Free Online Radio Hosting With Auto Dj

Free Online Radio Hosting With Auto Dj – Host your radio on a powerful, unlimited bandwidth powered by Centov Cast. Choose between IceCast or ShoutCast to broadcast your internet radio.

Internet Radio Hosting Plans Our radio broadcasts at a fixed 10 Gbit/s bandwidth which includes both SoutCast and Icecast.

Free Online Radio Hosting With Auto Dj

Free Online Radio Hosting With Auto Dj

$3.99/month $39.99/year $3.99/month $39.99/year Quick Account Setup 12 GB NVMe Auto DJ Storage 20 GB Bandwidth 120 Listeners 128 Kbps SSL Streaming (HTTPS) SSL Streaming (HTTPS ) MPRASHUTC Auto Stream Support 99.9% Media Support 99.9% Multiple Widgets Support Wide Radio Stats No Refresh Upgrade Price Quick Account Setup 12GB NVMe Auto DJ Storage 20GB Bandwidth 120 Listeners 128Kbps SSL (HTTPS) Streaming URL streaming 99.9% Support Auto-DJ function Support Media Libraries Auto-DJ MP3 Support Many Widgets Needed Extensive Radio Stats No Renewal Price Increase Order Now Order Now Order Now Order

Listen2myradio & 43+ Radio Streaming Sites Like

$6.99/month $69.99/year $6.99/month $69.99/year Quick Account Setup 50GB NVMe Auto DJ Storage Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Listeners 192 Kbps SSL Streaming (HTTPS) SSL Streaming (HTTPS ) Streaming URL 99.9% Support Multimedia Widgets Support Wide Radio Stats No Refresh Increases Price Quick Account Setup 50GB NVMe Auto DJ Storage Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Listeners 192 Kbps Streaming SSL (HTTPS) Streaming URL 99.9% Uptime Auto-DJ Media Libraries Centova Support Widgets Wide Radio Statistics No Renewal Price Increase Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now

$13.99/month $139.99/year $13.99/month $139.99/year Quick Account Setup Unlimited NVMe Storage Auto DJ Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Listeners 320 Kbps SSL (HTTPS) Stream Auto URL Broadcast Support 99 ,9,9,9,9,9% 320 Kbps Wi-Fi Advertising Radio Stats No Renewal Price Increase Quick Account Setup NVMe Storage Auto DJ Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Listeners 320 Kbps Streaming SSL (HTTPS) -Streaming URL 99.9 % Uptime Auto-DJ Media Libraries Centtova Cast MP3 AAC More Opus Wide Supported Radio Stats No Renewal Prices Increase Order Now Order Now Order Now

All of our broadcast systems are hosted in trusted Level 3 environments, with multiple redundancy measures, including Anti-DDoS protection and network/power redundancy.

It’s powered by 10Gbit/s bandwidth ports, so you’ll never experience bandwidth issues while streaming your radio. Your users also benefit from a smooth, seamless radio listening experience.

Recommended Audio Streaming Software For Your Radio Station ⋆ Tehilla Media

Having a problem with your radio or need some tuning? Our experienced support team has extensive knowledge of Soutcast and Icecast and can help you no matter the time or day.

See Listener Maintenance, Location, Time Zones, User Agents and more in real-time while streaming. All figures come with well-designed interfaces.

Centov Cast offers a user-friendly interface to control your radio from a central control panel with unique features such as Auto-DJ, Royal Reports and Reliability Monitoring.

Free Online Radio Hosting With Auto Dj

Access pre-built HTML widgets for quick use on your website. Including web players, song requests, latest tracks, streaming details and more when you use our streaming services.

How To Start An Internet Radio Station [full Guide]

Need more depth in our offerings? Check out our special pages: SoutCast Hosting IceCast HostingAccount TAB Manage Radio Playlists Autohash Edited Playlists Edited Playlists AutoDj SSL Links/Play Show Live DJ/Widget Full Page Player Widgets Play Links Listen Links (Redirect)

Control Cover Image Stop Settings Custom Cover Image Backup Cover Image Music Library Jingles/ID/AD (Pro) Change Song Title (On Air) Play Jingle/ID/AD Now (On Air) Say Microphone (On Air) Voice Pro (On ​​​​Air) Change Playlist (On Air)

Manage Account Profile Picture Show Live DJ/Widget Change Language Play Jingle/ID/AD Now (On Air) Voice Pro (On​​​​Air)

1. Change Radio Program – This is one of the most interesting features introduced by Sonic Panel that after ordering a broadcast server, you can change the broadcast type whenever you want. You can choose between SHOUTcast v.1, SHOUTcast 2.5, SHOUTcast 2.6 and Icecast 2

Create Your Own Radio Station Internet Broadcast

If you want the channel to be public in the directory, you will need an authorization key (authosh).

For newly created broadcasts, if DNAS 2.5 shoutcast is used, the new auto hash generated is inconsistent.

Because of this, if you want to use Shoutcast broadcasts and want your radio station to appear on, you’ll need to use the latest version of Shoutcast 2.6

Free Online Radio Hosting With Auto Dj

Shoutcast v2.6 The free version only supports 128kbps MP3 codec streams. Enter the Authash code if you want to list your radio in the Soutcast Directory.

How To Easily Build Your Own Audio Streaming Hosting Platform

Shoutcast v2.6 Premium if you want to broadcast with AAC codec and high bitrates. Enter your premium user ID and license ID

Here you can set all the features in AutoDj: – Choose an active playlist that will run 24 hours a day. If no other playlist is scheduled, the active playlist will play automatically.

Record live DJ shows. You can let it record your live DJ shows to an MP3 file and download them to the SonicPanel so you can reload them and use them in playlists.

When your DJ is on the air, the program will be subscribed to your radio account as an MP3 file and will use your available hosting space. Longer shows can use much more space, 500 MB to 1 GB, especially if the recording quality option is set to 320 kbps.

How To Create An Online Radio Station? Easily And Professionally!

SSL connections you can use for your players. For the first example it is better to use the default mount point (for shoutcast 2 and icecast)

If there is a DJ on the air with AutoDJ, the DJ’s information will be displayed in this tab. You can put this live DJ widget on your website Welcome, if you have something to say, share new ideas, give amazing and magical moments to people around you or around the world with quality music, Webradio hosting gives you the wings you need to succeed. all these things.

Here you can find a complete automation platform, you can have complete control over your channel without downloading any software.

Free Online Radio Hosting With Auto Dj

With our professional Radio Hosting services you can get auto dj, ftp access, auto broadcast monitoring, domain name registration service and free web hosting.

Airtime Pro: Quick Start Your Own Internet Radio Station

Sonic Panel is the newest control panel offered to radio stations that want to broadcast their programs over the Internet with a modern design with Javascript, Ajax and JQuery with new features such as icecast, the new AutoDJ program and scheduling functions.

It has its own services, its own firewall and aggressive power protection to provide the best and most secure Radio Hosting Management experience.

ShoutCast 2.5 & 2.6, Shoucast v.1 & Icecast v.2 servers can be selected directly from the control panel at any time.

An SSL version of your feed is included. This is important because it can be used on SSL-enabled websites.

Amazon’s New Amp App Transforms You Into A Radio Dj

Play Jingles (IE Station Identification), ads or promotions randomly or at set times. That’s because the new Sonic Panel offers playlist interrupt capabilities. The transition is smooth using smart crossfade

DJ MANAGER With access to the optional DJ panel. Create DJ accounts and you can give them access to a dedicated SonicPanel DJ account page!

The Centtova control panel is one of the most advanced and advanced auto dj systems on the market.

Free Online Radio Hosting With Auto Dj

When used with a SHOUTcast v2 or Icecast v.2 server, this dashboard includes automatic song requests, live djs are assigned their own, unique username/password for their “live” events, and will see if a live dj has connect and switch automatically. from automatic dj to live – ABSOLUTELY!

Run Your Own Self Hosted Radio Stations With Azuracast

Our service provides a solution to give your SHOUTcast or Icecast broadcast an HTTPS address that can be used on your website (or anywhere you need to provide a secure link). Sign up, choose one of our radio hosting servers and select Safe Broadcast.

Anyone who already has a subscription to one of our servers with Centov Cast can use this plugin by logging into the client area.

This plugin is available in the Centtova Cast control panel and is compatible with SHOUTcast v.1, SHoutcast v.2 and Icecast v.2

Connect your radio station to Facebook. For broadcasters who want to broadcast live on Facebook, the URL broadcast with HTTPS or SSL security protocol (Icecast or Shoutcast) is important, because Facebook automatically rejects all applications embedded on the fan page that do not guarantee SSL security .

Internet Radio: Everything You Need To Know To Stream A World’s Worth Of Fantastic Music For Free

Your stream will be supported by new smartphones that need a secure address to play your radio

To avoid the mixed content problem on your https site caused by the player playing the http://IP port stream:

If you choose this service plugin, we will generate an HTTPS address that simply overrides the existing streaming address and makes your site HTTPS compliant.

Free Online Radio Hosting With Auto Dj

Every customer who buys one of our Radio Host servers is entitled to a free app for Android and iOS.

Shoutcast & Icecast Control Panel

This add-on can be selected when a customer orders a new server, or for those who have already purchased a server they can select this add-on on the client side.

For both types of radio hosting servers we offer Free Web Hosting with many features.

Now, in this best deal, we also include a free plugin to create an Android and iOS app for your radio

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