Exabytes Reseller Hosting

Exabytes Reseller Hosting – Exabytes was founded in 2001. in Malaysia and is a leading cloud service provider in Southeast Asia specializing in web hosting services.

These services include email mail hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting; Includes digital marketing and more. The company aims to provide the best online business solutions for SMEs.

Exabytes Reseller Hosting

Exabytes Reseller Hosting

They have 19 years of extensive experience and over 100,000 users. These users are from different parts of the world, with businesses ranging from small and medium to personalized models.

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With a 99.9% network SLA and 99.5% server uptime, Exabytes sets the standard to keep the world of customers up and running.

Of these several services; Instant web design grabs the user’s attention more. They promise to deliver a unique website within a week. The VPS has a 100% pure SSD drive that maximizes the speed of the service, 10 times faster.

24/7 customer support for technical issues makes the user experience flawless. It takes less than 24 hours to activate a new account on their portal. This is a plus.

It also promises a 100-day money-back guarantee, which is huge considering the number of days. This shows their confidence in the products and services they provide to their customers.

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There are many reasons to rate them as the best in the sector; Let’s look at the other factors in our review.

Most importantly, Exabytes offers a variety of services that are available to all user segments based on their needs.

We will show our focus on service hosting and email. for the mail. This will remain our main focus throughout this review. Let’s see.

Exabytes Reseller Hosting

It also has shared hosting and email. mail solutions together with solutions. Shared hosting is affordable for small businesses and can be customized to suit your needs. They are mainly divided into categories.

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Considering the most common type of hosting, small business web hosting, Exabytes has a lot to offer with their web hosting plans.

Some of the included features are high-speed branded servers that ensure high performance. Their server and data center are located in Malaysia and they have central management.

SFTP/SSH access eliminates security issues and ensures faster file transfers. Your website will also be encrypted with the free SSL certificate they provide.

The automatic backup function protects your data without human intervention. So now let’s see the cost of these services.

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Note that RM is the Malaysian currency which stands for Malaysian Ringgit. 1 Malaysian Ringgit is equal to 0.23 USD.

The basic EBiz Lite plan offers 10 GB of free disk space and 20 GB of monthly data transfer, which is enough for small businesses. 10 emails email accounts and 1 GB of memory is perfect for photography at an affordable price.

However, if the requirements are higher and you need to create a backup service. EBiz Plus is the best option with 50 GB of disk space and 100 GB of data transfer per month.

Exabytes Reseller Hosting

Due to high demand and if your website is getting more visitors. EBiz Gold will be your best choice with 50,000 visits per month and a whopping 500GB of free space.

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Similarly, they also have two other shared web hosting options that can be used for more complex uses. Therefore, our guidelines show that these rates are quite affordable for basic plans, but pocket-friendly when looking for higher and premium services.

We found them to be a bit pricey overall, with starter and advanced packages charging a bit more. We rate them well in this category. Now let’s talk about the most important thing – customer service.

Guaranteed 24/7 customer support for any technical or general issue. And for our test, they delivered on that promise. They interact with instant chats on the site and respond within 3-4 minutes which is super fast.

The live chat feature makes it easier for users to communicate with service providers. You can learn more about the services they will use.

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Your inquiries are sales, may be related to billing or technical support. All of them can be resolved through instant chat.

They answer the most common questions people ask, such as entering an email. We also provide FAQs to learn more about payments and password resets.

Until now, their services; We look at pricing and customer service. Now let’s talk about the ease of use of Exabytes services. They have a well managed user interface which makes it very easy to navigate.

Exabytes Reseller Hosting

They have a 24-hour account activation feature, making it easy for users to get started. Their fast service allows the customer to focus more on their business rather than enjoying these technologies.

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They have a good number and client list that proves their excellent services.

Customer support helps users overcome any obstacles throughout the process; So overall I rate them as excellent and recommend them.

Committed to safety and high service standards. If you’re looking to get into the hosting world, Exabytes is a more than legitimate choice. Therefore, Based on our tests, we rate the Exabytes hosting platform.

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Digital Agency Growth: How Exabytes Scaled Their Microhosting Service From 0 to 10 Million in 10 Years

Over the past 20 years, Chan Kee Siak, CEO and founder of digital agency Exabytes, has built what would become one of the leading web hosting companies in Southeast Asia.

Since he had nothing to do, he started his own business, which in 2018 earned almost 10 million.

Exabytes Reseller Hosting

Today, the agency has more than 300 employees across Southeast Asia, with approximately 100,000 websites and approximately 1 million emails. mail accounts.

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CEO and co-founder JJ Huang sat down with Chan to learn more about how he grew his business to what it is today.

Chan started his entrepreneurial journey selling computer equipment. When he needed a website hosting platform to host his business website, he realized there were no good places. The web hosting industry is still young.

He took advantage of this loophole and became a reseller of an American hosting provider. Since then, he hasn’t looked back.

While web hosting services remain the bread and butter of the business, Exabytes has expanded its portfolio of digital services.

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Currently, these are cloud services, digital marketing solutions; It also provides call tracking services and a range of tools specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

“We didn’t really know anything about finance and accounting,” Chan said when asked about rookie mistakes. “We did not follow proper accounting procedures and closed the account on time every month and quarter.

It was not until the seventh year of operation that the venture capitalist (VC) realized the importance of proper financial record keeping.

Exabytes Reseller Hosting

After performing due diligence on Exabytes’ finances; The VC realized that the accounts were being mishandled. It goes without saying that the investment negotiations broke down.

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Since then, Chan has devoted considerable effort and resources to improving the company’s accounting and bookkeeping processes. This is definitely helping Exabytes grow.

Chan said most companies fail because their business models are wrong. They prioritized Exabytes growth. But they are preferred above.

Some companies seek to increase their user base at any cost, thereby reducing revenue.

Once you reach critical mass, pursuing user growth and monetization is a really common strategy. But many companies make the mistake of not first examining their division’s economics, Chan said.

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Many companies develop products to expand their product offering to solve business problems. But are they creating what the market really needs?

Companies need to get their revenue models right, and the type of model they use should be based on the nature of their business.

For Chan, recurring online revenue from a subscription model is the way to go for technology solutions companies.

Exabytes Reseller Hosting

The subscription model provides access to a single solution for tens of thousands of users worldwide.

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Unlike project services; At the end of the usage period, you won’t start from 0. There will always be a business need, and a simple subscription renewal is enough to solve a customer’s problem.

From the early stages of the business, Chan never thought that meeting a potential client face-to-face would benefit him.

At a time,

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