Getgrav Install Hosting

Getgrav Install Hosting – Grav is a flat file content management system. Instead of using a database, it stores files that are organized in folders.

First, click Create App in ; this can be done immediately after connecting to the server or by going to the applications page.

Getgrav Install Hosting

Getgrav Install Hosting

Give your app a name and select the server you want this app to reside on (probably the one you just set up).

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Visit and click the Grav Core + Admin Plugin button. (The button’s color will change from blue to purple when you hover over it.)

Now log in to your server via Cyberduck (or your preferred SFTP client) with the name of the sysuser the app belongs to and the password you chose for the sysuser when you created the app. (If you followed our instructions on uploading files and configuring Cyberduck, your server may already appear in the Cyberduck History tab and you can double-click it.)

In your browser, visit your server’s IP address or your website’s domain if you already have DNS configured.

After completing the form to set up your Grav administrator account, click Create User to access your Grav dashboard, where you can start adding content to your site.

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Will keep your server’s system packages up-to-date with security updates. you’ve also set up a firewall on your server. Grav is a database-less content management system (CMS) that uses Twig templates and Markdown markup, the same language used inside Slack and Github. Grav is a powerful CMS option for those who want less complexity and less risk of multi-page scripts.

We recommend the manager pack for users who use the GUI to manage Grav. Alternatively, you can install the package skeleton and then the admin plugin over SSH using the bin/gpm install admin command. Without the admin plugin, you will need to edit all raw files using HTML and Markdown. Below we describe how to install the Grav + Admin plugin and navigate the admin panel.

Once you’ve mastered Grav, check out additional Grav themes and plugins to enhance your site. Learn more about Grav in our support center.

Getgrav Install Hosting

Try improving Grav by adding Quick Tray Links and learn how to display a cookie consent banner with Grav!

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