Free Hosting Cpanel 2019

Free Hosting Cpanel 2019 – CPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel. It is a place to manage the backend of your website.

However, you may encounter a question or two while using it. Hence in this comprehensive cPanel guide series, we will cover all common cPanel related questions.

Free Hosting Cpanel 2019

Free Hosting Cpanel 2019

File Manager is the tool you need for basic file management for your cPanel. In addition to loading and extracting files, you can also use it to create files and folders, assign permissions, etc.

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Important! From now on we will only work with the public_html folder. All the remaining folders are mostly required by the system for the cPanel service to function properly.

First of all, there is a section of the window that shows you the folder on the left and the contents of the folder on the right. You can reach the folder by clicking on the appropriate one. For example, clicking on the public_html folder will show you its contents – .well-known, cgi-bin, robots.txt, etc.

Alternatively, you can also navigate to a specific folder by typing its full name and clicking Go in the folder search function.

After learning about navigation, the next important thing is to familiarize yourself with the file management features. There is a toolbar to help you, but most functions can also be accessed by right-clicking on a specific element.

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That’s really all you need to know about the navigation and management features in File Manager. Next, we’ll talk about bandwidth usage, which is another important aspect for your hosting plan.

Throughput is all the incoming and outgoing traffic or data transferred on your hosting account. Usage depends on many factors, including visitors, email communications and may include FTP connection.

You need to take a closer look at your bandwidth usage as it is usually related to the hosting plan you have subscribed to. cPanel will send an automatic email notification when you approach the limit.

Free Hosting Cpanel 2019

When you log in, you can immediately see a summary of your bandwidth usage in the right panel under the statistics section.

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Detailed full statistics can be found by clicking on the Bandwidth link from the previous step. Alternatively, you can also search for bandwidth by name using the search feature.

When you click on either of the two options, it will direct you to a new window that shows your daily, weekly, and monthly usage, as well as your usage total.

Here’s everything you need to know about using broadband. It is very useful to understand what is causing you to hit your quota limit and act accordingly.

Your disk space usage is the total sum of all the data in your account, including web page files, MySQL databases, and email messages.

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CPanel will automatically send disk space alerts to your email address after you reach 80%, 90%, 98% and 100% disk usage. You can update your contact email address in cPanel under Settings.

Log in to your cPanel and on the right hand side you will see a quick summary of your disk space usage.

You can find full details of your disk space usage by clicking the Disk Usage button in the Files section of your cPanel.

Free Hosting Cpanel 2019

Scroll down the page, then expand the folders using the > sign to the left of each folder. This will show exactly where your disk space is being used.

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To delete unwanted files, click on the desired folder and File Manager will open in your browser.

Congratulations, you have learned how to control disk space usage in cPanel. It can be useful when you need to know what is causing you to reach your disk space quota limit.

Since the information in your cPanel account is very important, adding two-factor authentication (2FA) can be useful.

In short, it is one way to increase the security of your account. You can use software to generate a temporary one-time password (TOTP), which will give you a unique code that you must enter before accessing your account.

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After you click Back, it will take you back to the login window. You will need to enter the six digit token found in your Authy app. You will need to do this every time you try to log in.

You have now successfully created an additional layer of security, making you much safer even if an unauthorized person has your account password.

Additional domains are additional domains stored as a subdomain of your main website. cPanel allows you to create and control multiple domains with a single account, and you can easily do this with the Addon Domains tool. Let’s get started.

Free Hosting Cpanel 2019

After opening the tool, you must fill out the form. Here is an explanation of each field:

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Now the additional domain is successfully created, you start uploading the website file to the newly created File Manager subfolder in your cPanel account.

After adding the domain, you should see it in the Modify Addon Domain list. Here is a description of that section:

You have now learned how to create additional domains and manage them from your cPanel account. You can upload files and manage the background for another domain using only the same account.

Subdomains are extensions of a domain. They operate separately from the main domain, so they can be used to host additional websites. The subdomain format is:

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And we want to make a forum and a blog for the front page. We could locate them

If any errors or problems are encountered during this step, the hosting provider should be contacted for assistance.

All files/scripts must be uploaded to the document root folder specified in step 2. The folder is automatically created in public_html and can be easily accessed through the File Management section of cPanel. If the subdomain is created using an Addon domain, the subdomain document root will be created inside the root directory of the addon domain, for example: public_html/addon_domain_root/subdomain_root.

Free Hosting Cpanel 2019

If the subdomain is no longer needed or the name was entered incorrectly, it can always be deleted. A subdomain can be deleted by clicking the Delete button in the cPanel->Subdomains section.

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Important! The root directory and subdomain files will not be deleted. Manual deletion will need to be done using File Manager or any FTP client.

If the goal is to create a subdomain with a different name while displaying the same content, the best way would be to delete the old subdomain and create a new one with the same root directory as the deleted subdomain.

In short, subdomains are a fast, cheap and efficient way to create additional websites because there is no need to purchase additional domain names. They can also be used to set up specific areas for your main website, such as forum, blog, shop, etc.

Having a different type of domain is a great way to “protect” your brand. So when you want to get your brand online, you would probably buy multiple domain names.

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For example, when you start branding under, you can also buy other popular TLDs for it, such as .org, .net, and special country code options (.us for webmasters in the United States or .jp for Japan).

So whenever visitors go to, they will be directed to your main domain, You can set this up using the domain parking method. cPanel provides you with a tool called Alias ​​to do just that.

Enter the domain name you want to add in the Create New Alias ​​section and click Add Domain.

Free Hosting Cpanel 2019

In this example, we add as an alias. So when you visit that URL, you will get the same result as if you visit

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You must add a domain from a valid domain registry. Otherwise you will get an error message. You will also find the necessary name server information and instructions for DNS marking from your registrar.

If you want to check and register domain names, you can do so with our domain name search tool.

When you successfully add a redirect, it takes up to 24 hours for the change to take effect, due to DNS propagation around the world.

You learned how to create an SRV record in the previous tutorial, so you should be familiar with the DNS Zone Editor interface. Here we will talk about other things you can do in it.

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CPanel actually offers two different types of zone editors – the simple DNS zone editor and the advanced DNS zone editor. Let’s talk about the first option.

Once you open the tool, you will be given the option to perform four different actions through a simple interface.

The first action allows you to add an A record to your domain name. You can use this to map the IP address of a hosting service domain. Additionally, you can also use it to provide domain redundancy by adding multiple A records for the same domain.

Free Hosting Cpanel 2019

To add it, just click the button and fill in all the required fields. In Name, you can enter the host name for the record. In the Address field, you can enter the IPv4 address you want to point to. When you’re done, click Add Record.

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A canonical name, or simply a CNAME, can be used for mapping

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