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Are you looking for the best file providers with direct download links/hotlinks? Then you have come to the right place.

Free Image Hosting For Create Direct Link

Free Image Hosting For Create Direct Link

In this article, we will discuss some of the best file providers that offer direct download links, aka hot links that we can share with our friends and family.

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NOTE: The list of best file providers below is not established in any way, each provider has their own unique features that make them stand out, browse the entire list and pick the one you want.

Here are the top free file hosting services and websites that skip the download page and create direct hotlinks

Google Drive is a cloud storage service provided by Google. With Google Drive, you can store and access files online. Google Drive is also available online. You can save photos, audio, text and video. Google Drive consolidates files stored on all user devices. Google Drive lets you store files without paying, yes! You read very well. It gives you up to 15 GB of free storage.

You can save files in Google Drive and create links to download files directly without an intermediary viewer. There is no download limit for downloading files, but users report that the bandwidth of Google Drive is close to 500+GB/day, but Google has set a limit to avoid abusing the system.

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If you create a direct download link for a large file on Google Drive, you will see a virus warning web viewer page. You can skip the warning page and download the file directly using the Google Drive API to create a large file download link.

Catbox is one of the most expensive file systems on the Internet. It’s a popular but interesting platform launched a few years ago. It allows free anonymous uploads of up to 200 MB per user. Users don’t need to worry about using a lot of storage space on

Options on the home page. Select a file under 200MB and a download link will be generated when complete. You can also upload files directly from the download link using Catbox

Free Image Hosting For Create Direct Link

Maybe. The service offers direct download links; while the download speed isn’t great, it’s good enough considering its free nature.

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4sync is a close second. This file storage software allows users to store and sync their files. It’s a great tool for collaborating with others. 4sync is a privacy platform that makes browsing easy and secure. After signing up, users get 10GB of free storage. They get an additional 5GB after verification.

This service offers 1TB (1000 GB) of direct download bandwidth as a 60-day free trial (no credit card required). Simply copy the URL of the uploaded file and paste it into your browser’s URL; the file will begin downloading directly, up to the direct download limit of 1024 GB.

Dropbox is another convenient yet reliable file storage service for uploading files and sharing them with family and friends. The user interface is straightforward and structured; with just a few clicks, you can easily upload files and share them with anyone. It has a free plan without any limitations and annoying ads. The only downside to the service is that the free version only offers 2 GB of free storage. In general, Dropbox accounts have the following limits to prevent abuse: Basic account: 20 GB bandwidth and 100,000 downloads per day.

The Archive is not a document repository, but a free digital library of documents and documents for public use. You may upload files, images, documents, software and other digital files. Uploaded files can be downloaded directly without an intermediate viewer. Just click on the download link and you can download the file as a hot link.

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Note that this is not a cloud storage service for your files, but you can upload files and allow direct downloads; there are no bandwidth limitations. However, files must not contain any copy tools, screenshots, or other files that violate the guidelines. If the Archives finds that these files violate their rules, your account and its files will be deleted without notice.

GoFile or better known by its website name as, is a free cloud storage provider. It allows you to download many types of files – images, videos, documents, PDFs, applications, documents, etc. The site offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited uploads.

The file will be stored on their servers forever, the only problem is that as long as the files are downloaded regularly they will be available. 10 days of inactivity will delete the file from their servers. You can create download links directly from

Free Image Hosting For Create Direct Link

Box is pretty much the same as Dropbox; it has just as good features as any other file provider. Box Drive is available online, mobile app or desktop. It enables users to access data from any device, no matter where they are. It offers 10 GB of free storage that can be used to upload any number of files (file size limit is 250 MB). Another is the ability to integrate with office tools like Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G-Suite.

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Downloading files from the Box Browser WebApp will result in file sizes up to 15 GB. Unlimited downloads (per file) allow up to 32 GB.

Mega NZ is one of the best file providers out there, with the option to provide direct download links. It offers good basic features at zero cost and basic plan. Premium plans only increase storage space and bandwidth limits; some are similar to free and paid plans.

OneDrive is hosted by Microsoft as part of its office suite. It provides file storage and synchronization services and ensures that its customers’ data is managed so that it is always available when they need it.

It was first launched in 2007. It gives you 5 GB of free storage, along with 100GB, 1TB, and 6TB storage options, available individually or with an Office 365 subscription. Downloads have the following limitations: 250GB file size limit; total file limit: 10,000; folder size limit: 200 files.

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GitHub is an online collaboration and development platform that allows developers to collaborate on projects. You can use Github to store your files and provide direct download links. The problem here is that GitHub only allows uploads of files up to 25MB in size. However, you can upload files larger than 25Mb using this guide.

File hosting is expensive and has bandwidth limitations. Not everyone can afford such high file storage and download prices, but GitHub can save you from paying for them by providing free direct download hotlinks. Github supports all types of files, from images, PDFs, videos, software, documents and more. It also provides previews of PDF files, text and images (including animated GIFs).

PCloud is one of the best file providers who try to provide users with an easy and reliable platform to store and share important files. pCloud doesn’t offer any free plans, but it does offer a trial account with up to 10 GB of storage to test out the platform indefinitely.

Free Image Hosting For Create Direct Link

MediaFire is a file storage service that provides high-speed file download services. This service is supported by advertising and does not provide direct download links for free users; in addition, when you open the MediaFire link, a web interface appears; the website has a download link. You can bypass all of this by purchasing a premium plan.

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But there is also a free option with a direct download link to the MediaFire file. There are several online tools that provide direct download links for MediaFire files. GitHub developers have created a tool that uses a Bash script to provide direct download links for files. There are other online tools that can do the job; Paste Downloads and MyToolz.

It’s new compared to the other file providers we’ve discussed in this article, but it’s one of the best; plus it’s simple to use, and the free plan lets us use a lot. Freedom gives you 100 GB of storage that can be used to upload any type of file, but Degoo Cloud is better for uploading images.

One thing to note is that, according to them, an inactive account (3 months) will be deleted. so,

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