Flooding Hosting

Flooding Hosting – Flood-related disasters have caused more than $900 billion in damages and economic losses to the United States since 2000 and have affected every state. Experts expect floods to become more frequent and severe in the future, challenging all levels of government to manage the increasingly devastating impacts.

By June 2021, more than 15 countries – coastal and inland, and with governments from across the political spectrum – are developing innovative and comprehensive resilience strategies based on watershed-scale solutions, updated development codes and nature-based mitigation. Emphasize the use of strategy. To support these efforts, Pew Charitable Trusts offers nonpartisan technical assistance to states and localities, facilitates networking and data-sharing opportunities, and advocates for policies that help officials address current and future flood risks. They can help to cope, promote equality in implementation and realize adaptability. And start reducing, and invest taxpayer money responsibly.

Flooding Hosting

Flooding Hosting

Pew helps state governments identify issues and develop policy through planning and implementation, working directly with state officials to develop legislation, executive orders, rulemaking guidelines, funding sources and programs that reduce the effects of flooding. Prefer cross-cutting solutions to increase resilience to future floods. and improve the quality of life.

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Pew is a founding member of the State Resilience Partnership, a central hub of resilience knowledge that officials can use to inform the development of state plans and move those plans from paper to action. Follow this network of more than 15 NGO and academic partners at www.stateresilience.org and on Twitter @StateResilience for the latest in resilience research.

Pew convenes the State Resilience Planning Group, the nation’s most established network of chief resiliency officers, agency directors and other executive officials charged with developing and implementing state resiliency strategies. Members from both coastal and inland countries share best practices and lessons learned during special workshops and roundtable discussions, while networking with subject matter experts.

Pew conducts original analyzes to inform evidence-based planning and policy at all levels of government and proactive solutions to address the impacts of current and future floods, highlighting the natural role that floods play. It pays off in a holistic way to reduce risk.

Land use planning and taxpayer investment should be based on the latest science and models that look beyond historical precedent to predict future flood risk and potential consequences.

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Resilience strategies must be multidisciplinary and break down agency and jurisdictional silos to be as fluid and far-reaching as the floodwaters they aim to address.

Research shows that nature-based solutions, including reducing impervious surfaces, conserving open spaces, and restoring streams and wetlands, are environmentally effective ways to reduce pollution that often fall short of traditional strategies. They have lower maintenance costs, and provide quality of life, such as access to green space and recreation.

Planning and resilience efforts at the state level should prioritize the participation of underrepresented and socially vulnerable communities, who often face disproportionate impacts when flood disasters occur.

Flooding Hosting

Every dollar invested in disaster mitigation returns an average of $6, so future risk planning allows countries to respond to today’s floods while reducing tomorrow’s losses. Assam floods: After the arrival of rebel Shiv Sena leaders in Guwahati, the opposition has finally started a dialogue on the flood situation, accusing the state’s ruling BJP government of indulging in “petty politics”. At the time when the country is destroyed. flood

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The Assam floods received front-page coverage in the International Section of the New York Times on Friday, June 17. But the equation is different from national media. As the devastating rains continue to lash Assam, with the death toll rising, has this become another annual event that has now lost its rightful place in the national media space?

Following a political battle in the Maharashtra government, the cameras have finally reached Guwahati. And apart from the Shiv Sena-BJP affair, the extreme weather event wreaking havoc across the country has shed light.

While Guwahati is in the news everywhere, how much is “breaking” about the Assam floods? A political incident in a hotel in Guwahati and demonstrations outside the hotel became the focus of the media.

However, following the exit of rebel Shiv Sena leaders in Assam, the opposition has finally started a dialogue on the flood situation, at one point accusing the state’s ruling BJP government of indulging in “petty politics”. When the country was suffering from destruction. flood

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Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi said the “diversion of government resources” to rescue Maharashtra MLAs is heartless and cold-hearted amid devastating floods. “Until BJP is destroyed, Indian people will continue to suffer,” he tweeted.

While people are suffering due to floods in Assam, looting of government resources to save Maharashtra MLAs is ruthless and cold-blooded.Until BJP is eliminated, Indian people will continue to suffer oppression. https://t.co/dqP1ehs9x8 — Gaurav Gogoi (@GauravGogoiAsm) June 22, 2022

In another tweet, he said, “Mainstream channels that do political news in Guwahati, please cover the frustration of people in Silchar and Karimganj, they have no water, people are dead and cremations are being filled with water.” I get a lot of calls and try to help as much as possible. #BJPisBusy”

Flooding Hosting

Mainstream channels cover political news in Guwahati, please cover the frustrations of people in Silchar and Karimganj. They have no water, people are dying and supplies are overflowing. I have received many calls and try to help as much as possible. #BJPisBusy — Gaurav Gogoi (@GauravGogoiAsm) June 22, 2022

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Congress state unit president Bhupan Bora said that while 55 lakh people were affected and 89 people lost their lives due to floods, Chief Minister Hemanta Biswa Sarma was extending “royal hospitality” to MLAs who had fled from Maharashtra. .

He said that the hateful politics of the Prime Minister has shamed the people of the country. Sharing pictures of flooded roads and houses, TMC MP Sushmita Dev tweeted, “I hear Maharashtra MLAs coming to Assam as part of hunting exercise. Parts of Assam have been so inundated that there is no drinking water and no electricity. Please don’t worry @himantabiswa (Himanta Biswa Sarma) he needs to focus on this serious situation.

I heard that MLAs from Maharashtra are coming to Assam as part of the hunting exercise. Parts of Assam have been so inundated that there is no drinking water and no electricity. Please don’t worry @himantabiswa he needs to focus on this dire situation. 🙏🏻 pic.twitter.com/7YQOdHQoyA — Sushmita Dev Sushmita Devi (@SushmitaDevAITC) June 22, 2022

“At the same time, when Assam is affected by devastating floods, the BJP government is busy dividing the Shiv Sena. Such is the BJP’s commitment to Assam, Maharashtra should take note and respond appropriately. ” Assam Jaitya Parishad president Lorenjyoti Gogoi tweeted.

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2/2: Around the same time today, with Assam reeling from devastating floods, the BJP state government. Busy dividing @ShivSena. As BJP is committed to Assam, #Mahrastra should take note and give a befitting reply. @UdhavThackeray @AUThackeray @PradyotManikya — Lurinjtgogoi (@lurinjtgogoi) June 22, 2022

The All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) took a dig at the BJP, which is ruling Assam, for playing politics during this calamity. “No electricity, no clean drinking water, no effective crisis management, no concern for people’s suffering, no leader in sight, standing before the people. Only 40 MLAs from another state. @BJP4Assam Most Indulging in petty politics with indifference. CM @himantabiswa!”

There is no electricity. There is no clean drinking water. There is no effective crisis management. No concern for people’s suffering. No leader is visible, standing before the people. Only 40 Knesset members from the other country. @BJP4Assam is involved in petty politics with the most insensitive CM @himantabiswa! pic.twitter.com/WrHCwympEL — AITC Assam (@AITC4Assam) June 22, 2022

Flooding Hosting

Meanwhile, BJP Rajya Sabha MP Pabitra Margarita added that all people, from politicians to pilgrims, were “invited” in Assam to participate in the ongoing Ambubachi at the Kamachya temple. “For us, flood relief is top priority – not just the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and legislators, every BJP party worker is involved in relief operations 24X7,” he said.

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Following the grouping in the Maharashtra government, CM Humanta Biswa had earlier told reporters that he did not know much about the developments as he was “busy in flood relief work”, The Indian Express reported.

A group of MLAs from Maharashtra, led by anti-Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde, arrived in Guwahati in the morning by a chartered plane and were taken to a luxury hotel on the outskirts of the city amid tight security.

The Shiv Sena rebelled against the legislature party, creating a crisis in the MVA government in Maharashtra. Sarma said that he would welcome people from all over the country and abroad to visit the state. He added that he would be happy if Assam became an “international political center” as far as revenue was concerned, as it was in dire need of funds due to the devastating floods.

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Floods are one of the most common and devastating disasters

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