Free Hosting With WordPress Install

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Free Hosting With WordPress Install

Free Hosting With WordPress Install

When building a WordPress website, hosting can be the most expensive element. If you’re building a simple blog or small portfolio, you probably don’t want an expensive service with features you won’t use. One of the best free WordPress hosting providers might be the solution you need.

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Below we show you everything you should know about free WordPress hosting, its pros and cons, and what you can generally expect after signing up.

But first, how do these companies make money offering free WordPress hosting? I think we can all agree – with 100% certainty – that even if the servers are free, the money still has to be made somewhere, somehow…

Hosting is an expensive business no matter how you approach it, and even more so if you don’t charge anything up front.

So where does the money come from to make all this work for hosts that offer free WordPress hosting?

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More importantly to us – did you get a continuous increase in sales after signing up? Do Free Hosts Spam? Are there ads everywhere? Affiliate product? In other words, is your website at risk at any point because of the WordPress hosting company’s natural need to make money somehow?

A few weeks ago I launched several WordPress sites running on a completely free WordPress hosting account. Here’s what happened:

Right up front, I have to admit that I’m a little biased on this topic. I’ve never considered launching anything serious on top of a free hosting platform, and I’m not even talking about it

Free Hosting With WordPress Install

I mean I’m sure free hosting must have advanced and improved quite a bit since my college days – when every computer networking professor kept discouraging all kinds of free servers and even had data to show the dangers of using such things (honeypot a lot?).

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In short, I’m surprised—and happy to report—that all the free hosts featured here haven’t hit me every day or week with another upsell. Honestly, you want to be more organized

Basically, what you get with this host are some standard welcome/setup emails. Although there were some light affiliate offers in the first few emails, it was nothing drastic – nothing you wouldn’t expect after signing up with the web host.

For example, one company markets 2Checkout. Others convince you to put in $25 for 200MB of extra disk space + custom domain for $14.95/year. But that’s pretty much it when it comes to campaigns.

After that, I got no upsell emails, nothing out of the ordinary, and I don’t see my email mysteriously signing up for any other third party newsletters (I used a real email for testing). Basically, I’ve just been enjoying my free WordPress hosting plan without any issues.

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If I were to guess, the main business model is probably to get a good free hosting platform and then wait for you to grow from it. At that time, you can easily upgrade your settings with a few clicks.

Naturally, if that were the scenario, these hosts couldn’t oversell from day one, nor could they hit you with one promotion after another. Basically, if a host wants to sell you on their pro offer, a free offer can’t suck. No one is going to pay money to get more

So, yes, when we talk about free WordPress hosting, the first thing that comes to mind is After all, the .com servers are more than capable of handling all the traffic, performance is good, and you get most of the usual features you get from a standalone version of WordPress.

Free Hosting With WordPress Install

But for all its greatness, there are also some trade-offs. Most importantly, you are never in complete control of your website and cannot freely customize its features or appearance. More about the differences here.

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But, don’t get me wrong, I really like what .com has to offer, but for the sake of this comparison, let’s assume that all we want is a full and unlimited WordPress.

That said, there are also other solutions that, although paid, are still very affordable. For $2.75 per month, you can get a fully functional hosting setup with Bluehost, for example.

For the price of a cup of coffee per month, you not only get more performance and reliability. You also get a more useful dashboard.

See, part of the purpose of the money is cool extras, like an easy-to-use interface that lets you:

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And Bluehost will also help you implement caching (speed up your site) and create a repository (think of it as a secure sandbox to test changes to your site).

Your money when you consider the time you spend managing your website (remember – time is money!).

Also, keep in mind that if you want to launch your project to the public, you’ll mostly need a standalone domain name for that as well, and that’s definitely a paid add-on, so that kind of defeats the purpose. from free hosting.

Free Hosting With WordPress Install

I’ve searched long and hard to find some (apparently) good quality hosts that will also offer a free plan.

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First and foremost, you won’t find a free plan with a company that is a mainstay in the WordPress hosting industry. No SiteGround, no InMotion, no WP Engine, etc. Basically, no company comes to mind when thinking of WordPress hosting that offers a free tier.

(And, sorry, I’m sure all of the free WordPress hosts featured here are fantastic companies, and it’s just my ignorance that I didn’t know before. I don’t mean to make it seem like someone who is discussed here is substandard.)

That said, the companies I ultimately chose to experiment with had been mentioned by other reviewers before me, and those brands also popped up at least a few times here and there. In other words, they are not random at all.

Notes. One of the most popular companies in this area used to be However, while the site still appears to offer free hosting, it actually redirects you to another platform where all you can get is a free trial. Therefore, I cannot include them in the list.

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First, let’s take a look at what you get with each of these free WordPress hosts and compare their offerings:

(I also included Bluehost – the best cheap WordPress host in our opinion – for good measure, just to see what you get with their $2.75/month hosting tier.)

Automatic HTTPS SSL (self-signed certificate) on all domains, 5 email addresses, dedicated SSD powered MySQL server, Softaculous 256 script installer

Free Hosting With WordPress Install

As you can see, the offers are all very different, and while each makes sense, there are some important details to note:

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Getting set up with each of these hosts is a little different, and you’ll have to go through a different set of forms and questions with some of them.

But in the end, none of them are particularly intuitive and a bit complicated for my taste. This is far from what you get with SiteGround, InMotion or others.

Basically, each of these free hosts has its own quirks and weird elements in the registration process.

As for the pleasant surprises, I have to give them to 000webhost and Byet. The first for their great registration interface compared to all other players. The last one is for setup speed. The city is the fastest zero-to-launch host on this list overall.

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When you set up your hosting account, you will also install WordPress. Again, this works differently with each host on the list:

Finally, what’s important is that you can have each host install WordPress to a specific capacity, so you don’t have to move files via FTP or other means manually. Good things.

This makes InfinityFree no less competitive. Once you’ve signed up on their main site, you’ll need to sign up for a hosting account. After a simple three-step process, you’ll get access to your hosting dashboard. The InfinityFree dashboard looks beautiful (especially as a free hosting provider).

Free Hosting With WordPress Install

It’s starting to trend here with these free WordPress hosting platforms, but each has a different spin on the client/user panel.

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000webhost offers its own custom client panel where you can also manage client accounts

Technical details about your hosting setup. “Someone” is the key word here. The options are somewhat limited and you can’t do as much as you can through cPanel (no cPanel access with 000webhost).

The most visible city

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