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Exabytes Email Hosting – Hello everyone and welcome to one of my reviews. In this post, I’m proud to introduce Exabytes, who helped me build The Shiok Shop.

After coming up with the idea of ​​The Shiok Shop last year, I first tried to open a Shopify store – most of the brands I work with are on Shopify and I wanted to follow in their footsteps. I signed up for a 14 day free trial and tried messing with it. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that I was much more skilled at writing than designing websites and gave up after a few days. Of course, Shopify had a lot of templates, but I really wanted a webshop with fun color schemes.

Exabytes Email Hosting

Exabytes Email Hosting

Fortunately, Exabytes reached out to me shortly after and asked if I was interested in web services (hosting, website design, e-commerce, etc.). I did a quick Google search and noticed that Exabytes is one of the largest web hosting companies in Singapore and Malaysia. They currently have a respectable Google rating of 4.3/5 from over 440 reviews and have been in business for over two decades.

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Exabytes currently offers three different eCommerce plans: Lite, Standard, and Business. I was more partial to it than the other two options, since the setup fee (a hefty $499) is waived by the standard plan. Pricing is the same as usual, with a comparable mid-range Shopify plan starting at $79 (~S$108) per month. And unlike Shopify, the people at Exabytes will really help you design your web store according to your needs. It’s still template-based – it’s quite expensive to have a new webshop coded from scratch – but you can communicate your preferred aesthetic and the team will do their best to sort it out.

I had never sold anything online before and had next to no idea how to set up and run an online store. Therefore, before implementing the plan, I decided to take advantage of the advertised free consultation. In the Zoom conversation, I met Ee Lyn, Janice and Brian and they explained to me all the details needed to set up the webshop. They brought up questions I hadn’t thought about before: for example, should the webshop use a new domain (eg www.theshiokshop.com) or a subdomain (eg shop). After listening to my plans for the webshop – specifically The Shiok Shop, it was a selection of my favorite things to review.

Brand. Apparently it helps with SEO too, but I’m not entirely sure how. The above is just one of the many things we discussed during the video meeting and I can say that I definitely ended the call with a clearer understanding of what it takes to set up your own web store. After some thought, I took the plunge and opted for the standard eCommerce plan.

After I was hired as a client, I was sent an exhaustive Google Sheet. It contained all the necessary data for creating a web store. I remember being surprised at how much information was required – building a web store was not as easy as it seemed. I first chose a theme and passed it on to the Exabytes team to reflect Wah So Shiok’s navy blue/yellow palette. I managed to make a couple of banners for the webshop (you can find them on the home page), but I’m stuck with creating a new logo. I finally asked Exabytes to provide me with a new logo based on the Wah So Shiok font – they did it at no extra cost – and after a few iterations we came up with what I thought was perfect (see image below). I also asked them for help in writing FAQs and Terms, and they also guided me in creating Stripe and Paypal accounts to integrate with the webshop.

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Once again, I admit that I am a newbie to technology. This, perhaps unsurprisingly, stems from my passion for mechanical watches and tailoring. This meant that I relied heavily on the support of the Exabytes team, who helped me through the entire process of setting up the webshop and took care of most of the technical parts. This has allowed me to focus on what I do best – reviewing Wah So Shiok and featuring my favorite brands on The Shiok Shop. Business development if you want.

The setup process was relatively easy – Exabytes will tell you what they need, and if you need help sourcing funds (like I did with my logo), they’re happy to help.

All in all, I have to say that installing The Shiok Shop with Exabytes is simple and easy. I’m happy with my decision – it saved me immeasurable time because the Exabytes team guided me every step of the way. If you’re like me and don’t have much e-commerce experience or are just a tech newbie, I highly recommend choosing Exabytes over Shopify (which requires a lot more independence from you).

Exabytes Email Hosting

The caveat is that the store runs on Exabyte’s proprietary e-commerce platform called Easystore, not a more embedded platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.). However, I didn’t find this to be a problem and I found that Easystore’s functionality more than met my needs. It allows me to sell on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat, Shopee, Lazada and even Tiktok if I want! It also integrates with hundreds of apps like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Lalamove, Quickbooks and more. In terms of payment gateways, Stripe, Paypal and bank transfer are accepted, while “buy now pay later” options are also available such as Atome and Hoolah. There’s even Favepay and Grabpay – impressive to say the least.

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As an icing on the cake, there’s even an Easystore mobile app for users to get real-time order notifications, analytics reports (views, orders, sales amount, etc.) and add/remove/edit products from their mobile phones. The app is very easy to use and everything was intuitive.

In conclusion, I am grateful to the Exabytes team for helping me bring The Shiok Shop to life. They made the process as easy as possible and were always just an email away in case I needed help. Emails were also answered quickly – they never failed to get back to me within 24 hours on weekdays. And whenever I would ask for help/changes, they would give me a deadline and usually submit it well before the deadline they set. For example, I recently asked Exabyte to redesign the stock A/R invoice template to reflect the webshop’s dark blue/yellow color group and they fulfilled my request within 2-3 days – much earlier than the week I was quoted. I have nothing but praise for Exabyte’s support and I think that is what sets them apart from the competition.

Those interested in working with Exabytes for their services (providing web space, hosting, design and server services) can get a free S$10 credit on their first purchase and an additional 5% discount if they use their Business Mastercard at checkout. If you’re thinking about starting your own web store, I’d recommend contacting Exabytes’ web design experts for a free consultation, as I did – no commitment required anyway.

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Hello everyone and welcome to another Singapore review! This Sunday I’ll be taking a look at Hao from the upcoming Kickstarter brand Atelier Wen. Atelier Wen will… A good website hosting provider is essential to making your website stand out. As we started with a website hosting provider with a plan that was too good to be true, I once had a business website with poor performance and server issues. Since we are located in Singapore, the data centers are located in the US and this greatly affects the speed. Security issues were also another headache. It is important to note that a good web hosting plan and provider really makes a big difference.

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Exabytes Email Hosting

Exabytes is a full-service web hosting company founded in 2001 with many years of awards and market records. They have repeatedly received numerous awards and recognitions.

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Exabytes has become one of the leading cloud, e-commerce and digital solutions in Southeast Asia.

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