Fungsi Hosting Pada Sebuah Blog

Fungsi Hosting Pada Sebuah Blog – Today I will share with you what hosting is and everything you need to know about hosting.

Hosting is just like a house, you can store clothes, bed, dining table, kitchen, TV and many more things in your house.

Fungsi Hosting Pada Sebuah Blog

Fungsi Hosting Pada Sebuah Blog

Hosting is the same way, hosting is the home of your blog or website where your blog files like text, images, content management systems and other important files are stored.

Faktor Menentukan Hosting Terbaik

Like houses that vary in size, there are big houses and small houses, hosting is the same, hosting with large storage capacity, hosting with small storage capacity.

It’s all up to you whether you want to go big or small depending on the budget you have and the needs of the site you’re building.

If you are building an e-commerce website, you need a large enough storage capacity, as the website will later contain many product images and other files.

But if you just want to create a simple blog, you don’t need a very big host, a host with medium storage capacity is enough.

Manfaat Website Untuk Bisnis Online

Therefore, all the files needed to create a blog or website will be stored (hosted) on a special computer, usually called a server.

When an Internet user wants to view your blog or website, he only needs to enter the domain name in his browser, then it will automatically connect to the server where you store your blog files, and then the server will send it back to the user. .

For big changing companies like Google, Facebook or maybe Tokopedia, they will usually have their own hosting/server because the requirements are huge and they have the budget to build their own server and it’s not cheap:

Fungsi Hosting Pada Sebuah Blog

But for those of us who aren’t big companies like Google, we don’t have to worry about building our own servers, mainly because the budget for building servers is huge.

Apa Fungsi Hosting? Berikut Penjelasan Lengkapnya!

At an affordable price, you can buy storage capacity according to your needs and your blog can still be online and accessible by a wide range of internet users.

Like houses, there are cluster houses, houses, apartments and other types of houses, hosting also has many types.

There are many types of hosting available on the internet, but the list below is the most common types of hosting services you can choose from.

If it is like a house, shared hosting is similar to a rental house, where there are many rooms with different residents, but all the facilities of the house can be used together, for example, bathroom, kitchen, washing line, all residents can use them. . :

Panduan Web Hosting Untuk Pemula Lengkap Dari A Sampai Z

This means that all resources like RAM, CPU, storage capacity, bandwidth will be consumed simultaneously if one error causes all the errors.

This type of hosting is the cheapest type of hosting, but there is no need to worry because now almost all hosting providers can guarantee that the servers they have are of very good quality.

If shared hosting is like several rooms in a house that all residents can use, VPS hosting is like renting out your own apartment.

Fungsi Hosting Pada Sebuah Blog

You don’t need to share bathroom, kitchen, living room with neighbors in the same building, everything is flexible, you can do whatever you want in your own apartment.

Sejuta Manfaat Blog Untuk Bisnis Dan Personal?

As with VPS hosting, you won’t share resources with other website owners, everything is dedicated to you and you can do whatever you want with your hosting.

But there are still limitations, there will be some resources that will be shared with other site owners, if it is an apartment, the power is still on the same network, if there is a problem with the power of the building, then all the apartments will feel it.

VPS hosting is perfect for medium-sized blogs or websites, blogs with lots of visitors, or business websites that don’t want to experience server downtime.

Using this VPS requires knowledge of server configuration and other settings to maximize it, so if you are someone who understands technical things about servers, then you can choose this VPS hosting.

Memahami Mengenai Cpanel, Manfaat Dan Fitur

For websites with large file sizes, such as videos and high-resolution images, you should consider using a VPS to optimize them.

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that is integrated with the cloud, which means that all your blog or website files will be stored in the cloud (Internet).

If you rent traditional hosting, your blog or website files will be stored on a storage device, a type of hard drive, located at your chosen hosting provider.

Fungsi Hosting Pada Sebuah Blog

In terms of performance, cloud hosting has faster performance than traditional hosting, this is due to limitations in traditional hosting such as limited bandwidth and loaded websites that are not as fast as cloud hosting.

Perbedaan Hosting Gratis Dan Berbayar Untuk Blog

Cloud hosting is suitable for large-scale business website use, especially if you are targeting it to have a lot of visitors, then cloud hosting is the right choice.

Or even a blog with 50,000 monthly visitors should consider this cloud hosting so that it can handle all the incoming visitors.

WordPress hosting is a server configured to support websites that use WordPress as a content management system.

Why is this hosting there? Since WordPress is the most widely used CMS by website owners worldwide, hosting providers offer dedicated hosting for WordPress users.

Apa Saja Perbedaan Domain Dan Hosting? Simak Penjelasannya!

If you have a website with WordPress CMS, this hosting is perfect for you as it will help improve the performance of your website better.

Dedicated hosting is the best type of hosting, because if you use this type of hosting, it feels like you have your own house, not a rented house, not an apartment, but a house you own.

Your house will not be affected by the condition of your neighbor’s house, you are free to do anything in your house, you use all the facilities yourself and do not share with others.

Fungsi Hosting Pada Sebuah Blog

But this type of hosting is the most expensive hosting because you don’t share the resources with others, all the resources are only for you, so naturally the price is very expensive.

Apa Itu Shared Hosting? Pengertian, Cara Kerja & Kelebihannya

Because if you are using shared hosting the server will shut down unable to receive 100,000 visitors and if you are using shared hosting it will disturb other website owners who are on the same server.

Dedicated hosting is not suitable for those of you who are just building a blog or website with more visitors, as the dedicated hosting you are using will be useless and suboptimal.

After you know the meaning of hosting, how it works and the types, the next recommended place to rent the best hosting is Blogger School option.

We hope this article can be a reference for those of you who are looking for what hosting is, how it works and everything about hosting.

Fungsi Email Hosting Untuk Perkembangan Bisnismu

If you are going to create a blog or website, which hosting would you choose? Please write the reasons in the comment column. If you are building a website for the first time then naturally there is still a lot of confusion about why you need a domain and hosting to build a website.

In the Internet world, the domain will later act as an online address so that users can easily find your website.

Thus, the hosting company will allocate a place to store all the data of the website, which will later be published on the Internet.

Fungsi Hosting Pada Sebuah Blog

The location is named as the server. The server will then be connected to the Internet network and managed using a high-end computer that should be available 24/7/365.

Cara Cek Da Pa Blog Untuk Seo Terbaru

The hosting computer cannot be shut down even for a second, except in emergency situations like fire or natural disaster. Because if the hosting computer dies, your website automatically disappears from the internet.

For this reason, it is very important for you to choose a hosting company with the best data center, 24/7 service, complete manuals, network and server uptime of 99.99% and the best security protocols.

So your website will always be stable and safe for users to visit.

There are different types of hosting that you can choose according to your needs as they have their respective features and benefits. However, all types of hosting have the same basic function.

Hosting Terbaik Indonesia (diuji 2022)

The server is then connected to the Internet and ready to receive commands sent by the user to display the website page.

Hosting is one of the walls of defense for a website against malware, viruses, spam and DDoS attacks that are common in cyberspace.

By using a hosting service, you can install SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which can protect you from various cybercrime attacks.

Fungsi Hosting Pada Sebuah Blog

Once you have a paid domain and hosting, you can create an email account.

Istilah Web Hosting Yang Harus Kamu Tahu

Emails ending with a domain name that is no longer or definitely look more professional in the eyes of customers and business partners.

By using a paid hosting service, your website will be protected from various spam ads, the existence of which cannot be controlled.

In addition to advertising issues that really annoy the user experience, websites using free hosting also have unprofessional website addresses, e.g.

A website address that looks unprofessional will make many users hesitate to visit it or use the services offered.

Apa Itu Web Hosting Dan Apa Fungsinya?

Now, by using a paid hosting service, your website will have a short domain address without the subdomain noise of the service provider.

After understanding what hosting is and its functions, you should also know that hosting comes in different types to be used according to the needs of the website owner.

Due to limited resources, shared hosting is more suitable for beginner or low-traffic websites.

Fungsi Hosting Pada Sebuah Blog

If you exceed the limit, you will not be able to upload files again in the future and you will have to upgrade your hosting service to a higher one.

Memanfaatkan Blog Agar Bisnis Online Semakin Meroket Bersama Ardhosting, Web Hosting Terbaik Indonesia

So even though a server is used by multiple users, you still get space with resources that can be used by them.

Well, this type of hosting is suitable for use by websites with high traffic, which require a large amount of storage space and require a high level of security.

Site traffic will be redirected to other servers on the same network, so the site may be damaged

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