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If my home cooking regime feels hopeless at the end of In 2022, many holidays have been resolved. From Hanukkah to Christmas feasts to New Year’s feasts I’ve treated myself to the most amazing roasts to date, this is the season to savor.

Eatsandtreats Hosting

Eatsandtreats Hosting

It all started with brisket, a fatty cut of beef that was popular on my wife’s family’s American Jewish table. I never cooked brisket until we hosted a Hanukkah dinner a few years ago – when I smoked about nine pounds and made five more – and I haven’t cooked much since then. But the basics are simple enough: brown brisket in flour first to form a crust, and then braising slow and low, with tomato paste, onions, some stock, and other roasting vegetables / herbs you have on hand. (Many 20th-century Jewish recipes call for ketchup and Coca-Cola, but I can’t go there.)

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A little discouraged by the accidental purchase of 14 pounds of brisket last year – a long story involving unclear communication on the part of me and my wife that prompted the gathering – we chose only five pounds this year from the Goleta Country Meat Market, which. I was hailed as the “Last Butcher Standing” in this 2017 article. It is not enough. The brisket – which is thinly sliced ​​before cooking for the last hour, another important trick before it turns to mush – is the batter. I could double it, but I need another dutch oven.

For Christmas Eve – which is the main event of the year for my brother’s family visiting from San Diego, as they return home the next morning – we decided on ham. Which sounds lighter and more traditional than last year’s steel rib, custom-wrapped porchetta, and oak-grilled whitefish.

But it seems too easy, so I need to make it special, and I heard that Motley Crew Ranchin is the heart of Sta. Rita Hills Wine Country may be able to help.

Fresh-from-the-oven smoked ham and whole rotisserie chicken from Motley Crew Ranch. | Credit: Matt Kettmann

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Rancher/butcher/owner Marko Alexandrou agreed to smoke one of their pork legs for us, which I purchased at their new butcher shop near Industrial Eatsin Buellton. (Expect farm operations and retail features soon.) Surrounded by fresh, cold cuts, I picked up more farm-raised meats, including Italian sausage, breakfast, ground turkey, Denver steak, and chicken, which. Become our Christmas dinner (and more, as you will see).

The ham is easy to handle with just an additional glaze and a warm session in the oven. That resulted in a sweet and smoky flavor, with tons of leftover meat, which we’ve been giving away for days. Later I made “ham bone chowda,” mixing in potatoes for texture and tossing pieces of ham candy, green onions, and hot Bulgarian peppers with the bowl at once.

For the second year in a row – that is, the second time in my life – we went out to dinner on Christmas Eve, enjoying a shared meal at The Lark, without having to order a proper entree. Christmas morning brought our usual breakfast – sausage, potatoes, cheese, and eggs, all layered in a delicious and satisfying casserole – and Christmas night was graced by chicken from the Motley Crew that I roasted.

Eatsandtreats Hosting

For a quick break – and someone else’s cooking – we spent a few nights at the newly renovated Zachari Dunes at Mandalay Beachresort in Oxnard Shores, which I’ll write about in an upcoming travel story. Good food and drink is one of the highlights of the trip, including a cocktail class with food and drink director Ricardo Cubias and several dishes at Ox & Ocean. That’s a resort restaurant run by Chef Damian Giliberti, who I wrote about when he worked at the Outpost Restaurant in the former Goodland Hotel. Chicharrón tacos at Tacos El Diablo in downtown Oxnard are also a spicy dish for a rainy day lunch.

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Then I’m back in my kitchen, making ham chowda bones and turning those chicken bones into stock with myCrockpot. That stock first became the basis of cannellini beans, kale, and Gruyère soup, and then saw life again as sopa de ajo, breaded, garlic, fried egg and Spanish paprika soup. I just finished for lunch as I write this, actually.

But epicurean the end of my year will come, enough, enough, on New Year’s Day. Our host said they were having a filipino party, which actually meant a lot of games, I found out later. But I thought they meant food, and I began to investigate the possibility of roasting suckling pig, also known as lechón.

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Having grown up with many Filipino friends in East San Jose, one of the most vivid food experiences of my youth was attending a 10-year-old birthday party and seeing all the pigs on the table. Complete with an apple in the mouth, it was something I had only seen in a Bugs Bunny cartoon at that point. While we non-Filipino kids initially had fun in a childish way, the event – and later in the same house, the birthday girl who eventually became my high school friend – made me realize that the culture takes their food and parties very seriously.

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I quickly learned that suckling pigs are expensive and difficult to come by. (Motley Crew, for example, doesn’t send their pork like that.) That’s when a fellow Filipino himself – again, I shared this story that I had about his work running the Live Oak Café – a post about

I called the Santa Cruz Market in Old Town Goleta, and they had skin-on pork belly on the shelf, but I had to go down the street to the Oriental Market on Hollister Avenue so I could get some lemons and, for good measure, Chinese peppers. . The next morning, I separate the belly meat, marinate it with garlic and vinegar, salt and dry it to get the right texture. Belly-twisting around lemon and cherry trees takes a bit of tying skill, but if you can tie a wet shoe, you can too.

“Damn this is advanced” wrote a friend of L.A. And the chef was serious when I sent the picture of the pork roll. I emailed a friend who recommended it when I sent the same photo: “Looks right!”

Eatsandtreats Hosting

I was worried about how crispy the skin would be, but the process was actually easier and less stressful than the oven I had done before. Apart from the occasional check, there is no additional pressure, no procedures to follow, no delicate decisions.

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The skin turns orange-brown, and is almost too sticky to slice. It crumbles like a candy bar, even if it sticks to your teeth a bit, before giving way to the decomposing and fragrant meat. And it doesn’t last long at the party, which is the best feedback of all.

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A wider range of shops, pubs and cafes can be found approximately 5 miles away in the picturesque market town of Coldstream which has a mix of small and independent shops that line the length of the high street including family grocers, greengrocers, bakeries and small shops. Co-op Supermarket. For treats such as art, ceramics, jewelry and greeting cards made by local artists be sure to visit the White Fox Gallery.

The Bluebell Inn in Crokham, a 20-minute walk from the lodge along a quiet country lane, has recently been refurbished and serves delicious food. A little further down in Cornhill, the highly regarded Collingwood Arms is particularly good for Sunday lunch or a special meal. Both restaurants are dog friendly at the tables in the bar but it is best to make a reservation for these. A few miles away the Red Lion Inn in Milfield serves excellent home cooked meals with well stocked beer and the Allanton Inn, between Duns and Berwick, also serves very good food, locally sourced with an emphasis on fresh fish/seafood. Neither the Red Lion nor the Allanton Inn are dog friendly in the bar, so if you have your canine companion with you, they are best visited during the warmer weather when you can sit outside and take in the views of the surrounding countryside.

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The Old Dairy at Ford combines a cafe and champagne bar with an interesting mix of antiques, wines and finds. Although it is not dog friendly inside when it is good

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