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In 2022, YouTube is the most used platform among US adults. But just because it’s the market-leading video platform and search engine doesn’t mean there aren’t better alternatives for some use cases.

Free Direct Play Video Hosting

Free Direct Play Video Hosting

Many YouTube video creators have started to explore other options due to the ever-increasing number of ads served per video and algorithms that interfere with uploaded videos.

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In this article, we look at the best free and paid YouTube alternatives and discuss when business owners should choose alternatives over YouTube.

YouTube is the most established online video platform on the market. More than 2 billion logged-in users visit the platform every month, and its global audience watches billions of hours of video every month.

So, from a market and audience perspective, it’s unlikely that the options on our list will completely replace YouTube anytime soon.

But if you don’t already have an established YouTube channel, it might be worth your time to consider other options for your video strategy.

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Whether you create videos and use them to reach new audiences or embed them on your website to convert visitors into leads, there are great options you can use to replace YouTube.

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YouTube has competitors in various categories. As social video sharing platforms, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have competed with native video.

Free Direct Play Video Hosting

The platform has increased its focus on video over the past few years, with Facebook even releasing Facebook Watch in 2018, a video-focused feed that is personalized for each user. Twitter also allows users to upload native videos, and Instagram recently launched IG TV. year

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When it comes to serious video hosting platforms, there are free options like Dailymotion and premium solutions like Wistia, Vimeo and Spotlightr.

Dailymotion is a video hosting and sharing platform for uploading your videos and sharing them with your existing audience. You can use it to create a video channel, gain followers and earn money from shared ad revenue.

Dailymotion claims to have 300 million active users on its platform. They’re probably referring to an average of 300 million unique visitors per month, because if you look at their top channels and videos, the numbers don’t add up that much.

Finally, if we look at what is trending in the video chart on Dailymotion, we see dramatically different figures than those provided by YouTube:

Video On Demand

The top result had almost a hundred thousand views, while the runner-up had a little over five thousand views.

YouTube supports accurate video resolutions, longer videos and larger file uploads. YouTube also has a larger audience and the traffic potential for getting videos recommended or listed in search results is higher.

But on the other hand, the competition on Dailymotion is not that tough. As we have already discussed, you can reach the trending charts and promote your video just by reaching a thousand views within 24 hours. Those numbers won’t move the needle on YouTube’s larger platform.

Free Direct Play Video Hosting

Dailymotion can be a worthwhile option to try as a new distribution channel for your videos if you have a small audience. You’ll have a higher chance of them being seen and shared by others among the Dailymotion user base.

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One thing that Dailymotion does better is embedding videos. The end result looks more polished without branding or expanded playback options:

Their built-in player is a better choice for website owners to implement short videos on articles and pages.

It has an active user base that focuses on a specific niche, making it an ideal audience building platform for some creators or businesses.

While YouTube is home to all kinds of creators covering many genres and topics, from travel to sports to gaming to DIY, the most popular videos on Vimeo fall into a small group of categories:

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If you run a video production company or are an amateur videographer, Vimeo’s close-knit community of professional creators is a perfect match. With a smaller, more focused audience, it can be easier to get traction and views without followers.

Professional users can also list job opportunities and a “Recruit” button under all their videos on the platform:

If you’re a business owner who needs video hosting services for your website, Vimeo offers a better built-in video player than Youtube.

Free Direct Play Video Hosting

You can directly customize the embed code and create autostart full-screen videos without the need for third-party tools or services:

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If you need a place to upload videos to put on your website, Vimeo is a great choice – an elegant, customizable embed for HD videos, $0 total cost.

Facebook has halved the number of videos in recent years. They have also released a Facebook Watch feature that allows you to browse and watch trending videos based on your interests and viewing history.

With nearly 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the only alternative with a larger user base than YouTube.

Now, video sharing isn’t Facebook’s main focus, but it has become an important part of the user experience on the platform. Just check your timeline and see for yourself or read the latest Facebook stats.

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In the past, Facebook video streamers have crossed 3 billion views in a month. Some, like LADbible, created and built their audience entirely on Facebook, while popular travel vlogger Nas Daily regularly racks up tens of millions of views on his videos.

Since Facebook is an ad-based model, successful creators get a share of the revenue and support themselves.

Facebook can also be a great sandbox for businesses to reach new audiences with their video marketing efforts.

Free Direct Play Video Hosting

Twitter is another social media platform that works on video. They launched Twitter Live over three years ago and have been covering sporting events ever since.

Wistia Video Analytics

But that’s not all: any Twitter user can upload and share a video or start a live stream on the platform.

Industry experts who know the ins and outs of YouTube SEO have noticed a trend in YouTube favoring longer videos (preferably over 10 minutes) for recommendations and search results.

If you’re struggling to come up with a well-produced 10-minute video, Twitter might be a better place to try video content.

Twitter is a platform that thrives on being “short and fast,” so if you don’t naturally like to talk, this could be a match made in heaven.

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It was released in 2018 and is more of a spiritual successor to Vine than a direct attack on YouTube – which Facebook manages with Facebook Watch.

But that doesn’t mean YouTube can’t be a viable alternative for creators and businesses that don’t see any traction.

With full mobile portrait videos like Norma, you get an up close and personal experience with the video creator.

Free Direct Play Video Hosting

The platform supports free speech and resists artificial intelligence-based censorship by YouTube, and all video creators can earn DTube cryptocurrency for successful videos.

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Below we cover the best premium alternatives to YouTube for posting your videos online. If you’re a business owner or marketer and need more than just video hosting, they’ve got you covered.

Let’s say you already use analytics, CRM or other business tools and have a data-driven approach to developing and optimizing your marketing campaigns. In that case, it will be right up your alley.

One of the best features of Wistia is that you get full control to customize every installed video player.

Standard embed code creates a sleek responsive video player in your content. It automatically adjusts to the container size, making it easy to embed videos on multiple pages.

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Taking things to the next level, you can add a CTA or even a lead capture form at the beginning or end of your video.

Rebranded from VooPlayer, Spotlightr is a similar video marketing platform that offers advanced analytics tools, lead capture, business tool integration and advanced security features.

You can also offer contests or exclusive prizes for people who watch certain videos. Pro users can also provide PPV VOD on their website without creating a membership portal.

Free Direct Play Video Hosting

Spotlightr and its features go beyond simple video hosting. It’s a complete toolbox to help you integrate video into every step of your marketing and sales process.

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Create audiences for Facebook and Google ad campaigns with the built-in audience builder. Host live streams and run contests for your audience.

Heatmaps and advanced analytics give you low-level information about how your audience interacts with your video content.

Brightcove is the leading online video platform for enterprises and distributed businesses. According to their website, more than half of the Fortune 500 companies are already customers.

Beyond video hosting and live streaming, Brightcove takes things to the next level. You can use OTT technology to deliver live video on smartphones and smart TV apps.

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For publishers, it suggests embedding server-side ads in posted videos. You can combine it with DSP and sell ad space directly to your customers.

Real-time video analytics help you understand how your customers and prospects interact with them

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