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Fused Hosting – Fusion: Web Management – All Inclusive WordPress Hosting. Hosting. Design. Updates. The future of Web Hosting is here today.

Introducing FusionWM, the game changing new WordPress Hosting product from Hosting Australia. One monthly fee covers all your WordPress design and hosting needs. One payment every month. No Bill Shock. No headache.

Fused Hosting

Fused Hosting

How it works?FusionWM is basically designed to make updating your WordPress website easy and simplify the management process. FusionWM saves you time and gets you back to running your business.

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Host Australia wanted Fusion to forget about the product in as many ways as possible, so the hardest thing for you to do is… to be honest, it’s probably to order, and it’s pretty simple too! Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is send us a change request and we’ll take care of the rest! Easy!

Either move your existing WordPress website to Hosting Australia or have us create a new site for you.

Sit back and wait for it to finish. No waiting for offers or worrying about costs. Get back to running your business.

Below is a basic list of inclusions and exclusions. This is just a guide. All products removed from FusionWM will be offered separately to FusionWM customers at a special discount price.

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Generally, all content-based ones are included. Also basic design elements, such as changing the background color or text size. Structural changes and major works are not included in FusionWM.

There are two flavors of FusionWM, Basic and Business. Check out the add-ons listed above and see prices below.

A complete package for a small business WordPress site, a personal WordPress site or a blog site. It covers everything you need for daily changes and lets you know your site is in good hands.

Fused Hosting

A great solution for a larger company site or corporate website. Update and modify products, find out about significant changes and free up your time to go back and run your business the way you can.

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