Free Remote Mysql Hosting

Free Remote Mysql Hosting – Hello everybody. Today we will go through a mysql tutorial on remote database administration. We all know that we can manage mysql database using PHPMyAdmin through cPanel in our web host panel. But sometimes we may not have access to cPanel but FTP and MySQL login details. So how do you log in at this point without logging into cPanel?

That’s not very difficult. To do this in our Windows operating system as I am using Windows 8.1, one of the mysql UI tools, called sqlyog. Go to tosqlyog download page to download sqlyog, you may need to purchase it. I also tried a freemysql gui tool but among all these mysql gui tools I found sqlyog very good and I use this for a long time in many projects.

Free Remote Mysql Hosting

Free Remote Mysql Hosting

First find the file C:Program FilesSQLyogSQLyogTunnel.php and upload it to the root or some folder where you can access it using a url. For example, if I download it from the root of, then the URL of this file will be like However, save a name from this URL, you will need it.

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If you have other saved login options, click the “New…” button at the top and give it a name.

Now enter your MySQL host address, MySQL username and MySQL password in the corresponding fields in the form under the MySQL tab.

Here, check the box “Use HTTP Tunnel” and you will find that the “URL” text field, which was previously disabled, will be enabled.

You can save this connection log so you don’t have to do it next time using the “Save” button at the top.

Allow Remote Access Of Specific Mysql Database Tables

Class Notes Online, your source for class notes from different undergraduate computer science and technology courses. We are dedicated to bringing you the best in scoring, with an emphasis on detail, accuracy and freshness. More information. Remote MySQL connections are disabled by default on cPanel servers as they are considered a potential security threat. Using the Web Host Manager (WHM) tool and interface at the cPanel domain level (typically remote hosts can add that the server is allowed to connect to the MySQL service.

Before using any of these techniques, you will need to open port 3306 on your server’s firewall.

Log in to the server’s WHM interface and find the section on the left navigation bar called SQL Services. You can sort the list by typing “sql” in the search box. Click on the link labeled Additional Access MySQL Hosts:

Free Remote Mysql Hosting

On the next page, enter one or more hosts or IP addresses in the text box (1) and click the Save button (2). If you want to enable this setting for all user accounts, see (3).

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Now that remote login is enabled in WHM, each domain account that wants to use remote login will need to enable it in their own cPanel interface.

This page will appear in your browser. Add a host name or IP address where you want to provide remote access to MySQL (1) and click the Save button (2).

If a host or IP address needs to be removed from this list, you can click the “Remove” button next to the entry in the list.

Once you have made changes, added or deleted from the list, you can return to the main page of the cPanel interface or log out if you have no other work to attend to.

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Liquid Web’s heroic support is always available to help customers with this or any other issue. If you need our help, please contact us: Toll Free 1.800.580.4985 International 517.322.0434 support@ https://my./Related How to Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP Stack (LAMP) on UbuntuView How to Install Rails , Apache, and MySQL on Ubuntu with PassengerView

Your database server has tables full of important data. Viewing this data graphically on your local computer is the easiest way to interact with your database. But connecting remotely to the database server usually involves configuring MySQL to listen on all interfaces, restricting port access.

And your firewall and configure user and host permissions for authentication. And allowing connection to MySQL directly can be a security issue.

Free Remote Mysql Hosting

Using tools like HeidiSQL for Windows, Sequel Pro for macOS, or the cross-platform MySQL Workbench, you can easily connect to your database via SSH, avoiding these cumbersome and potentially insecure steps. This short tutorial will show you how to connect to a remote database using MySQL Workbench.

Remote Database Access

Once you have installed MySQL Workbench on your computer, launch the program. Create a new connection by clicking the + icon next to MySQL Connections in the main window.

Once you connect to your database, you can view the details of your MySQL instance, including database status, current connection and database settings, as well as users and permissions. MySQL Workbench also supports importing and exporting MySQL dump files so you can quickly back up and restore your database.

You will find your databases listed in the SCHEMA area of ​​the left navigation bar. The dropdown arrow next to each database will allow you to expand and navigate through the database tables and objects. You can easily view the table data, write complex queries, and edit data in this area of ​​MySQL Workbench, as shown in the following figure:

On Windows and Linux systems. To connect to a different database, create a new connection using the same process you used for your first connection.

How To Connect To The Remote Mysql Database Using Php

Using MySQL Workbench to access your remote MySQL database through an SSH tunnel is a simple and secure way to manage your databases from the comfort of your local computer. By using the connection method in this tutorial, you can avoid the various network and security configuration changes that are normally required for a remote MySQL connection.

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You can type !ref in this text area to quickly search for tutorials, documentation and market offers and insert the link.

Free Remote Mysql Hosting

For anyone who has a working SSH connection but still gets connection errors after following the above. The following two things helped me fix it:

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When Putty has generated your key file, it will not work with Workbench. You have to import it into Puttygen again and export it in OpenSSH format. You can then use this file in Workbench (you don’t need to remove the passphrase to make it work).

In the past I always used LAMP Stack and phpMyAdmin for all my projects. However, I started using LEMP and ran into problems getting phpMyAdmin to work with the new technology stack. So I decided to try MySQL Workbench, but I ended up having a lot of trouble setting it up.

However, now that I have settled everything, I thought I should leave a comment with some information that is missing from this article and that was instrumental in making me do this whole configuration:

If you are using the LEMP stack on , you will likely need to create a username for a database administrator to access MySQL. So you’ll still use “root” for your ssh username, but you’ll need to create a username to assign as the MySQL database administrator. When using MySQL Workbench, you will be prompted for both names.

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Setting up a username (and password) for a database administrator is easy. Login to your server via terminal using ssh, and simply enter a few commands:

I have the same problem. Cannot connect to remote server. Should I allow remote connection to mysql database?

Hi, it doesn’t work!!! I did many tutorials but the same error: I lost connection with mysql server while reading the “initial communication packet” system error 0 I don’t know what to do to fix it. I need help! Our website, platform and/or any subdomains use cookies to understand how you use our services and to improve both your experience and the relevance of our marketing.

Free Remote Mysql Hosting

However, given the wide scope of applications, many organizations are moving towards a more distributed environment. A separate database server can improve security and allow you to scale resources quickly. Understanding how to efficiently manage resources and remote connections in distributed environments has become an essential requirement for many projects.

Unable To Connect To Remote Mysql Server In

Imagine you are part of a large multi-role team of developers, working on large software products with complex database schemas and connections.

You need to work with SQL queries and create a remote connection from multiple locations. To enable MySQL remoting, you need to grant remote access to MySQL on your hosting server and whitelist incoming endpoint IPs.

Although this is a simple process, it is not very safe. A better approach is to add developers as team members at the hosting solution level, and then allow them to use MySQL’s support for remote connections to connect to the database remotely. This creates a secure environment where remote developers can work with a centralized database.

In this article, I will demonstrate two connection methods to connect to a remote MySQL server to work remotely efficiently.

How To Allow Mysql Database To Connect Remotely In Directadmin?

On the PHP hosting platform, you can

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