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Flywheel WordPress Hosting – Considering using Flywheel WordPress Services to host your WordPress website? In this hands-on Flywheel review, I’ll help you decide if this popular WordPress host is right for you.

Typically, Flywheel sits at the top of managed WordPress (like WP Engine and Kinsta). They have great performance, well-designed dashboards, and lots of useful tools for solo WordPress users and agencies/freelancers building client websites.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting

Flywheel WordPress Hosting


Flywheel WordPress Hosting, Vetted By Yoast

However, I’m getting ahead of myself with this conclusion because this review will show you why I came to this conclusion. To help you understand how hoverboards work and what it’s like to use them, I’ll go over them here:

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Flywheel does a good job of explaining all of its features and technology in its marketing materials, so I won’t go into too much detail here. However, if you’re not already familiar with the specifics of what Flywheel has to offer, I think it’s helpful to set the stage with a quick overview.

In short, Flywheel is WordPress hosting. This means that they not only host your website, but also create a 100% WordPress optimized environment and give you tons of tools to manage, secure and maintain your website.

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One thing that sets Flywheel apart from other managed WordPress hosts is their focus on creating useful tools for freelancers and agencies building/managing WordPress sites for their clients. For this you get the following facilities:

Finally, all Flywheel customers get free access to the high-quality Genesme Framework theme and all StudioPress child themes, which is a benefit to WP Engine, as WP Engine also purchased StudioPress.

Performance should always be your top consideration with any WordPress server. None of the other features matter if your WordPress host can’t load your site fast enough. For this reason, I think it’s important to start hands-on with some performance testing of each host.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting

To evaluate Flywheel’s performance, I created a test site on a small scale. I wanted to create a “real” test scenario, so I installed the “creation framework” and imported a complete Agency Pro child theme website, including a hero section, opt-in form, many CTAs and more. Basically it looks like a ‘real’ website.

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Why should I use the Genesis Framework for testing? Because, as I mentioned earlier, all Flywheel customers have access to the Genesis Framework and StudioPress child themes at no cost. So, if you host on Flywheel, you can use these premium themes for free.

To collect WebPageTest data, I used another service called MachMetrics. MachMetrics uses WebPageTest as its own test engine, but allows for daily automated testing, which helps eliminate the variability of individual tests.

) and let’s run it for a week, which equates to about 28 different tests on different days and on different days.

Over the course of the entire week, my test site’s average load time was just 1.26 seconds, which Macmetrics told me ranked 97th.

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Another cool thing is that MachMetrics shows us which are the best and worst performing tests of the week. Here are the three best and worst runs:

You can see that the flywheel is pretty consistent on all runs. The difference between the best and worst runs was only ~0.2 seconds, which is a good thing because your visitors should have a consistent experience.

WebPageTest gives a good indication of Flywheel’s peak performance, but does not indicate whether Flywheel can maintain the same performance quality during busy times. For example, if your website is shared on Reddit, can Flywheel load it as quickly for the 50th active visitor as for the first active visitor?

Flywheel WordPress Hosting

This is the type of scenario that the K6 puts us through. K6 will simulate 50 active visitors to your website in just five minutes. Ideally, you want to see a “flat” line for server response time during testing.

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So, how did Flywheel do? done As the number of active visitors increases (

Note: This test does not measure absolute load time – it only measures server response time, so the average response time will be very low.

Again, Flywheel performed very well, handling over 12,000 requests in five minutes.

For reference, I’ve used the same configuration with other WordPress servers, and they typically only hit 8,000 to 9,000 requests.

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As Flywheel makes marketing to designers and agencies a key part of their business, they’ve always focused on design – and that shows in the quality of their dashboards.

In my opinion, Flywheel has the best, user-friendly hosting dashboard in the managed WordPress hosting space. Most of the competition, and of the hosts I’ve used, only Flywheel’s user experience rivals Kinsta and Pressidium.

The first time you log in, you’ll see a list of all your sites along with the menu above. If you have many sites, you can add tags and affiliates and use filters to find specific sites. Obviously this isn’t particularly useful for my account since I only have one site, but if you have 30 client sites you’ll appreciate this feature:

Flywheel WordPress Hosting

When you first open an individual site’s dashboard, you’ll see a basic breakdown of who can access it. To move to other functions, you use the tabs above:

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On the Backups tab, you’ll see a list of daily automatic backups. The good thing is that Flywheel gives you a quick summary of your website on every backup. They show you how many posts, pages, plugins and comments you have on your site and help you choose the right backup to restore. You can add your own comments to help you remember.

If you’re about to make a big change, you can even manually back it up and add details to help you remember it. You can download or restore all backups you’ve taken with just a few clicks:

The Advanced tab is the focal point for various features and tools. For example, you can do the following:

Unlike other hosts, Flywheel does not use phpMyAdmin for database management. Instead, you get a database management tool. I think this tool is very easy to use, but I’m not a developer. If you need phpMyAdmin for some reason, this might be something to consider:

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Once you’ve activated a Stage website, you’ll find a new Stage tab in your website’s dashboard where you can manage all of its options:

Again, one of the most unique things about Flywheel compared to other managed WordPress servers is their friendly development and customer workflows. If you build WordPress sites, especially client sites, you’ll really appreciate these features.

Using the automated installer for a managed WordPress server is pretty standard procedure, so I don’t usually give it an in-depth section. However, there is one cool feature of Flywheel that I would like to highlight – Blueprints.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting

A theme is basically a predefined configuration of themes, plugins, and settings that you can automatically install as part of the setup process. For example, if you’re using Flywheel as a Divi theme (via Divi Hosting), you’ll find a template to help you quickly install and launch your Divi theme:

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If you don’t build websites regularly, this probably isn’t a great marketing feature. However, if you are a designer/agency constantly building client websites, Blueprint is a really useful tool to speed up your development process.

With local WordPress development, you can install WordPress on your local computer when you create a website. Then when you’re ready to go live with your website, all you have to do is publish it to your host.

Flywheel has its own local development tool called Local which crawls local development sites and then publishes them to the live Flywheel admin. You can:

*Note: Since the acquisition of WP Engine, Flywheel has made Locale its own independent tool, which is now integrated with Flywheel and WP Engine. However, it started as a Flywheel project and still retains the same design aesthetic as Flywheel

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Flywheel makes it easy for customers or departments to access specific websites. You can create multiple “organizations,” each with its own members, and even add individual partners to sites.

If you’re working with clients, you can easily assign sites to different people, which makes billing really easy. When setting up an account, you can choose between three options for who pays:

White Label is another unique option for working with clients. If you’re on higher tier plans, you can use the Flywheel dashboard as a white label

Flywheel WordPress Hosting

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