Free Web Hosting Billing Software

Free Web Hosting Billing Software – Make your bills unrecognizable, wear your unique style! Billing supports third-party templates, which can be changed in just a few steps. You can create your own samples or order our development.

The ticketing system creates a convenient customer service. The friendly interface attracts customers and the convenient resort service helps you to love your business forever. The ticketing system allows you to create a support message with the ability to specify a priority and attach files to your message.

Free Web Hosting Billing Software

Free Web Hosting Billing Software

Hereby, the right is granted free of charge to any person who obtains a copy of this software and related documentation files (“Software”), to operate the Software without restriction, including, but without limitation, the right to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense and/or sell copies of the Software and to permit the persons to whom the Software has been provided to do so, subject to the following conditions:

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The above copyright notice and this license notice shall be included in all copies or material portions of the Software.

THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED “AS IS”, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE ONE GUARANTEE OF WARRANTY, SPECIFIC AND NO VIOLATION. IN ANYWAYS THE AUTHOR OR COPYRIGHT HOUSEHOLDERS WILL NOT BE LIABILITY FOR ANY COMPLAINTS, DAMAGES OR LIABILITY OF OTHER LEGAL IN ANY OTHER, , DEVELOPING OUT OF, OUT OF OR IN RELATED TO THE SOFTWARE OR USE OR OTHER PROCESSING ON THE SOFTWARE. Web hosting services, though invisible, enable the online presence of any website or e-store. And well, these companies also need to manage customer invoices and payments. Today, we dive into the top 10 dashboards for billing and storage automation in 2020. From operating system support and software integration options to customer management tools and Forward stats, we’ve got you covered.

Web Hosting Billing Management is a support system that allows you to manage the entire process, from registration to completion, with automated billing, provisioning and management. The payment management system cooperates with different payment gateways. A web hosting seller that chooses a payment management service should also have a payment gateway. Not by accident, of course, but the service that integrates with this particular payment management service.

A payment gateway is software that allows merchants to accept credit and debit card payments online. Acts as a mediator between the customer’s bank and the merchant’s bank. To integrate a payment gateway on your website, you need to open a merchant account. In addition to processing transactions, the payment gateway ensures the secure transfer of payment card data.

Best Billing And Invoicing Software For Business

The payment gateway is associated with the web hosting payment service. At , we partner with the top ten web hosting billing admin panels listed below. That means you can get a payment gateway from us and select the payment admin panel from the list.

The Complete Web Server Manager solution (also known as WHMCS) is open source and fully documented. With a premium development kit, local and remote APIs, and a wide range of supported third-party application integrations, the platform is known for its adaptability. WHMC provides invoice generation, tax assistance, and credit card processing. Offer merchants a selection of free offers, one-time bills, and recurring payments. There are many additional features, such as translations in ten available languages, extensive reports (which can be exported and printed in a variety of formats).

Blesta is one of the most popular payment solutions for hosting providers worldwide. It has well-written, documented, and object-oriented code. Also, it’s almost 100% open. Only three files are encrypted. That should be enough to protect the license.

Free Web Hosting Billing Software

The platform allows you to integrate it with any control panel, virtual server, domain registrar as well as any other license. You, as the merchant, can customize the look and feel, including the dashboard, payment summary, and customer profiles. See how to create an internet merchant account to accept payments on your web hosting site.

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HostBill is designed to help web and hosting companies get paid. Payment features include one-time payments and recurring payments. You also get access to recurring bills, SSL, and over 50 payment gateways. The all-in-one customer portal allows your customers to manage all their services from one point of contact.

BILLmanager is an SME-grade payment platform from ISPsystem. It’s a real gem for web hosts looking for WHMCS or HostBill analogues. The most significant benefit of BILLmanager is that it is completely free for companies with less than 50 customers. In addition, it does not imply functional or time constraints. That’s what makes it perfect for small businesses and beginners.

BILLmanager also provides services such as billing, invoicing and service setup; Shared domain hosting, VPS, cloud solution (using VMware, Azure or OpenStack integration) and SSL.

It is the perfect choice for operating and scaling small and medium web hosting businesses. The platform allows to reduce costs by automating most web hosting processes. Thanks to this platform, sellers can offer services like email hosting, shared hosting, VPS, hypervisor based virtual machines, dedicated servers, etc.

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Ubersmith is an all-in-one payment. The toolkit includes a desktop ticketing and management (DCIM) software suite. The service is open source and extensible. A fully documented RESTful API allows developers to harness the power of Ubersmith across the enterprise.

The platform enables API and HPP integration, including domain registrars, SSL providers, electronic payment systems, and merchant providers. Recurring invoices, payment automation, and product categories are also on the list.

ZBilling is a Portuguese startup that provides general updates and a wide range of features for support, invoicing and invoicing software. The control panel can be easily integrated with hosting control panels, such as cPanel and Plesk. Thanks to the Bootstrap framework, the interface is completely responsive. It also supports multiple languages, including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish, with options for invoices Custom PDFs. You as a seller can create KB articles, manage comment threads, and manage multiple departments in one claims system, available at the back office.

Free Web Hosting Billing Software

In general, the choice of managed web hosting payment is up to you. Please comment below if you have any questions regarding payment.

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Last but not least, this management platform is easy to use and adjustable for hosting providers. It offers more than 15 options for payment gateways, tax customization, built-in live chat, and basic income reporting. Thanks to Clientexec’s REST API, you can connect it with third-party applications. Finally, Clientexec integrates with all the essentials for your hosting business. See how the payment gateway works.

Another all-in-one payment system, WHSuite, is a UK-based company. Today, it offers multi-currency payments, smart implementations for adding and managing servers, and full support for domain registration. Developers have full system access to create plugins, manage Composer packages, and work with the following hosting control panels: cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk or Virtualmin.

BoxBilling is a win-win software for web hosting business owners or developers who need good billing software. This service has a large number of functions for payment. For example, invoice customers, automatically pay customers with invoices, and suspend or close outstanding customer accounts. Multi-language support and ability to accept multiple currencies make BoxBilling perfect for web hosting companies.

Do you plan to use any of the payment services mentioned above? We are here to provide you with a payment gateway. Register here.

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Free Web Hosting Billing Software

Is an innovative hosting provider automation system. Built from the ground up by industry experts to empower your hosting company or resale business. Enter your own hosting and payment gateway credentials to sell instantly.

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Add servers and reseller accounts from any of the supported providers. Group servers by vendor or location to automate package deployment.

Set up supplies, invoicing and collection. Manage emails sent to your customers and the date non-payers are suspended or terminated.

Connect multiple domain wholesalers to offer TLDs from different vendors. will guide your customers through whois lookup, registration and domain transfer.

Your customers have their own branded login area to order and manage their accounts. For example, they can login to the hosting control panel or update the domain name server.

Top 5 Web Hosting Billing Management Software To Trust In 2021

Claims is integrated with product and customer views, making it really easy for you to support your customers.

Generate promotional codes and coupons that you can transfer to your cart from your website. You can also set price lists for specific customer groups.

Define employee roles and user access rights. Ideal if you have remote team members helping your customers.

Free Web Hosting Billing Software

Staff charges users with no hidden fees

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