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Fluctis Hosting – Get a fast, reliable and knowledgeable support team that works hard every day to keep your server running smoothly.

We use Core i9 and Ryzen 7 CPUs to host our gamers and only use NVMe SSD storage for performance.

Fluctis Hosting

Fluctis Hosting

We publish our node counts because we have nothing to hide. We monitor every node to ensure top performance.

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Play any time of the day or night. Our clients’ servers are always online and hosted in enterprise-class data center environments.

Our VPS servers are set up as soon as payment is received and processed by our system. Get your site online quickly!

WinterNode is growing and constantly expanding its list of sites, ensuring that we can serve users around the world. (Click on an area to see an IP address that can be pinged!)

Make it easy to order this plan and get started in minutes – or check out our other options below!

Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Our premium VPS service is focused on maximizing customer value, resources and efficiency. To achieve this, we limit our minimum plan to 4GB.

WinterNode was built by owners for owners. We know the difficulty of finding a host is real, and we know what works and what doesn’t based on years of experience. WinterNode is committed to offering the fastest hardware and great support at a reasonable price.

We all know lag sucks, so how do you put your user base in it? Choosing a location close to the majority of users will result in a better user experience, better speed, faster loading, and happier users.

Fluctis Hosting

VPS is only offered in Chicago, IL. In the coming days, we will share another location and duty hours will be available. The transfer may require a change of IP address. Minecraft Server hosting is a service offered by companies that helps individuals or organizations host their online games. The atmosphere will be better if you lead a multiplayer game. These services offer greater efficiency, more frequent availability and less downtime at a lower cost.

Learn How To Add An Icon To Your Minecraft Server

The Minecraft server requires some important features that are missing from the generic version. Online games, especially multiplayer games, require additional resources. A set of features and protection against DDoS attacks should be available to make the game enjoyable and hassle-free.

Ease of setup, control interface, allowed customization, and server location are factors to consider when choosing a service. In this guide, we’ll take a look at Minecraft Server hosting companies and their key features and technologies to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Apex Hosting – Best for Advanced Hosting and Hosting. Apex Hosting provides customer support for hosting Minecraft servers. It has been operating since 2013. It offers free server transfers, 24/7 chat and ticket support, pre-built minigames, and mod and coin support.

Bisect Hosting – Best for offering multiple plans at a low price. Bisect Hosting offers simple and free Minecraft server hosting options. We have been operating since 2011 and are quickly established. It offers a multitasking control panel with a free daily backup option.

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Shockbyte – Great for big plans and game server provider. Shockbyte provides Minecraft hosting and TeamSpeak servers. These services have been offered since 2013. Online help is always available. Its automated system can activate a new server and complete setup in seconds.

ScalaCube is a Minecraft server hosting provider. It can provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with minimal downtime. It provides a free subdomain and auto-renewal services. You can manage unlimited game servers and multiple slots from one VPN server.

Perfect for slots and multiplayer. Nodecraft provides Minecraft Server hosting on high-performance hardware. You can host a custom Minecraft server, install modpacks and plugins, change configurations, and more.

Fluctis Hosting

The best choice for multi-vehicle control panel. GGServers is a Minecraft Server hosting company that has been on the market since 2013. It offers protection against DDoS attacks, Modpack compatibility and unmetered SSD storage.

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Great for hosting a high-performance game server. CubedHost is a game server hosting company. It provides a simple yet powerful platform that can be set up in seconds. It has an easy-to-use control panel. You can switch between versions of Minecraft, install plugins and mod packs.

This is the best option for delivering multiple plugins. ServerMiner provides multi-server hosting. Single plugin installation allows you to customize your Minecraft server with plugins. Over 20,000 plugins to choose from.

Suitable for new servers and processors. Since 2012, Minecraft Hosting Pro has been providing Minecraft server hosting services. Its control interface makes it easy to manage the game server. Protects against DDoS attacks. All servers are equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen 39000X processors.

Perfect for cheap Minecraft hosting. PebbleHost provides affordable Minecraft hosting with Java 8 and 11 compatibility. You get 24/7 support, professional tools, and unlimited storage. It includes programs for low-budget users, big players, Modpacks or public players, and customers who want to do absolutely nothing.

Najlepszych Darmowych Witryn Hostingowych Dla Serwerów Minecraft Z Modami

It is great for handling a wide range of games. Server.pro provides professional gaming server hosting that is easy to set up and manage. Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition are supported for Minecraft Server hosting. It supports a wide selection of games and applications.

The best choice for efficient protection against DDoS attacks. Minecraft Worlds is a Minecraft Server hosting company operating in North America and Europe. It has been offering these services since 2012. Its data center is secure and provides excellent protection against DDoS attacks.

Suitable for multiple server locations. MCProHosting is a Minecraft Server Hosting platform that uses corporate infrastructure and server locations around the world. Help with plugins and mods. You will get access to the file.

Fluctis Hosting

Best of all Modpack support. SeekaHost offers Minecraft Hosting Services with a simple control panel, multi-tasking control panel, and quick server setup. Compatible with Java and Bedrock versions. You get an SSD and NVMe storage.

How To Restore A Backup On Your Minecraft Server

It’s the best option for a profitable network with immediate deployment. Fructis Hosting provides Minecraft Server hosting services, including package hosting. This mortgage calculator will help you make the best choice.

Minecraft Hosting Service is a game hosting service that provides gamers with the necessary capabilities for individuals and businesses by allowing them to host their games on the World Wide Web. We’ve narrowed down the list of the best Minecraft hosting services. Our top picks are Apex hosting, Bisect hosting, Shockbyte, ScalaCube and Nodecraft.

Almost all major providers provide hosting for Minecraft modified servers. Depending on the number of people on the server, each modpack has different RAM requirements. Before purchasing the service, you need to verify the version available for Minecraft mod packs.

Compared to other providers on our list, MCProHosting has the most servers in most locations. Apex hosting, CubedHost, Bisect hosting, Nodecraft are servers in different locations.

Best Minecraft Hosting Servers 2022 (detailed Guide)

We hope this post has provided you with the necessary knowledge about Minecraft Server hosting services. enemy safe zones and more. Since its release, it has made huge strides and topped the video game charts around the world. On a large scale, people play games on their computer, not realizing that playing while connected to a server is the best gaming experience. Especially if it’s a modified server, players will experience a higher level. Today we are going to share a list of websites that host a free modded Minecraft server to help you play Minecraft with your friends and enjoy it on another level. But before we get to the list, let’s take a quick look at Minecraft and the free server hosting process.

Markus Notch Persson is the original creator of the Minecraft 3D sandbox game. The game was fully released on November 18, 2011, however, the so-called Minecraft Classic was released on May 17, 2009. From the first time, Minecraft is available for consoles and mobile devices. Microsoft paid $2.5 billion to purchase Minecraft and all of Mojang Studios’ assets on November 6, 2014. The main purpose of Minecraft is to allow the user to explore, interact and modify on a dynamically generated map containing one cubic meter blocks. size. If you want to play Minecraft, you need to prepare your computer in several ways, which we have explained below. It all depends on how many people you have online. Your PC system must be updated with the following additional configuration to successfully host a Minecraft server:

However, Minecraft requires a lot of computing power, and the player’s game, which is a multiplayer game, has the following minimum standards for your computer:

Fluctis Hosting

The items required to run Minecraft are the items listed above.

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