Free Web Hosting And Domain With Cpanel

Free Web Hosting And Domain With Cpanel – CPanel is a user-friendly platform designed to make it easy for users to manage their web hosting accounts.

If you are trying to create a website or start a WordPress blog and you are a beginner it is better to choose hosting based on cPanel.

Free Web Hosting And Domain With Cpanel

Free Web Hosting And Domain With Cpanel

Basically, cPanel allows website owners to manage their WordPress websites. Managing domain names, database connections and email accounts are some of the many uses of cPanel. Moreover, WordPress website owners can manage all the above mentioned and other aspects of their WordPress website without any technical knowledge. Considering the fact that WordPress is the most popular and used website building platform out there, website owners should start learning about WordPress cPanels.

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So, today in this article, we will explore the benefits of using cPanel, and we will explore some frequently asked questions related to cPanel.

By definition, cPanel is an online Linux-based GUI (graphical interface). It is used to control, manage, organize and develop their WordPress website.

CPanel also allows you to publish entire websites, manage domains, organize your website data and more.

Also, cPanels are not just limited to WordPress. There are other web hosting service providers out there that provide their own cPanels to website owners.

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The cPanel provided by different companies usually contains the same technology and performs the same tasks as mentioned above. In addition, cPanel is one of the most popular control panels in the United States.

CPanels are often included in many web hosting packages. Additionally, cPanels have two interfaces. The two are tied together to give users more flexibility and control over their website.

The first interface is, of course, “cPanel” itself, and the second is a server management interface called Web Host Manager (WHM). These two interfaces are compiled, and they are integrated with the tools used to manage the server.

Free Web Hosting And Domain With Cpanel

The general appearance of cPanel is almost impossible to distinguish because different websites have different cPanels depending on the website hosting provider. However, one thing is certain that all cPanels offer similar functionality.

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Above below represents what a typical cPanel looks like. You will see a visible icon in the middle, some options on the left and details of your website and host on the right.

Not always! cPanel is probably the most popular website management and control platform, but it’s not the only one out there.

There are almost 2 billion websites in the world, of which only 400 million are active. So, with most of the websites we have today, some websites may use custom control panels.

This custom control panel works like its counterpart, cPanel. However, the only difference is that this custom cPanel is provided by a web hosting provider and not by the brand “cPanel.”

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Also, if you are not sure which cPanel you are using, contact your web hosting provider and ask them about it.

Yes, cPanel is private. You are given an account which you can access using your email id and password. It is recommended that you keep your cPanel id and password confidential as it contains your website information and settings.

Also, the cPanel platform itself is not a security concern, but there are some hackers and cybercriminals out there who can try to hack your site or steal important information.

Free Web Hosting And Domain With Cpanel

To minimize such scenarios, cPanel updates are released and more sophisticated security ensures that fixes are made to the control panel for advanced security.

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There are many ways to access the cPanel of your website, and we will tell you all the ways you can access your cPanel quickly and easily.

You can log in to your cPanel by using the address bar of your browser. Just type your website address, and at the end of your website address, type “:2082” or “:2083” for cPanel SSL. Here’s an example of what your cPanel address might look like: .

Also, another way to log in to your cPanel is to type /cPanel after your address instead of numeric digits. Finally, your address will look like this: .

If you have a new website, it is likely that your DNS records may not have been published to the server yet, so you cannot use the first method. Lucky for you, you can also access your website’s cPanel through your IP address.

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Also, if you want cPanel in a language other than English, you can change the language from the bottom of the cPanel login screen.

Additionally, we recommend that you bookmark your cPanel login page. This makes it easy for you to return to your page later without bothering to type Ips or numbers.

Finally, when you are on the cPanel login page, you need to enter the username and password and click the button below the input field to enter the control panel of your website.

Free Web Hosting And Domain With Cpanel

As we mentioned above, cPanel is an important server management technology for websites. WordPress is basically a content management system (CMS) on which you can build your system.

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If you have a website and you want it live so that your audience can access it through an internet connection, you need to get it on a server. On the other hand, if you are thinking of starting a WordPress article or blog, you need a server to host the blog. Otherwise, it cannot be accessed by anyone. However, the server is connected to the internet at all times. This will allow your audience to easily reach your website through an internet connection.

Technically, if you manage your server and website software, you need a technical solution, and this is where cPanel comes in handy. As we mentioned earlier, cPanel is a GUI that makes it easy for users to manage their services without any technical skills.

In comparison, WordPress is a database-oriented content management system (CMS). The system is designed to display, edit, add, delete and change website content.

The most popular part? Well, WordPress CMS allows you to do all the above mentioned tasks without any coding knowledge. You can easily add pages, media, videos and more. Therefore, the combination of WordPress and cPanel is strong, and it provides users with exceptional usability and feasibility.

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Choosing the best cPanel hosting provider is important for your website. After all, your website is the online presence of your business, and you should always be careful when choosing a hosting provider for your website.

However, in this article, we will also tell you about some of the most reliable, quality, feature-oriented and affordable cPanel hosts.

We will also talk about customer support because there are times when even the most professional developers get stuck while using cPanel. Let’s get started!

Free Web Hosting And Domain With Cpanel

HostGator is probably the most popular and reliable website hosting provider in the world. Millions of websites use their hosting services.

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HostGator is well-known in the industry for some of its unique features such as super fast customer support, one-click WordPress installation, solid 99.9% uptime and quality service.

Therefore, HostGator is one of the best hosting services that you can use for your business.

When it comes to ratings and reviews, Bluehost tops the charts as a quality-oriented service. Bluehost also provides its users with cPanel for their websites.

Given the experience and expertise that Bluehost has over the years in providing hosting services to users, they are considered to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy hosting providers.

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In addition, you get automatic WordPress installation, a free SSL certificate with the domain, and fast and round-the-clock support. Biggest achievement? Well, WordPress itself recommends Bluehost to its users.

GreenGeeks are nature lovers, and they are well known in the field of web hosting. This hosting provider also provides cPanel to its users.

Because of the features that make the difference. GreenGeeks has a free CDN, amazing support, and even free site migration. They currently host more than 500,000 websites, and the owner of 500,000 websites can’t be wrong, right?

Free Web Hosting And Domain With Cpanel

If your hosting provider does not offer to install WordPress, you can do it from cPanel, using Softaculous. Here are the steps:

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In my experience, Cpanel is the best solution for managing a shared or dedicated hosting platform. We should also note that Cpanel is WordPress friendly.

The platform is simple and intuitive and at the same time gives you the possibility to customize and edit any details of your hosting platform.

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