Error 502 Vps Jagoan Hosting

Error 502 Vps Jagoan Hosting – If you’re looking for speed, then Dewabiz is our best answer. Their problem is the era factor, which is too weak.

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Error 502 Vps Jagoan Hosting

Error 502 Vps Jagoan Hosting

There is a very complete offering; from cheap shared hosting to dedicated servers and bare metal servers, they are all available at Dewabiz

Hosting Untuk Elearning Cbt & Ppdb

Like most other hosting providers, cloud (shared) hosting also includes industry standard features such as:

On the Cloud Hosting Starter Pro plan I am using, they are using Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 CPU models with clock speeds of 2.4Ghz-3.2Ghz and RAM DDR4 2400Mhz ECC. The hardware specs used by Dewabiz are good compared to 21 other vendors. Their hosting speed should also be compatible with the hardware specifications used.

Host Advisor tested the speed of Dewabiz servers. Also monitor hours worked over the past 12+ months. Also, check out Support Services.

It’s ideal for those who want shared cloud hosting with great performance, lots of features, good support, and reliability at an affordable price.

Pengertian Maintenance Website, Cara, Dan Tujuannya

Focus on your business without worrying about managing your WordPress. Let our team of WordPress experts do the work.

You are like an internal employee assigned to manage the website. However, our services are more extensive and less expensive than directly hiring in-house staff.

The study started on 1 January 2021 for a period of 24 months and this review is based on updated data through 30 September 2022.

Error 502 Vps Jagoan Hosting

I didn’t find any information or publications about the updates or improvements Dewabiz will make in 2022. Is it unpublished or missing? In fact, I haven’t seen many updates or upgrades from other hosting providers either.

Rumah Hosting: Speed Nya Cukup Cepat, Tapi Uptime Nya Buruk

Based on the current research results, I think Dewabiz should pay more attention to their server stability. In the monitoring done, the Dewabiz test site we used had a high frequency of HTTP 500 Internal Server Errors. Are 500 errors usually due to server issues?

So far I think Dewabiz as a provider is very good in terms of hardware but lacking in software development.

Dewabiz has a very significant advantage in server hosting speed. Dewabiz is also one of the few hosting providers that offers a very complete product. It looks like you’ll get what you need; from cheap shared hosting to dedicated servers and bare metal servers, they’re all available at Dewabiz

Sorry, we were not able to test TTFB speed in 2022 because we haven’t found suitable open source tools to support it yet. The data we present here is a comparison of 2021 and 2020 data. We will likely retest TTFB for all providers in Q3 2023.

Rekomendasi Plugin Maintenance Untuk WordPress, Catat!

The one I did in September 2021, their average TTFB was 178ms. This is number one among all the servers I’ve tested.

TTFB is a measure of how quickly a server responds. A high or poor TTFB value may indicate poor host server performance. Therefore, we use the TTFB indicator in our experiments.

I am using GTMetrix Pro tool with Singapore server location to track Dewabiz TTFB. Reviews will be conducted from April 4th to April 11th, 2022.

Error 502 Vps Jagoan Hosting

Dewabiz has an average TTFB of 178ms, slightly better than the last test in September 2021 (190ms). This means, Dewabiz hosting servers are still fast.

Jagoanhosting Review See What 159+ People Saying About It?

An average TTFB of less than 200 ms is classified as very fast without optimization. In the March 2022 test, only Dewabiz had a TTFB below 200ms.

Unfortunately, Dewabiz’s impressive speed doesn’t come with stable servers, and I’ll explain Dewabiz’s shortcomings in the first point later.

For shared hosting, Dewabiz has above-par speeds. Impressively, they were able to achieve an average TTFB below 200 ms. However, such fast servers must also be backed by “resilient” servers.

Most websites, if not optimized and placed on a well-configured reliable server, usually have trouble receiving a lot of traffic.

Hasil Penelitian Dari 22 Provider Shared Hosting Indonesia

Ideally, the loading speed of the website will drop when the first visitor arrives, or when multiple visitors arrive, say 10, 20, 50 or 100.

So, to see how the Dewabiz server responds when it receives a large number of visitors, I did a load test using the open source tool

Load testing allows you to see how your hosting server responds when it receives a large number of visitors. Slow down or stay the same.

Error 502 Vps Jagoan Hosting

In the test, I sent 10 virtual users (called visitors) to browse the Dewabiz test site for 10 minutes.

Review Dewabiz: Speed Nya Terbaik Ke #1, Tapi Uptime Nya Buruk

According to the test, the average response time of Dewabiz using 10 virtual users is 411.84ms. This is a very fast time, as the average of the 22 servers I tested was 2493.05 milliseconds or 2.5 seconds. Is it too far?

Recorded #1 out of 16 providers for server response time. This means that TTFB testing is directly proportional to load testing testing, and it should be.

3. The support service is very good, and the response time is faster than the test improvement a year ago

To find out, I did a simple experiment. I did the same test, the technical test, with all the Indonesian hosting providers I looked at, but it’s still at a very simple level, so even young techies should be able to get it right.

Setting Custom Subdomain Blogspot Melalui Cpanel

Yes, I have done two tests so far, the first in September 2021 and the second in September 2022.

So, I made a serious mistake on my Dewabiz test site (I deleted some scripts in the wp-db.php file located in the wp-include folder), because this file was linked to WordPress core. Yes, an error should occur.

My conclusion is that the support service is good, they managed to fix common errors that occur on WordPress sites, it just took too long to fix it, 30 minutes (from the time the ticket was originally submitted).

Error 502 Vps Jagoan Hosting

To assess the progress Dewabiz has made in terms of support services, we conducted a new test a year after the first test. This testing procedure is performed annually at Hosting Advisor to maintain the quality and accuracy of our reviews.

Review Jagoan Hosting

Like the previous technical test, only this one focuses on errors related to images that don’t appear in WordPress. While it’s still an easy bug to fix, we’ve set a speed bar of 15 minutes. If it exceeds this time, then we consider it slow.

This test was conducted by one of our team members, Randa Febrian. He submitted a tech support ticket at 2:41pm and received a response with a bug fix at 3:01pm. It takes 20 minutes.

Compared to the first test, the speed has increased and the response time has improved. So, I put it into practice, even if the speed is lower than the standard I set.

Like many other hosting providers, if you are going to Dewabiz, they will host your website for free or for free.

Rekomendasi Penyedia Domain & Hosting Murah Terbaik

It’s free if your website file size doesn’t exceed 10 GB. If more than 10 GB, you will pay additional Rp 50,000.

Apart from Jakarta and Singapore, not many hosting providers offer server location options. At Dewabiz, you can choose from 4 server locations namely Jakarta, UK and US.

If your target audience is international users, you can choose a US server location. If most are in Europe, you can choose a server in the UK. However, if the destination is Indonesia, choosing a server location in Jakarta is a more reasonable choice.

Error 502 Vps Jagoan Hosting

By the way, when I update this review on 20th January 2023, Dewabiz no longer offers the option of Singapore server location.

Cara Install Ssl Otomatis (auto Ssl) Cpanel

The good news is that in Dewabiz, you will get JetBackup functionality. This feature allows you to easily perform backup and restore operations with just 1-2 clicks. No need to manually download backup files and restore them manually. Everything is automatic.

Not all providers offer this important feature, so having the JetBackup feature is an advantage you can take advantage of.

Dewabiz will automatically backup your website every week as shown in the backup image file below. There are 7 files in the backup file.

Of the 16 hosting providers I reviewed, only 6 had a 30-day money-back guarantee policy on fair terms, and Dewabiz was one of them.

How To Deploy A React Application With Nginx On Ubuntu 20.04

Uptime is always the number one factor I always look at when recommending hosting. If it fails at runtime, I’m not even sure what it’s suggesting.

So the average hours worked in Dewabiz was pretty bad over the last 12 months we looked at. You can see it in the monthly uptime schedule below.

Dewabiz itself only guarantees a 99% uptime for their website. If you look at their promises, they have indeed succeeded. But a good time criterion is at least 99.90%.

Error 502 Vps Jagoan Hosting

In my opinion, a 99% uptime guarantee shows a lack of confidence in the stability of the servers they have. I really believe they need to prioritize how to make the servers more stable.

Cara Install Rdm Pada Hosting

We have experienced a lot of international connection limitations on the Dewabiz servers we use. This is very detrimental to our time monitoring activities. International connection outages have affected our monitoring tools using overseas server locations such as Singapore. This causes our monitoring tools to think the site is “down”, even though the site is fine or normal when accessed locally in Indonesia. This means our monitoring data is 100% up and running

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