Fungsi Email Hosting

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Of course, with increasingly busy email activities, you need to store and send more emails. For that you need to subscribe to email hosting.

Fungsi Email Hosting

Fungsi Email Hosting

Apart from that, email hosting also has various interesting features that make your email sending more secure and smooth. Curious aren’t you?

Apa Itu Email Hosting Dan Kenapa Perusahaan Memerlukannya?

Internally, email is used for communication between team members. Meanwhile, email is used externally to communicate with consumers or business partners.

Of course, without communication within the team, your business will not be able to function, right? With email, communication between team members can flow smoothly.

For example, when you want to deliver an important notification to all team members, you can easily send the message via email.

As the name suggests, external communication email is aimed at people outside the company. Examples include potential customers or business partners.

Hosting [pengertian Dan Fungsinya]

Of course! Data shows that 86% of consumers still prefer email as a medium of communication with businesses. This is what makes email the right tool for building relationships with consumers.

Hosting is necessary to free up space for your business inbox. Although the domain is an email address. So you can say that both are a must-have combination for professional business emails.

However, the journey does not stop here. You also need to manage his business mail properly. To do this, you need to be aware of a few things:

Fungsi Email Hosting

These problems can certainly disrupt your email business. Fortunately, there is one powerful solution to overcome all of these problems, namely email hosting subscription.

Kegunaan Cek Domain Dan Jenis Jenis Hosting

Therefore, this type of hosting service is suitable for website users who need a large email capacity. Both for internal and external communication.

But don’t web hosting services also provide email functionality? How is it different from email hosting? To answer these questions, you can take a look at the following infographic:

So, to understand email hosting features in more detail, we interviewed Muhammad Khafid, Product Manager. According to him, there are several benefits that you can enjoy by subscribing to email hosting:

As discussed above, one of the problems that can arise when managing business email is spam attacks.

Mengenal Email: Cara Kerja, Fungsi, Dan Jenisnya

Spam can cause a lot of problems. From the risk of fraud to malware attacks. Don’t underestimate the amount. Statistics for 2020 show that more than 50% of emails sent are spam.

“SpamAssassin works to ensure that your email inbox is safe from spam. Not only that, email hosting also offers features

So, what if your email goes to spam? Of course you want your email to arrive

Fungsi Email Hosting

As the volume of business increases, e-mail marketing activities will definitely become more intense. So, you need to make sure that the capacity of the server you are using can handle a lot of emails.

Fungsi Email Hosting Untuk Perkembangan Bisnismu

This problem is common in web hosting services. Because email storage on a web hosting server is quite limited.

“Computer hosting services have a much larger allocation of email storage space than unlimited hosting services,” Khafid said.

With email hosting, you can enjoy server capacities ranging from 25 GB to 100 GB. This amount is certainly much higher compared to the capacity of email hosting which only reaches 10 GB.

“Anyone can have an email address with a Gmail domain, but not everyone has a personal domain. This is what makes the address even more exclusive,” said Khafid.

Mengenal Mail Server

It sounds trivial. But the fact is that 75% of potential customers say that email addresses with a personal domain are easier to trust.

Therefore, make sure your business uses a personal domain such as “”. Avoid public domains like “” or “”.

Imagine that your business receives a lot of orders. This situation means that your employees have to send multiple confirmation emails at the same time.

Fungsi Email Hosting

Unfortunately, since you are using the email feature of your web hosting service, you cannot send more than 100 emails per hour. Many of your customers complain because they received a late confirmation email.

Hosting Jaringan Komputer

“The hosting service allows a sending limit of up to 400 emails per hour.” This feature can cover the email needs of customers using unlimited hosting, which is only 100 emails per hour. Khafid said.

Bottom line, if your business wants to send more emails, switching to email hosting is the right choice. You also don’t have to worry about full email traffic. Because the host mail server is separate from the host server.

Well, email hosting also has a backup feature from JetBackup. You can enjoy weekly automatic backups. Not only that, backup data is also stored on another server for security.

What about the installation? According to Khafid, you don’t need to worry about this. “Some of the advantages of JetBackup are that you don’t have to configure it and it’s easy to restore backups,” he said.

Cara Memindahkan Server Email

When restoring a backup, you can also choose to restore only part of the data (partial) or restore all data (full).

Is there an error in your company email? Or maybe you’re having trouble sending or receiving email? This is where the help of the support team is needed.

“The support team will serve you 24/7. You can also contact them through various channels such as live chat, WhatsApp and email,” said Khafid.

Fungsi Email Hosting

Now that you understand the importance of email hosting for a business, you may still be wondering: How do you migrate your email inbox to email hosting? Is the installation easy?

Apa Itu Cpanel? Pengertian Serta Fungsinya.

But having a professional email address is not enough. You also need to know how to manage it. Otherwise, it’s like having the latest high-end gun and not knowing how to pull the trigger.

Therefore, the following tips will help you become a more professional business email manager. Do you want to know how? Let’s see one by one!

An email signature is the identity of the email sender, which usually includes the title, phone number, and company they work for. You could say that an email signature acts like a business card.

Generally, email signatures are found in formal emails and their location is at the bottom of the email. Examples like this:

Pengertian, Fungsi, Dan Kegunaan Fitur Fitur Cpanel Yang Perlu Kalian Ketahui

So email signatures give you an opportunity to promote your brand to your email recipients. In addition, your brand will also look more professional. For example, try comparing these signatures:

Of course, the first signature looks more professional, right? Because the detailed information is written more completely and the message is conveniently arranged.

Besides showing your company’s professionalism, signatures are also a powerful tool for building trust with email recipients. Because they know who sent it and the contact information they can call if they want to respond.

Fungsi Email Hosting

Email is often the scapegoat for reduced productivity. But this is really reasonable, considering that the number of emails employees receive every day can be very high.

Pengertian Domain, Hosting, Dan Manfaatnya

In fact, in just one day, the average worker can check email 36 times an hour! Surely not a small number, right?

However, after checking email, shouldn’t employees go back to what they were doing? Well, it’s not that easy.

Data shows that it takes the average worker 23 minutes to refocus after being distracted. So it’s no wonder that email notifications are detrimental to employee productivity.

So what is the solution? Of course, you need to have a certain schedule for checking your email. For example, you can set aside 5 to 8 minutes per hour to check your email. Besides, you should focus on your work.

Manfaat Email Marketing Untuk Bisnis Online

Indeed, you can use the search function, but what if you find that the number of search results is still high? Of course, it will still be difficult to find the email you’re looking for.

So, to prevent this problem from occurring, make sure you save old emails. Don’t worry, the emails that go to the archive will not be lost. You can still find it at any time.

So make sure the email you archive is a very important email. If an email is considered unimportant, you can simply delete it.

Fungsi Email Hosting

In a way, this method is the same as entering emails into different folders. So you can easily find the email you are looking for.

Pengertian, Fungsi Dan Cara Memilih Hosting Termurah Yang Tepat

Let’s say you want to create a special label for promotional emails in Gmail. All you have to do is click the Create New Tag button in the menu on the left and then create a tag:

After that, if you want to attach a promotion tag to an email, you just need to right-click on the email and then press Mark as > Promotion.

You can get all the above benefits with email hosting! From IDR 80,000 per month, your business can enjoy the various email hosting features you need!

Get a variety of tutorials, interesting insights and tips about the online world straight to your email. Subscribe now and succeed with us! Email hosting is one of the essential facilities for digital businesses these days. The reason is, in addition to being able to increase the brand value of the company, using an official email address that matches the URL will further increase trust in the eyes of potential customers.

Cara Setting Mx Record Dari Alimail Ke Email Hosting

For example, when looking for a job on digital platforms, have you ever come across an HRD using the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected]? So, of the two contact options above, which one seems more credible and reliable? Of course, most candidates will choose to send personal information to the first email address.

If you’re still on the fence about using a business email hosting service, we’ve rounded up a few reasons why your business should.

As the name suggests, the definition of email hosting is generally a service that allows users to send messages using the same email address as a website’s domain name. Email hosting differs from free email services that have a limited choice of names and must use the email provider’s name.

Fungsi Email Hosting

Using email hosting allows you to create an email address with any username you want without having to include a branded email provider. Very interesting, isn’t it?

Mengenal Fitur Dan Fungsi Di Dalam Cpanel Hosting Anda

The first point of many email hosting benefits that you need to know is branding. In a digital age like now, brand reputation can influence credibility which will ultimately lead to sales figures.

You can increase the credibility of your company

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