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GMO Internet Group, Inc. (GMO Intānetto Gurūpu Kabushiki-gaisha) is an Internet company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Gmo Internet Gmo Hosting & Security Inc

Gmo Internet Gmo Hosting & Security Inc

It is also the holding company of GMO Internet Group. The headquarters is located in the Cerulean Tower in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

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GMO Internet Group is mainly engaged in Internet infrastructure, but also engages in other activities such as online advertising and media, Internet financial services, mobile entertainment, and cryptocurrency.

The company operates under the corporate motto “Internet for All” and provides employee benefits such as a 24-hour staff canteen with free meals, child care facilities, etc. In addition, some employees can also receive a salary in bitcoins.

Voice Media Inc. (株式会社ボイスディデア, Kabushiki-geisha Boisu Media) was founded in May 1991 by Masatoshi Kumagai. The multimedia company changed its name to InterQ Inc. 1995 and focused on providing the Internet and service infrastructure.

It was acquired by Global Media Online, Inc. in April 2001. (Global media オンライン 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 HIP会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 HI会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 会社 intelligushiki-haisha) before you start using your reduced name from September 1, 2022. In November 2013, GMO acquired Gamepot, the online game company that owns Internet Wizardry. It was closed and merged into GMO Internet on December 1, 2017.

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With a net worth of over $1 billion as of June 2020, Kumagai is one of the richest people in Japan.

In 2014, GMO Internet Group made headlines by purchasing the domain name from Nissan for US$6.8 million.

According to their press release, was acquired to spearhead GMO Internet Group’s global growth strategy and provide the group with a powerful tool to build a strong global brand. OMAKASE Inc. Joins an online group: develops a booking management service specialty. Restaurants where reservations are difficult

Gmo Internet Gmo Hosting & Security Inc

Tokyo, Japan – May 24, 2021 – OMAKASE, Inc., which develops the reservation The Internet Company (https:///en/) hereby announces that at today’s meeting of the Board of Directors, a resolution was approved (“OMAKASE”), the governing service, specializing in restaurants where reservations are difficult to join the Internet Group. stock delivery.

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Internet Group has management experience and brand image in e-commerce solutions, payments and other areas, and the customer base and knowledge of the operation of the OMAKASE booking management site will be consolidated. The Internet strives for synergy, generating corporate value growth for both companies, and further enhancing the interests of consumers and restaurants.

OMAKASE offers “OMAKASE” (, a booking management service that has been connecting restaurants with customers since 2017, and whose ultimate goal is to “allow chefs to focus more on cooking.” OMAKASE hosts two hundred and thirty or more difficult-to-book restaurants and has 250,000 registered users (as of May 2021). Restaurants listed on OMAKASE are limited to restaurants that have been selected according to OMAKASE’s scoring criteria, and 9 of them have received the best ratings in good food guides.

Restaurants have to deal with a growing number of customers, take orders by phone and inform customers about confirmed reservations. This is especially true for popular restaurants due to good food guides.

In this regard, OMAKASE sellers can accept online bookings, manage existing bookings, provide cancellation information, etc., facilitating quality communication with all customers. On the other hand, customers can make reservations at popular restaurants, which is very difficult, and receive information about vacancies or periodic letters from popular restaurants through “OMAKASE”.

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Under the corporate motto “Internet for All”, Internet Group develops integrated Internet infrastructure, online advertising and media, Internet finance and crypto assets.

OMAKASE’s ultimate goal is to “allow chefs to focus more on cooking” and is related to the internet group’s philosophy of “bringing smiles to our customers and creating excitement with our No. 1 services and building many fans.” We believe there can be synergy between OMAKASE’s customer base and the e-commerce and payments solutions in the Internet Group’s internet infrastructure business. Internet decided to join the OMAKASE Internet Group through share delivery.

Internet is the second Japanese publicly listed company to use the share delivery system approved by the Companies Law Amendment effective March 1, 2021.

Gmo Internet Gmo Hosting & Security Inc

(Link) OMAKASE, Inc. OMAKASE, Inc. Conversion Notice to a subsidiary through share delivery (a simple form of share delivery) of a company that develops a booking management service for popular restaurants.

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The main feature of “OMAKASE” is that it extends booking-related functions such as accepting online bookings, etc. and provides them to merchants, allowing merchant chefs to focus on cooking. Users can view restaurant information, register as “OMAKASE” members, and receive cancellation information for free, but a booking fee of 390 yen per seat/booking must be paid at the time of booking. OMAKASE sellers can offer over-the-counter purchases and manage bookings, as well as EU sites to process orders, payment and shipping.

Internet Group is a leader in the Internet services industry, developing and operating the most widely used domain, hosting, cloud, e-commerce, security and payment solutions in Japan. The group includes the world’s largest online FX trading platform, as well as online advertising, online media and crypto-related services. Internet, Ltd. (TSE: 9449) headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. For more information, please visit https:///en/ Everyone”. Our mission through these services is to create a new internet culture and industry, bring smiles and inspiration to our customers, and serve communities and individuals around the world.

A domain is an address on the Internet; Server for storing home page data created by our customers; A system that offers e-commerce solutions necessary for the operation of online stores; Payment required for an online transaction, such as in online stores; And security to enhance security. We at the Internet Group provide our clients with the end-to-end services they need to run their business online.

In addition to a live site, community site, and smartphone app, we offer a range of services that help you generate the customers you need to run your business online, such as advertising services that address the challenges advertisers and businesses face online with advertising technology. . Media and SEO for our clients homepage to show up higher in search.

Gmo Internet, Inc. 2018 Q2

In the field of internet finance, we offer the world’s largest Forex trading services, as well as online securities trading services, including stock trading.

In addition, Azora Net Bank launched the business as a technology bank using the concentrated power of the Internet Group.

We operate a Crypto Asset (Cryptocurrency) Mining Business that supports Crypto Asset Mining Infrastructure and a Crypto Asset Trading Business that provides Crypto Asset Trading Services using our accumulated knowledge of Internet Infrastructure and Internet Finance. Tokyo, Internet 2 June 2 The Group (https:///en/) recognizes authentic, secure and secure payments and digital content distribution and supports the online content distribution revolution by working on the development of Adam via (NFT) https://adam . jp), new NFT

Gmo Internet Gmo Hosting & Security Inc

Financial Holdings, Inc., Internet, Inc., Samurai Partners, Inc. to speed up the Internet (“Samurai Partners”), etc. on Wednesday, June 16, by Joint Capital Investment Adam, Inc. (“Adam”). Adam revolutionized content distribution with the new NFT marketplace.

Ensuring Industry Compliance: Gmo Sign And Fda’s 21 Cfr Part 11

*one. The NFT is designed to record an identifier (which has the privilege of being non-fungible), holder information, amount issued, and the number of times it was issued on the blockchain, and can prove ownership of things, including digital content. The seller and owner can earn income from secondary and subsequent transactions using a program that tracks replacements.

NFT has been used in real estate and finance in recent years and is believed to prove the uniqueness and ownership of things, including digital content such as characters and items in games, artifacts, etc.

Entering the cryptocurrency business has allowed the Internet Group to gain experience and blockchain technology. Adam is making full use of them and intends to develop his new market. The Internet Group has agreed to a technical collaboration with MediBang Inc. on Monday, June 14, 2021, prior to creation to strengthen the development system.

Adam’s mission is to provide the Adam NFT Marketplace with compelling content through collaboration with: Samurai Partners, whose strengths are creator alliances and promotion; Creators like

Gmo Internet, Inc. 2021 Q4

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