Gator Web Hosting WordPress

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Featuring flexible templates, a powerful timeline, and tons of useful tools, Gator lets you create beautiful, commercial-friendly websites without breaking the bank.

Gator Web Hosting WordPress

Gator Web Hosting WordPress

$82.94 Gator Plan Two-year Gator Website Builder Plan $184.32 Save $101.38 View (Opens in new window) $129.38 Two-year Gator Premium Builder Plan $287.52 Save $158.14 View (Opens in new window)

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A website builder is the best option on the ramp if you want to create a web presence without any effort. Some web hosting services rely on third-party tools, such as Duda or Wix, but many build their own websites. HostGator, one of our Editors’ Choice web hosting services, is one such company. It offers easy-to-use Gator Website Builder, a powerful tool that features beautiful templates, a solid timeline, and the ability to sell products—and digital downloads. The comprehensive Gator has everything you need to create a blog or sell products quickly, so join Duda and Wix as our Editors’ Choice website builder.

Gator generous plans. The entry-level Express Start plan starts at $4.99 per month, and includes three email marketing campaigns, an online store for three products, and unlimited storage and monthly data transfers. Next on the ladder is the Site Express plan. It starts at $6.49 per month, and builds on Express Start by increasing email marketing campaigns up to five and production volume up to 10. It also adds support and appointment booking tools. The Express Store premium plan costs $12.49 per month, and offers 10 email marketing campaigns, unlimited store products, and zero transaction fees. Gator, like many website builders, offers discounts for annual commitments. Unlike Weebly and Wix, Gator does not offer a free plan.

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In the absence of free options, Gator has competitive pricing. Wixstarts at $14 per month with a Combo plan, which limits monthly data transmission to 2GB and storage to 3GB. Wix’s small plan for e-commerce costs $23 per month. Duda costs $14 per month (with a one-year commitment) for the Basic plan. Squarespace starts at $12 per month for the Basic Entry plan, and $26 per month for the Basic Business option.

To log in quickly, you can connect the site to your Facebook or Google account, but you can create your credentials from scratch. Once you decide on a plan, you choose a domain name – including free for the first year and your account if you choose an annual plan. Domain names cost $22 per year thereafter ($18 per year for a two-year commitment, or $16 per year for a three-year commitment). You can also use a domain name you already own. Gator does not require a HostGator hosting account; The two services use different logins.

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Gator Web Hosting WordPress

Like all site builders, you start by choosing a template for your site. Gator’s 200-plus templates are attractive and modern, with some featuring full background images. They come in a variety of themes, from Business to Photography to Weddings. After you select one, the builder interface opens a dummy space. A step-by-step tour walks you through the interface, leaving a great first impression. For a more streamlined process, you can choose the Express Wizard when creating your site. This is an automated editor designed to build sites quickly and find them on mobile. To access all Gator functions, select Custom editor.

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Gators are also easy on the eyes. It uses a continuous design, which means you see more options as you scroll down the tool. What seems simple at first reveals a lot of power and customization as you go along. The left side has eight large icons: Item, Page, Category, Design, Blog, Store, Statistics, and Manage. When clicked, this flyout menu opens with several drop-down options. For example, the Elements entry offers buttons, files, maps, PayPal, travel, Social, Taxi, and Video, each with its own options.

You can add elements to your pages in Squarespace’s responsive design, a traditional site builder. Like Squarespace, Gator lets you drag elements anywhere on the page or click the plus sign at the bottom to add a new section, with your choice of images, text, or a combination of elements. There is also a good selection of programs. Guidelines help you manage whatever you put on your page. We love that Gator uses a right-click menu—something not all site builders can claim. You can add buttons, contact forms, social feeds, sound players (using SoundCloud), and PayPal buttons to your page. The latter option is better than what competing website builders offer. For example, GoDaddy Websites + Marketing avoids getting any money into their high-level e-commerce plans.

In addition to customizing elements, you can also customize the overall site design. To do this, you can click on the area you want to adjust or select Design in the right panel. A wide selection of background styles with, and combinations of, color palettes. If you find that you have gone too far with an extreme design, you can always go back to the default template. Other fun options include Parallax backgrounds, which move as you read, and animate text and other elements to fly, explode, or disappear.

If you realize you’ve goofed, Undo lets you go back in time for the mistake. In a nice touch, Gator saves a location history every time you save or publish, so you can go back to the date (select it on the calendar) and restore the location. You can add comments to each section of the history. Unfortunately, that capability costs $39.97 per year.

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The Elements tool offers three drag-and-drop options: Image, Image gallery, and Icon. You can upload multiple images at once, and everything you upload is saved in online storage so you can reuse it anywhere – something that the old Weebly didn’t offer (although, it is available for new Weebly accounts powered by Square Online. ) . If you choose Gallery, you can choose photos from your connected Facebook or Instagram account.

If you don’t have your own images, Gator includes a healthy selection of stock photography-over 550,000 images-organized with help in 18 categories, including Architecture, Automotive, Hotels and Sports. Even better, you can use the image without paying a royalty fee. Some other site builders, including Squarespace and Weebly, charge you for a lot of photography.

There are many gallery layouts, including grid, horizontal, and vertical options, with or without titles. When a site visitor clicks on your gallery, the slideshow opens, although not in full-screen view. Unfortunately, Gator has limited photo editing chops. You can resize images, attach links to them, and change the opacity and border color, but that’s about it. Gator also offers an AI tool to create and export custom logos.

Gator Web Hosting WordPress

Adding a page to your website is a simple matter of selecting the Page menu, hitting the Add New Page button, and choosing from a well-chosen selection of page types. These include the basics, such as Contacts and About, as well as the less common, such as Schedules and Restaurant Menus. This is one of the best options we have ever seen from a site builder. You can save and preview your edits, and they won’t go live until you click Publish. After you publish the page, a dialog appears showing the site URL and social sharing buttons.

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Some site builders include app stores that have many third-party service extensions – scheduling tools, forms,

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