Free Hosting Database Phpmyadmin

Free Hosting Database Phpmyadmin – Unless you’re using a static website to promote your business, you’ll need a database. Your database is used to store all of your website content. Using a database means you can easily update your website content and take advantage of CMS tools like WordPress. That being said, a database alone won’t get you very far – you need a web host that offers free PHP and MySQL database access.

Some free MySQL/PHP servers offer limited features or block their customer support for free members. So we’ll take a look at the tools each free hosting provider offers, along with their support.

Free Hosting Database Phpmyadmin

Free Hosting Database Phpmyadmin

MySQL is an open source database management system used by millions to power their powerful websites. MySQL was developed in 1995 by a Swedish company (MySQL AB) and later acquired by Sun Microsystems. Oracle Corporation now owns MySQL after acquiring Sun in 2010.

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SQL stands for Structured Query Language. The “my” part is the name of the daughter of MySQL co-founder Michael Widenius. We are now on version 8 of MySQL. If you’re using a PHP-based website like Joomla, Magento, or WordPress, you’ll need a MySQL database.

MySQL is free and open source, however, if you want to use it for web hosting you need to find a host that offers a MySQL server. In this article, we will review seven MySQL hosts currently available online.

Free and definitely worth a mention. If you’re looking for a reliable web host with free MySQL hosting, Hostinger is a solid bet you don’t want to miss.

From just 80p per month, you get access to 1 MySQL database plus a 30-day money-back guarantee. Nothing to lose really! If you love Hostinger as much as I do, their premium web host offers unlimited MySQL hosting for just £2.15 a month. Less than the price of a sandwich! If you want to know how great Hostinger is, check out my guest review for an in-depth review of their services and performance.

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Hostinger, in the last 30 days, achieved 99.9% uptime. Their server operation is transparent which allows you to see the exact status at any time. When I signed up to Hostinger, I installed WordPress through cPanel and checked my website’s performance. It has an excellent response time of 263 ms, which is very good. It’s hard to get better than this when you’re paying almost nothing.

If you want to try Hostinger’s web hosting and MySQL databases for free you can do so with 000webhost. Powered by Hostinger, they offer an easy option to upgrade when you want or need. Plus, if you’re not happy for any reason (I’m sure you will be), there’s a money-back guarantee.

If you’re looking for a free MySQL database host, look no further than 000Webhost. I have previously covered this hosting provider in our Complete List of Free WordPress Hosting for 2019 article. 000Webhost has great free hosting, however, they do not offer customer support with their packages. They are free, which is disappointing.

Free Hosting Database Phpmyadmin

000Webhost gives you 1GB of bandwidth for free and you get free MySQL hosting as part of the deal. All free accounts from 000Webhost come with free MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin access to manage your account.

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With 000webhost you have full control over your MySQL database, you are only limited to the amount of data you can upload with the free plan. In fact, you can use two MySQL databases for free with 000Webhost, which beats most hosting providers on this list.

It’s easy to upgrade, so once you run out of space you can jump to one of their cheaper paid plans. If you upgrade to a premium plan from 000webhost, you will be redirected to Hostinger. You can get a free SSL certificate, a free business email address, optimized WordPress and 100GB of bandwidth – all for $0.99 per month.

GoogieHost offers free MySQL and PHP hosting, which offers everything you can get from a paid web host. Your websites won’t contain ads and are powered by solid state drives (SSDs) that are faster than traditional drives.

You also get a free SSL certificate from GoogieHost, which is perfect for making your website SEO friendly. Currently, Googiehost is home to 165,654 websites in locations around the world. Their hosting is optimized for the latest versions of PHP, MySQL and extensions. Their servers come with CloudFlare and Cloud Linux, which is unusual for a free service.

Unlimited Web Hosting

GoogieHost is a 100% cloud-based service that offers 1000MB of SSD space and 100GB of bandwidth for free. Unlike other hosts, even on the free plan you have access to customer support if you get stuck.

If you want to host more websites, require more traffic or disk space, you should upgrade to one of their premium plans.

Awardspace offers free MySQL hosting where you can host up to 4 websites and include up to three subdomains. Awardspace also lets you use a one-click tool, so you can get your CMS up and running in minutes. They also provide customer support for their free hosting services, which is convenient.

Free Hosting Database Phpmyadmin

With a free hosting account from Awardspace you get 5GB of bandwidth and 1000MB of disk space as well as a full MySQL database. Awardspace is constantly improving their service and is known for their 100% free packages.

Navicat For Mysql

Awardspace offers great monitoring tools so you can monitor your bandwidth usage to make sure your site doesn’t go offline. This is great for SEO as you can make sure you have enough space to house your website.

5. HyperHost Best – Free hosting for 20 websites hosted in Europe or Ukraine

Hyperhost offers a free hosting package with high-speed SSD drives. They offer free MySQL hosting and FTP access so you have complete control over your website or app.

Unlike many other free hosts, HyperHost offers free 24/7 support via chat, ticket and phone. I think when a company offers this level of service for its free members it adds a lot to their business values.

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Free hosting from HyperHost gets you 1GB of SSD disk space and allows you to host one website. If you need more space, you can go for a free account that supports up to 20 websites and gives you 15GB of disk space – completely free.

Hyperhost offers amazing next generation technology shared packages for free. Additionally, they have a pre-installed cPane l that allows you to install WordPress, Joomla or other CMS systems, all for free!

The only downside to hosting with Hyperhost is that they only have servers in Ukraine and Europe. This is not very useful if you are targeting international website visitors, as Google ranks websites based on their server location.

Free Hosting Database Phpmyadmin

HostPoco proudly claims that they are “The World’s #1 Free Web Hosting Provider”. Great, but how do they stack up against their competitors in real life? Let’s find out.

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HostPoco offers 200MB of free disk space, more than anything else on this list. They also provide you with 2 free email accounts, free SSL certificate, cPanel and 1 MySQL database. ProFreeHost on the other hand offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for free, so they are probably better. The only thing PrFreeHost doesn’t offer their free members is customer support.

On the other hand, Hostpoco offers 24/7/365 customer support with live chat and tickets. So they are really big.

If you are looking for a 100% free hosting provider for your MySQL databases, look no further than ProFreeHost. You get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free subdomains and a website builder 100% free.

The free service is paid for using third-party ads, but says they won’t force ads onto your website.

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ProFreeHost supports PHP versions up to 7.0 and MySQL 5.6. Support is provided through their member forum and also through a ticket system.

Oracle MySQL Cloud offers free MySQL in the cloud with a 30-day credit offer. Oracle Cloud offers a free promotional account valid for 30 days. You can upgrade your account as a payment without a contract.

If you want to keep up with the best, you’ll want to host with Oracle Cloud. Official MySQL owners. This service is best for professional developers who want complete freedom with their MySQL database and hosting.

Free Hosting Database Phpmyadmin

To get started with Oracle Cloud you have the option of signing up for a free trial, free credits, or a paid subscription. Oracle has great tools that allow you to estimate your monthly expenses with a “cost estimate.”

How Do I Access The Database Using Phpmyadmin?

You can see exactly how many devices you are using

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