Dubai Hosting Olympics

Dubai Hosting Olympics – The United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai in particular has become the preferred destination for international teams and organizations to set up training camps and compete in national competitions here.

After the resounding success of hosting India’s premier tournament – the Twenty20 professional football – where eight of cricket’s star teams will play 56 matches in the country from September 18 to November 10, the UAE prepare. it was. Seven Asian football teams are camped here as they prepare for the 2022 World Cup and 2023 Asian Cup, as well as the Israel-USA cycling campaign. In the coming days, many football teams from England, Germany and China will arrive here for winter training.

Dubai Hosting Olympics

Dubai Hosting Olympics

Dubai is set to host more athletes and teams as part of preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which will be held next summer, after being postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 19.

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The Dubai Sports Authority is contacting sports organizations and Olympic Committees of many countries that want to set up training camps for their athletes in Dubai as part of the preparation for the upcoming Olympics, and the Council will provide everyone. Facilities required for camps, including permits and training at modern sports facilities in Dubai.

European countries are at the top of the list of those who want to establish training camps for their players in Dubai to take advantage of the ease of travel and transportation, as well as the safety and security measures for all aspects of life. The agreement, in addition to the provision of modern and modern sports facilities, the most important of which are the Hamdan Sports Field, Nad al-Sheba Sports Complex, and other sports fields and clubs, and sports drug stores, and safe cycling routes. the length of ten. Kilometers from any traffic. Apart from this, the country has an environment suitable for training.

In the meantime, the efforts of the Dubai Sports Authority to establish different sports regulations have led the council to get the approval of the Dubai Executive Council and the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disasters in Dubai. Sports at maximum capacity 30%.

Last week, spectators were given the opportunity to participate in many events, including boxing, golf, cricket, basketball, polo, the Red Bull Car Park Draft, and bodybuilding.

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Preparations for the return of spectators to sports competitions organized by the Dubai Sports Authority or under the supervision of their organizers are ongoing. The council is in contact with the organizers of the tournament and the sports clubs and is discussing the possibility of bringing back its fans to all the sporting events held in the stadiums and halls in Dubai. Dubai, August 7 (APP) Gulf Arab Shekdom plan. Expanding the existing sports facilities in the Emirates and submitting a bid to host the Olympic Games.

Xinhua News Agency reported that Ali Omar, the director of the sports development department of the Dubai Sports Authority (DSC), said that he has submitted a bid as a host city to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). ) of the front.

He said that sponsoring the Olympics is a dream, we hope to present such an offer in the next eight years if God wills it.

Dubai Hosting Olympics

The next two Olympic Games will be held in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. The plan to give the city the opportunity to host the 2024 has not yet started. Berlin has expressed interest in building the Games in 10 years.

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Umar said that Qatar has done very well in getting the right to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

He added that Qatar’s decision has drawn the world’s attention to professional sports in the entire Arab Gulf region.

In December 2006, Qatar’s capital Doha hosted the 15th Asian Games, a first for any Arab city.

While Dubai has managed to attract many international sports competitions in various fields such as tennis (Duty Free Grand Prix), table tennis (GAC Group 2013 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals), swimming or diving, an important event happened.

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Along with Dubai Sports City, Dubai is a complete district that offers sports schools with football and cricket fields covering 50 million square feet of land.

Bringing the Asian Cup to Dubai would also be an option, said Ahmed Al Sharif, Secretary General of DSC.

He explained to the media about how Dubai manages professional sports and the expansion of sports facilities and health-related activities for the public.

Dubai Hosting Olympics

Al Sharif said, Dubai has built many hi-tech stadiums and the big international sports event will need more stadiums and facilities in the emirate. No wonder, says a senior advocate for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

News From The National Olympic Committee Of Saudi Arabia

Laszlo Vajda has never lost at the Winter Olympics. And now a top advocate for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics believes the UAE has the right to host the Summer Olympics.

“I really believe that this region should be the host of the Olympic Games soon, it is clear that the Summer Olympics,” said the Hungarian official, who recently visited Dubai to attend Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Sports (DAIS).

He added, “What I see in the world today is that there are two regions that are showing a strong vision of themselves.

“I am not saying that the other nations and regions of the world do not have any ambitions, but the strong language of the world, and the desire to explain to the world, I think it comes from these two sides today, that is why I did this talk. comment.” DAIS about the Middle East hopes to host the Olympics soon.”

Dubai Aiming To Bid To Host The Olympics Within 8 Years

Wajda said that he would be happy to be part of the United Arab Emirates team if the country decides to participate in the competition for the right to hold the Olympic Games. “Obviously I like it because I like a challenge,” said Wajda, who was also a member of the organizing committee for the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics.

“I think what Dubai or Abu Dhabi can offer is really amazing, so, obviously, if there’s an opportunity in the future, I’d be happy to take it.”

But Wajda, who has made China his home away from home, said that he is now focused only on presenting a huge Olympic Winter Games in Beijing in 2022.

Dubai Hosting Olympics

So how did China manage to host major sporting events? Wajda said, “Of course I am not Chinese, but I am trying to unite their hearts and souls.” “China is a big country. I think there is a sense of responsibility that whatever they do, they have to match the fact that it comes from this great country.

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“Another thing could be that the Chinese work hard and I enjoy working with them. I enjoy my life in Asia in general because the people are not only kind and open-minded, but also very hardworking.

“South Korea and Japan are no different, and Taiwan for that matter. In China, it is the way they are easily punished, it does not mean that they are robots, it means that they are just train them.” it looks like too much perfection.

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Like any language, English has changed over time. The accent in which a person speaks is important to how a person is perceived, it is influenced by many factors: country or region of origin, social and educational background, work environment, friends, and self-awareness.

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This is the first time in history that four heads of the spending committees of the House of Representatives are women

UAE pacers Junaid Siddiq and Akif Raja have shown impressive performances in the DP World International League T20.

She learned that her son had died when she and her husband arrived at the hospital on January 7 after five policemen were killed on the way, according to Sheikh Ahmed, who told CNN Dubai the competition The first Olympics in the Middle East. Al-Fahd Al-Sabah, President of the Asian Olympic Committee.

Dubai Hosting Olympics

Sheikh Ahmed believes that Dubai, the business center of the Middle East, and Doha, could host the first Olympic Games in the Middle East region, and that the region will rely on itself to pull off a major event, in the face of doubts and criticism. .

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Sheikh Ahmed, who is also the president of the National Olympic Committees, told the Reuters news agency that there will be a lot of acceptance in this area where sports help to bring about change. However, he admitted that this will also bring a storm of protests from other parts of the world, such as FIFA.

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