Dracoola Hosting Affiliate

Dracoola Hosting Affiliate – IdCloudHost was founded in April 2015 and claims to have more than +100,000 users from Indonesia and other countries.

And with the new cloud technology, expect their web server speed to be faster and more efficient than their competitors who still use classic web hosting technology.

Dracoola Hosting Affiliate

Dracoola Hosting Affiliate

Claims like speed, 99.99% uptime, number 1 support in Indonesia, cheap hosting costs – these become powerful selling points to attract new customers.

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And like my previous review, the claims from the hosting company may not necessarily match the reality, let alone uptime guarantee claims.

In fact, according to our survey results in the last 6 months, there are only 5 out of 22 doctors whose uptime is above 99.90%.

Its uptime, speed and support are on target, so the results of this review will give you a clear idea of ​​whether IdCloudHost is suitable for hosting your new website.

Equal choice for you who need good performance, many features, good support and reliable, but cheap shared hosting.

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It’s like hiring an in-house staff that you provide to manage your website. The difference is that our services are more than that and the price is lower.

After monitoring the performance of the past 25 months, I can conclude as follows what is the strength of IdCloudhost.

In my first 19 months of monitoring IDCloudHost servers, I found their average uptime to be very low. This is different from what they promise (IdCloudHost guarantees 99.99% uptime).

Dracoola Hosting Affiliate

However, based on the data analysis of the past 12 months, I must agree that they deserve to use the name Cloud in their company brand.

Idcloudhost: Review + Stats 32 Bulan

Their average time over the past 12 months remained stable. August 2021 has only failed for 1 month. The rest is very impressive.

I think we should ask Mas Alfian Pamungkas or Mas Faisal Reza as CTO of IdCloudHost to do something different than the average period of 19 months before March 2021.

It is true that they have not reached the level of 99.98% as they promised, but I think that the improvement that has happened in the last 12 months should be appreciated.

Unfortunately, this improvement in terms of time is not accompanied by an improvement in terms of the speed of the server, which I will talk about later The main shortcomings of IdCloudHost.

Panduan Web Hosting Untuk Pemula Lengkap Dari A Sampai Z

While doing reviews we have seen international connectivity issues on many websites such as Kitchen Hosting and DevaBiz. This disruption to global connectivity causes the monitoring tool we use, Pingdom, to suspect that the server is down, even if accessed locally in Indonesia, whether the server is up or down . Maybe this problem occurs on the IdCloudHost server that we don’t know. That means, our time tracking information is not 100% accurate. This is difficult in monitoring the working time. We apologize for this restriction.

The last test of the intervention was carried out in September 2021, so the information we provide here will not be updated and may differ from the current situation. We will do the next impact test (probably) in September 2022. Why does it seem to only be tested once a year? Still very expensive considering the limitations and equipment used in testing 🙂

In short, with a load impact test, you will see how the IdCloudHost server reacts in handling the busy traffic.

Dracoola Hosting Affiliate

Ideally, website speed should be as fast as the first visitor, or the 5th, 10th or 25th visitor.

Cara Membuat Website Sendiri Dari Nol (panduan Pemula 2022)

And just like testing other hosting providers, I send 10 virtual users (you can call them visitors) to check the IdCloudHost website so you can see that the speed of The response time is constant or slow with a virtual number. Users (visitors) will increase.

Please note: In the relevant test, I did not use cache or opcache besides the CDN. This test is to measure the performance of the server without being affected by ‘X’ factor.

As shown in the picture above, the server response time is inconsistent. As the number of virtual users increases, so does the queue. That is, the more visitors enter, the slower the response time of the server.

Most of the other providers I have tried have also more or less passed the test. Both are unstable. In fact, only three providers have succeeded, such as DevBiz, Warnahost cPanel and Dracula.

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The hosting price of IdCloudHost is cheap compared to all other Indonesian shared hosting providers. You can rent hosting from IdCloudHost for as low as IDR 15,000/month.

In fact, you can sign up monthly for a very affordable price. There are no price games or tricks they do to force users to opt for expensive packages.

Of the 22 providers I reviewed, IdCloudHost is the best in terms of its backup features for three reasons:

Dracoola Hosting Affiliate

For those of you who already have a website hosted elsewhere, IdCloudHost can help you migrate your website for free (50% hosting discount while the promotion lasts).

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And for those of you who are just starting to build a website, you get 1 year of free registration, unfortunately only if you subscribe to the “Business Pro” package for at least 1 year.

I think this counts as one of the advantages of IdCloudHost. It is not about service, but what they do to help more people should be rewarded.

I checked the content and it was done by paying, joining, how to, for WordPress.

They also have a hosting dictionary page, so users who don’t understand foreign words about hosting, domains, etc… can visit the following hosting dictionary page words.

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Since I published this review in 2018, server instability issues have always been a major problem for IdCloudHost.

To find out the speed of IdCloudHost and compare it with 21 other providers, I ran a speed test with the help of GTmetrix.com.

. reason Because TTFB is related to server side problems. That is, the high or low TTFB value depends on the performance of the server.

Dracoola Hosting Affiliate

And in the test, I did not use any optimization methods such as caching, opcache and CDN. I have also tested all PHP versions, which is version 7.4. So with a test like this, it’s fair to compare the server speed of all the shared hosting providers I’ve reviewed.

Alat Alat Yang Kami Gunakan

Using GTmetrix.com, I monitored IdCloudHost’s TTFB for 5 days from 11 April 2022 to 15 April 2022. TTFB was tested every hour.

IdCloudHost’s average TTFB is 598 ms, which is slow. Compared to 21 other providers, their speed is ranked #19.

If you look at the previous test data for September 2021, the load time (increased means slow) increased by 246 ms. This growth in size is significant and is not a good sign for hosting providers to support the cloud in their plans.

You may be wondering: What are the indicators that I can confirm that the speed of IdCloudHost is slow? In our opinion, the indicators are:

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We tested IdCloudHost service for the last time in September 2021. We will test again in November 2022. Therefore, this review will not be updated with the latest conditions because they will have improved or reduced the quality of service that we are not yet aware of.

The first test is a simple test through a live chat. I’m trying to ask some important questions about how to add subdomains in cPanel, as well as fixed server uptime.

They are transparent about the servers by saying that the server locations in Singapore and Indonesia are in high demand and can experience server downtime due to heavy server workload (it seems they don’t believe in consistency of uptime, even though they claim. uptime is 99.99% guaranteed).

Dracoola Hosting Affiliate

However, if you unfortunately ask some questions like how to add a subdomain, they send you a link to their guide instead of walking you through A to Z or until you the problem is solved.

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I tried IdCloudHost support again. This time it is technical. The goal is to know how quickly and well they work in care

For your information, I have done the same test with 17 other hosting providers. The average resolution was 22.3 minutes. However, 9 out of 18 doctors can do it in 10 minutes or less.

Submitted ticket on September 28 at 14:56 PM and responded at 15:01 PM. Fix the error in just 5 minutes. These 5 minutes are not fast but fast.

A year after the second test, I took the test again. The goal is to find out whether the quality of the support service is maintained, increased or decreased.

Cara Upload File Website Ke Hosting Di Cpanel

It is also very common and easy to fix. So, I think all providers including IdCloudHost can solve it correctly and quickly (within 15 minutes).

36 minutes later I got the first answer that they will check first. Then, 29 minutes after the first response, the ticket was returned asking what changes I needed to report.

The total time is 105 minutes, which is a lot. Compared to all the providers I tried, IdCloudHost’s support took the longest to resolve this error (average of 25 minutes for all providers).

Dracoola Hosting Affiliate

Previously, IdCloudhost gave a guarantee of only 10 days and apparently it was a mistake, but at the end of March 2019 I received a notification that they have extended the guarantee period to 30 days.

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And it is clearly written on the page how to restore IdCloudHost. As of May 25, 2022, I checked the page and still have 30 days left.

However, at 22

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