Ganti Default Web Di Hosting

Ganti Default Web Di Hosting – If you have a cheap domain service with us and you will change or change the name servers of the domain to point to a hosting server, then the domain must be pointed to the appropriate hosting NS server, and you can update or change the NS from the client area according to the following tutorial: 1. Log in to your client area, at the link with your email address and your password when placing your first order. 2. After successfully logging in, please enter Domain » Domain tab as shown below:

4. You will enter Name Servers tab, select Use custom name servers and please customize your NS domain with your hosting name servers, at least 2 lines. For example, and Once the changes have been made, click the Change Nameserver button.

Ganti Default Web Di Hosting

Ganti Default Web Di Hosting

In the last step, you have successfully changed your domain name servers to point to the correct NS hosting. After updating the name servers, if you cannot directly access the hosting server whose NS has just been updated, just wait for the DNS propagation process for a maximum of 24-72 hours. Updated information: List of name servers for servers at Hosting # Server USA / Einstein Name Server 1: Name Server 2: # Server INDO / Hatta Name Server 1: ns3. Name Server 2: Name Server 3: Name Server 4: # Name Server Special BLOGGERS and OTHER DNS Name Server 1: Name Server 2 : com Name Server 3: Name Server 4: How to Change Website Domain on 000webhost Free Hosting With Freenom Free Domain, in my opinion, it is easy because you can only change the name server, you immediately change the domain of the website..

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The website domain is a unique name like .com .id .cf .ga .xyz etc. so we can change a default url name to whatever we want, like, ,, etc. there are many more. This website domain works to make it easier for visitors to get to a website, it doesn’t have to be long like or others, this way we can make it easy to increase ratings also SEO, if you want to follow this tutorial, you must first register/login with 000webhost and already have a website or a test website.

If you want to create a website / blog on 000webhost, follow the tutorial on how to create a free self-hosted WordPress blog with 000webshot.

If you already have a website but haven’t changed domains, you can follow this tutorial because I also have a website that hasn’t changed domains.

Tutorial on how to sign up for free hosting on 000webhost and upload website files (online website on localhost to host)

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For those who have already registered with Freenom, you can simply log in immediately and for those who do not have a Freenom account, you can follow it or you can also immediately search for a suitable name and first check the availability and then register/ log in, e.g.:

Then you will be directed to the points selection process hehehe if you choose the free there is only .tk .cf .ga .ml and .gq i will choose only the free .. hehe another article about creating a wordpress blog with free self hosting

And go to the next process, choose the term to use the domain, which is only free for 1 year, so I chose 12 months.

Ganti Default Web Di Hosting

So just login/register directly, those who already have an account will stay where it says CLICK HERE TO LOG IN and if you don’t have one, fill it with your email account…then you check Freenom’s email and verify it.

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Then you will be asked to fill in your personal details.

Then you go back to 000webhost and follow this picture click on SET WEB ADDRESS ==> BUY DOMAIN FROM….blah blah blah

The domain must be registered with a valid registrar before the park process can be completed. it will only work if configured to point to our DNS name servers –,

The purpose of the above is that first we need to setup our domain ie. freenom, change the nameservers to frendom, change to and, how to get back to frendom .com, then click on SERVICES ==> MY DOMAIN

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Will appear, you change the USE CUSTOM options… blah blah and change the NAMESERVER to, and just delete the rest

And so there is no error or maybe you still don’t like it, you scroll down until there is an image below, then click on MANAGE ==> CONNECT THE WEBSITE ==> DONE Relax, you are on the good place to come. In this article we will tell you how to change your domain name and why. We will also give you tips on how to change the domain name correctly.

The reason for the change of the first domain is that there is a change in business form. Maybe you want to expand the scope of your business, change your product or service, target a new market, and even change your brand.

Ganti Default Web Di Hosting

Changing the domain name is also a way to increase website traffic. For example, to attract visitors in a certain niche, you can use a domain name with keywords according to the niche.

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Likewise, if you target visitors in a certain region, you can use domain extensions depending on the target country. For example, use .id or domains if you are targeting visitors from Indonesia.

With the right domain name, it will be easier for you to find an audience in your business niche. So you don’t have to advertise your website with a search engine marketing strategy, which of course costs money.

If your domain name is hard to spell, hard to type, or even hard to remember, you can change the domain name. Because it makes it easier for more people to find your domain by the short name.

For example, if you have a website, you can use Besides being easier to remember, it’s also in line with the target audience, isn’t it?

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The step you need to take before entering the domain name change process is to purchase a new domain. Because you cannot change the old domain name that is registered. Don’t worry, registering a new domain is easy.

If you​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​a new domain on , how to change the domain name can be done easily. The steps are as follows:

Once the domain name change procedure is complete, you need to point the new domain name to your hosting service server. Here are the steps:

Ganti Default Web Di Hosting

In order for future visitors to access your new domain, you need to copy the website files from the old domain to the new domain. The method is as follows:

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3. Then enter your new domain name. Be sure to check the root box part of the document so that content from websites on your old domain can be accessed on the new domain. Then click Submit.

2. Select the General Settings page, replace the WordPress address (URL) and site address (URL) with your new domain name.

You have successfully changed your domain name to WordPress. To make sure it is replaced, you can change the website URL via wp-config.php by following these steps:

5. Place this code just before /* That’s it. stop editing! Happy posting. */. Then click on Save Changes.

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To avoid 404 errors, you must update the URL structure after changing the URL structure. You can do it simply by following these steps:

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard. Select Settings > Permalinks. By default, your permalink type is Plain. You can change it by selecting a different type of permalink.

After changing the domain name of your website, you just need to redirect the domain. This process is done to allow users who visited the old domain to access your new domain.

Ganti Default Web Di Hosting

Before changing your domain name, the first piece of advice you should apply for is to register the domain name as soon as possible. This is of course to avoid that your coveted domain name is already owned by another user.

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The trick to changing the next website domain name is to make sure that the domain name you choose is really suitable for what you want to use it for. This will save you from having to change your domain name again if it doesn’t suit you later.

You must inform website visitors about the domain changes that will be made. Media used can be via email, social media, or via your current main website.

The domain name you registered can no longer be changed. What you can do is buy a new domain for your website.

Yes, changing the domain name affects website SEO. When you change your domain name, it will take time for search engines to recognize your new domain.

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If you use, the answer is no. ​​​​​​​However, if you use, you can change the domain name with a custom domain. Read the complete guide in the article How to change WordPress domain.

You can change the domain name if you want to update the website name because there is a change in your business brand.

We have explained above how to change the entire domain name. The most important step, buying a new domain. Make sure your new domain is fit for purpose and user friendly, okay?

Ganti Default Web Di Hosting

Remember to register the domain immediately before it belongs to someone else. Choose an ICANN-accredited domain service provider, such as .

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Not only does it offer a wide selection of domains that you can start at 14,000/month, but it also offers a variety of comprehensive domain management features. From domain forwarding, domain management and others.

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