Gatsby Shared Hosting

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Gatsby is an open source framework for building websites. However, you need a top-notch hosting service to get your site online. With so much riding on the decision, choosing the best Gatsby hosting option for you can be difficult.

Gatsby Shared Hosting

Gatsby Shared Hosting

By familiarizing yourself with your site’s needs and understanding your options, you can find the perfect hosting solution. Here’s a little research to help you understand the needs of your Gatsby-based projects.

What Is Gatsby

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Gatsby and cover some of the features you might want to look for on the host. Next, we’ll examine three top options for Gatsby hosting. Let’s get started!

Gatsby is an open source static site generator (SSG) based on the JavaScript library, React. Basically, this means you can build static sites that only use files and folders. With no reference database or rendering, your site can run faster and more securely.

Additionally, the addition of React technology means you can add advanced features. For example, you can easily run an ecommerce site on Gatsby. However, you retain the speed and simplicity that many users love about the platform.

Since Gatsby is a unique website generator, you may want to consider hosting specifically designed to support it. This can also save you money. If you sign up for a hosting plan that adds resources to database support, for example, you’re paying for a feature you don’t need.

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Additionally, there are some specific benefits that you may want to look into depending on your needs. One thing to consider is speed. A huge advantage is Gatsby’s fast loading time. As such, you may want to choose a host that supports this type of performance.

Additionally, try to think about your site’s traffic. Additionally, if you feel your space is growing, consider a plan that allows you to easily expand your space.

Finally, consider your teammates. If you’re working with a page-building partner, consider looking for collaboration features. This can prevent miscommunication or unlogged changes.

Gatsby Shared Hosting

Now that you know a little about Gatsby Site’s hosting needs, you can start comparing your options. Here are three of our favorite hosting providers for Gatsby-powered sites.

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Gatsby Cloud Hosting is created by the Gatsby team itself. As such, it is designed to support the best parts of the platform.

You may prefer this host if you want to keep all the tools you use to build and support your site in one company. This gives access to support across the board. In addition, these plans focus on traffic, which is useful if you intend to increase.

The main attraction of this host is how it can be adapted to work with Gatsby in general. However, it has other outstanding features, such as:

When it comes to Gatsby Cloud pricing, you can start with a basic free plan. It receives five million requests and 100 gigabytes of bandwidth. For premium options, plans start at $17 per month. Your limits increase bandwidth up to 30 million requests and 300 GB.

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If you run an online store, your hosting needs are probably a little different than the average site. Fortunately, Netlify supports your sales on the Gatsby platform. Along with a design tailored to Gatsby, it offers ample eCommerce support for stores of all sizes.

Host also offers powerful collaboration features. As such, it is perfect for large teams or companies that want to easily create beautiful designs.

On top of sales optimization, Netlify has several features that make it a strong contender for the best Gatsby hosting providers:

Gatsby Shared Hosting

If you’re wondering about Netlify pricing options, the good news is that you can get started with basic features for free. However, this plan lacks key features like password protection and email support. For more advanced functionality, consider a paid plan. These start at $19 per member per month.

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A2 Hosting is a popular general purpose website host that offers dedicated Gatsby hosting plans, as well as plans for many other platforms such as WordPress hosting and Magento hosting.

This service allows you to choose your data center location to best serve your audience. Additionally, it also offers Turbo Max, which promises to load your pages 20 times faster than average, thanks to the use of its LiteSpeed ​​web server.

A2 Hosting can also be a smart choice if you’re on a budget. Plans start at $2.99 ​​monthly for a single website. This option also provides 100 GB of SSD storage, which is an efficient way to provide even faster load times. However, to access the LiteSpeed ​​web server, you need at least a $9.99 Turbo Boost plan.

Gatsby is a powerful platform to build your website. However, choosing the right host is essential to creating the best experience for your visitors. Fortunately, finding the best Gatsby host is simple if you keep your preferences in mind.

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In this article, we cover the three best hosting solutions for Gatsby sites. While any of these are quality options, our recommendation is Gatsby Cloud. It is fast loading, adaptable to any traffic and optimized by the platform’s developers to support advanced features.

Do you have any questions about choosing the best Gatsby hosting provider for your needs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Gatsby Shared Hosting

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These differences may seem small and somewhat trivial, but these differences allowed us to get a desktop speed score of 95% on this site. Additionally, as an industry shift begins to occur with more website developers harnessing the power of Gatsby JS, the amount of software that works seamlessly with the website is growing and allows developers to do more quickly.

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