Esy Es Web Hosting

Esy Es Web Hosting – Easier to use elastic search engine framework, bottom layer uses RestHighLevelClient, consistent API design with Mybatis-plus, zero additional learning cost, protects language differences, developers only need to know MySQL syntax to complete Es-related operations, both code Low. , easy to use, easy to expand and other features, support E…

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Esy Es Web Hosting

Esy Es Web Hosting

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What is Easy-Es? Official site Links Features Compare Getting Started MySQL Architecture Easy-Es and Es Syntax comparison table Donation License

Easy-Es is a powerfully enhanced RestHighLevelClient toolkit for easy development. This toolkit provides several powerful, useful, non-extractable features for ElasticSearch. Using Easy-Es, you can use MySQL syntax to solve Es queries. Using it effectively can save your development time.

The above is just a simple question. The more complex the actual query scene, the better the effect, which can save 3-5 times the amount of code on average. Begin

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This exhibition is just a small part of the Easy-Es features. If you want to know more, please refer to the documentation. Architecture

You are logged in with another tab or window. Refresh to refresh your session. You are logged out in another tab or window. Refresh to refresh your session. Over The Air (OTA) function for ESP8266 using nodemcu firmware. Ability to update your scripts remotely using web administration. The solution consists of two parts – a LUA script for your ESP8266 and PHP+Mysql running on your server. Using this solution, you’ll be able to manage all your ESPs easily – no more USB file uploads.

Let me introduce a little bit of my project. I have been playing with esp8266 for a long time, some devices are already part of my home automation system like irrigation system or temperature and humidity sensors. Some time ago I realized that from time to time I need to update the script running there because of some new features or just to match it with my HA platform API and that’s the reason why I decided to code OTA for nodemcu firmware. It’s not really OTA, but its main feature is being able to update scripts via shared management using the IP world (not a USB connection with my Mac). The result is a set of LUA scripts and web administration written in PHP.

Esy Es Web Hosting

It consists of two parts – the client software and the server part. The client software consists of several rental scripts that communicate with the server-side application written in PHP & Mysql using Bootstrap and HTML.

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Through the Admin UI you can manage which scripts should be downloaded to esp and which should be run after a successful update. All esp are recognized by the unique value of chipid.

The client side has been written to be careful with memory usage and allocate as much as possible for your scripts. Therefore, the process as operated is a bit strange but very useful.

Please note that your script must be tested before applying via OTA. If it causes the ESP to crash, you need to restore it via USB (just delete the s.txt file that includes the configuration data)

I don’t want to explain how to upload a script to ESP, there are many ways using ESPlorer or other software. Just download the file from my github repository and upload this file to ESP

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Now you need to turn it on. It will boot into AP mode with ESSID Wifi_to_Config. Please join the wifi network and open the website There will be a simple form to fill out.

Part of my github repository, you can find in the WebUI_MNG folder of the OTA server section. Using this server part, you can manage the deployed ESP. Servers can be placed in a local network or sue the public internet.

Create a folder on your web server (need to run apache2, mysql and php, personally I use a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian). For my guide I decided for you the “esp” folder. Upload all the files from the WebUI_MNG folder there.

Esy Es Web Hosting

In the next step you need to create a database called esp and give access to your users. The database is stored in the sql folder. Just import samples. Then please edit the configuration file – config.php and enter your database name and credentials.

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First of all you need to create a new node to run on. Just click the red – Add new Node button and a simple form will appear. The most important thing is to set your ESP ChipID value correctly. Such information you can find during the launch of your esp, just check the boot log with ESPlorer – nodeID is: 8775412 And finally you can add the lua script that should be placed on the esp (you can also specify txt, html, money and other file types). The UI supports multiple file uploads.

Once you hit the Submit button, then your server will manage your new esp.

If esp is configured correctly, we can turn it on. Now let’s describe what will happen.

In my case will execute – “Hello world”. Using management you can configure software/programs consisting of several lua, hmtl, text or other file types.

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Due to the fact that I want to optimize the rental OTA script to achieve as much free memory as possible for the main script, some possible errors or misconfigurations from the server side are not handled correctly and may cause your reboot. esp. .

Before you apply the script to your esp via OTA, please make sure it has been tested and works properly.

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