Web Hosting From Godaddy

You can also send an unlimited number of marketing emails, but since your website does not have a custom domain name, it will show that it comes from your personal email address. Not bad (unlimited part especially), but you might not want to share your personal email address with your entire subscriber list!

You don’t get access to more advanced features, such as built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tools, but getting any marketing tools is very rare in the world of website building plans. for free.

Basically, the free GoDaddy plan is good for personal sites or if you are experimenting with creating your first website. If you want to be taken seriously, however, you really need a custom domain. And for that, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Godaddy Hosting Price

The main difference between the free plan and the basic plan is that the basic plan allows you to remove the GoDaddy branding and add a custom domain – something that is necessary if you want your site to look reliable and professional.

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These features make the Basic plan a good choice for portfolio or CV websites where you need a professional and stylish look. The addition of the PayPal button means it can also work well for non-profit websites or any site that wants to accept donations. With some social posts and emailing included, this plan is enough for you to get a pretty decent marketing mix up and running.

However, if you are running a business and want to get more marketing tools, be able to sell products, or allow your site visitors to make recurring appointments (or pay for appointments through your website), this plan it is not good for you.

The biggest selling point of the Standard plan is that it gives you access to GoDaddy’s SEO tools, which help you get your website found on Google search results.

These tools cost $6.99 per month if purchased separately, while the Standard plan is only $5 more per month. So if you’re on the Basic plan and decide you want SEO tools, this upgrade is a no-brainer.

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The GoDaddy Standard plan allows you to connect your site to up to three social platforms, manage them directly from the GoDaddy dashboard (with 20 posts and replies per month), and send up to 500 marketing emails. In truth, however, these numbers aren’t much in the grand scheme of things… So aside from the SEO tools, this plan isn’t a big step up.

The Premium plan is where you get a huge jump in functionality. Along with all the features included in the Basic and Standard plans, you get:

As the name suggests, the GoDaddy ECommerce plan is the only plan that allows you to launch a full online store. For an extra $5 a month, you get everything included in the Premium plan as well as all of GoDaddy’s e-commerce tools, including:

Godaddy Hosting Price

A nice bonus is that GoDaddy doesn’t charge sales commissions for purchases on your site (although the payment processors themselves charge a small transaction fee). Another bonus: Thanks to its partnership with PayPal, GoDaddy offers some of the lowest PayPal transaction fees around (2.7% + 30¢).

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Hidden costs should be aware of Now, let’s get into the courage … because it is easy to end up paying more than the advertised price.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, read on to understand all of GoDaddy’s hidden costs before committing to a plan.

1. GoDaddy Advertising Prices are based on an annual subscription GoDaddy won’t tell you this until you’ve already signed up and are about to build your website, but you have to pay for the whole year up front to block the low ones” prices” every month. If you actually have to pay every month, it will cost you a lot more.

A good reason to pay monthly is to take advantage of GoDaddy’s “cancel anytime” offer – which allows you to cancel your GoDaddy subscription from one month to the next without getting locked out.

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I had to go all the way through the registration process and try to upgrade to a paid plan before I got a full breakdown of the price. So I’m going to save you time and trouble, and show you the difference between paying monthly and yearly:

The lesson here? The annual fee is definitely worth it, but it will hit your pocket much harder than the homepage makes it seem.

2. GoDaddy’s big discounts don’t last

Godaddy Hosting Price

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